Mr. Rong’s Lovelorn Diary

Chapter 56: Quite satisfying ailment?!

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Chapter 56: Quite satisfying ailment?! Translator: DragonRider

Rong Yi felt every part of his body was shaking, including his lips.

Rong Yi had little experience of kissing in his life, and every time it was with the same person. When the person was stiff and motionless, he would begin to feel lost.

He was a little flustered, and wanted to retreat, but was attracted by the faint scent to draw closer.

However, if there were only one party taking the initiative, the kiss wouldn’t be enjoyable no matter how deep it was.

That was not what Rong Yi wanted.

He suddenly felt very sad while he was reluctant to stop the kiss. Was there any difference between what he was doing now and what Mo Yufei was doing to him just now?

He did not know whether Mo Yufei was still standing there. All his senses were now concentrated on Chen Keyao, unable to care about anything or anyone else.

If he still hadn’t left, he would see that the person Rong Yi was kissing was not moved at all or would even resist later. Rong Yi was not sure which would make him look more miserable.

Impulsiveness would surely cause undesirable results.

Maybe he had better quickly stop and stay away from this intoxicating temperature and gentleness. This way, his self-esteem could still be saved and he would also be able to see reality earlier.

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Rong Yi opened his eyes and then released the hand that had been caressing Chen Keyao’s cheek.

Then his wrist was caught.

Chen Keyao chased him tightly as Rong Yi tried to move back. Then the kiss that was about to be abandoned halfway immediately became lingering, tender and inextricable.

When Rong Yi closed his eyes again, the tear droplets overflowing from the corner of his eyes slid down the skin, causing a slight itching.

That was so insignificant at this moment that he totally had no time to take care of it.

Rong Yi’s body was involuntarily leaning back because of Chen Keyao’s action. If Chen Keyao hadn’t pressed Rong Yi’s waist tightly with one hand and pressed him to his body, Rong Yi might have fallen back and tumbled down because of the excessive enthusiasm of this kiss.

Though relying on Chen Keyao’s body, Rong Yi still felt himself on the verge of collapse.

Therefore, he subconsciously put his arms around Chen Keyao’s neck.

He liked the smell of Chen Keyao and was willing to immerse himself in it; he hoped this kiss would never stop.

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He believed Chen Keyao seemed to have the same idea.


The kiss went on until the reminding voice announcing the arrival of the elevator was faintly heard in the distance.

The ‘commotion’ just now finally drew the attention of the service staff of the hotel.

When they let go of each other in some panic, Rong Yi’s legs were almost unable to support himself, and eventually he fell back against Chen Keyao’s body again.

Then, Rong Yi, who was lying on Chen Keyao’s shoulder with his eyes closed, heard the voice of Mo Yufei behind his back.

“Ah… I am sorry. My door seems to have been smashed. Do I need to pay for it?”

Then, Chen Keyao, whose hand was still on Rong Yi’s waist, coughed very unnaturally.

Rong Yi looked up at him.

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Perhaps it was because Rong Yi’s mind was not sober enough or because tears had been coming out of his eyes, his sight was a bit fuzzy. However, even at this moment, he could still see that Chen Keyao’s face looked really terrible.

After exchanging a glance with Rong Yi, Chen Keyao turned his body without saying anything, took a room card out of his pocket and opened the door of Rong Yi’s room.

Rong Yi was dragged in in great confusion. While he still hadn’t figured out why Chen Keyao could open the door of his room, all light suddenly went out.

Chen Keyao closed the door. No light was on in the room.

Rong Yi looked up blankly and tried to make out Chen Keyao’s profile in the dim light.

Chen Keyao leaned over him in the dim light and kissed him very softly on his forehead. Just as Rong Yi reached out and wanted to hold him tightly again, he was pushed away.

“Sorry,” Chen Keyao seemed finally unable to endure any longer. He moved backwards while speaking, “I, that…”

Before finishing his words, Chen Keyao turned, hurried to the bathroom and then closed the door.

Soon, there came the sound of water flushing.

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Rong Yi stood dazed and still for a while, then stepped backwards and fell down on the sofa.

He felt uncomfortable.

It was not sadness, but uncontrollable physiological emptiness. His could still feel the smell of Chen Keyao between his lips and teeth. The extremely enthusiastic kiss just now lit a fire in his body.

It wouldn’t be extinguished, making Rong Yi especially uncomfortable.

The antidote he wanted was now separated from him only by a door, four to five meters away. Very close, but untouchable.

Shrinking on the sofa, Rong Yi patted his cheek with trembling hands, trying to pull himself together. That of course wouldn’t work.

He took a deep breath, carefully got down to the ground, hurried into his room, closed the door, then fell back against the door and sat down on the floor.

Separated by two doors, the sound of the water became almost inaudible.

The world of Rong Yi recovered its calmness.

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But his heart, his skin and blood, and his ignited instinct as an Omega, was still stirring.

Only he could save himself.


Rong Yi knew clearly what he exactly desired now.

He wanted his beloved Alpha.

He wanted his hugs and kisses, wanted to be completely surrounded by his pheromones, and wanted to feel his temperature with naked skins and open his own body and accept him.

As an Omega who had received regular vaccination of long-acting inhibitors since his differentiation, he had never experienced true estrus in his life. Facing the turbulent lust caused by the Alpha’s pheromones now, he was almost unable to resist.

But Chen Keyao couldn’t help him.

It took a long time for Rong Yi to unlock his belt buckle. His hand had been shaking, so he couldn’t exert much strength. After that, he worked hard for a long time before he finally got his trousers to his knees.

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At this age, it was natural that Rong Yi was not doing this for the first time. Although it was not worthy to be mentioned to others, Rong Yi had never felt ashamed of his physiological desires.

But when he turned his hand to the place at the moment, he was unusually surprised for the first time.

When he stumbled into his room just now, he actually had already felt the discomfort because of the overflow of a lot of body fluid between his legs. However, when he touched it for real, he still felt unbelievable and confused about this exaggerated situation.

His underwear had been thoroughly soaked, and the creamy body fluid even wetted his upper thighs and continued to flow slowly down the skin.

No matter how much he looked like an Alpha, his body was still honestly fulfilling an Omega’s instinct.

His body was ready, and eager to be entered by his beloved Alpha.

Wet underwear was not comfortable to wear on the body. When Rong Yi frowned and took it down, the water stains that were brought out even wetted a part of his calves. This whole process made him feel more and more unable to wait and tolerate. Because every movement made more liquid overflow from that place which was desiring but couldn’t be satisfied. Every slight friction would bring about strange and lingering itching.

He stretched his fingers into the incomparably wet and soft place without any resistance. The ensuing feeling of tremor caused his eyes to wet again.

When he began to groan uncontrollably, the wooden door behind him was suddenly knocked.

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“Rong Yi? Are you inside?” Chen Keyao’s voice came from outside the door. “Are you ok?”

No. He was not ok at all, and after hearing this voice, he became even worse.

Rong Yi especially wanted to cry in an instant.

Then the tears immediately rolled out.

But at the same time, his body reacted strongly. The inner wall wrapping his fingers began to shrink spasmodically and then he felt excited and elated.

“I’m fine…” He whispered as if crying.

His voice at the moment was too greasy, and it could not be clearly heard across the door.

Chen Keyao was very worried, “What is it? May I come in?”

Just after he finished speaking, Rong Yi heard the sound of the door handle turning.

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Rong Yi, who had not locked the door, panicked instantly. He raised a leg and tried to press it against the door. Then he shouted with all his strength, “Don’t come in!”

After the shouting, it became all silent outside the door.

After a few seconds of sluggishness, Rong Yi couldn’t help but cry out.

No, he actually hoped Chen Keyao could come in.


It was already bright when Rong Yi opened his eyes again.

Rong Yi was dazed for quite a while, and then immediately flushed. The memory of last night gradually recovered in his mind, and every detail was clear.

After that, Chen Keyao did not make a slight sound. And while crying, he didn’t stop solving his raging desire with his fingers.

Later, after giving vent to his lust once, he stumbled and climbed onto the bed. However, just at that time, Chen Keyao knocked at the door and asked how he was feeling. Therefore, he had to do it the second time.

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Later, the memory was really blurred.

Just when he wanted to bury his whole person in the quilt, he made a more terrible discovery.

He didn’t remember taking off his coat yesterday, not to mention covering himself with a quilt. For the moment, the only thing that matched the last memory of last night was his still naked lower body.

Rong Yi glanced at the closed door and was so scared that his breath seemed almost stagnant.

After sitting up in great disturbance, he had a new discovery. There was a faint smell of air freshener in the air of this room.

Rong Yi had also bought this kind of air freshener before. It could be used to break down Omegas’ pheromones in the air.

This terrible discovery made Rong Yi almost burn in the quilt.

Chen Keyao must have come in. It was very likely that the smell of his pheromone overflowed the room, forcing Chen Keyao to come in and purify the air. God knows what kind of picture Chen Keyao saw after he opened the door.

After wrapping himself in the quilt and mourning in his heart, he decided to get up and put on his pants first and then he would consider how to face Chen Keyao.

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Looking around, he only found a folded coat and trousers at the bedside.

Rong Yi felt himself almost unable to breathe. He knew that his underwear was definitely dirty and not suitable to be stacked with other clothes. When normal people saw it, they should feel that it needed washing.

But normal people would not take other person’s underwear to wash?

There must be something wrong with Chen Keyao’s mind!

Rong Yi’s suitcase was in the living room. Wasn’t this forcing him to go out naked and get a new one?

When Rong Yi was sitting on the bed, thumping his chest and stamping his feet, he suddenly heard the sound of the doorbell outside the door. While he was still hesitating about whether to put on his pajama without pants and run to open the door, there were suddenly sounds in the living room across the door.

Someone ran out of the next room, and then it was the sound of the door opening.

After that, Chen Keyao’s voice was heard outside the door.

“What are you doing here?”

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It seemed that someone was speaking. However, it was distant from the door, so Rong Yi couldn’t hear clearly.

Rong Yi soon realized what was going on. Therefore, after a short hesitation, he picked up the quilt, put it on his body, quietly moved to the door of the room and put his ear on the door.

The sounds outside became clear immediately.

“As I said it yesterday, I have nothing to say to you,” Chen Keyao’s tone sounded very unfriendly. “That door was your responsibility. If you want me to pay for it, sue me first.”

However, the person who was talking to Chen Keyao made a complete irrelevant reply.

“Wow! I thought I saw it wrong yesterday. What happened to your face?”

This was so Mo Yufei. Rong Yi, who was eavesdropping on the door, instantly frowned.

Chen Keyao did not answer, maybe because he was speechless.

“But, quite handsome,” Mo Yufei continued. “Hey, turn around and let me see.”

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“Are you nuts?” Chen Keyao sounded obviously impatient. “It’s none of your business. If you have nothing to say, I will close the door.”

“No, no, no!” Mo Yufei seemed to want to force himself into the room. “I have something to tell you. Let me in first.”

He shouted so loudly that it seemed to have shocked Chen Keyao.

“Lower your voice. Rong Yi is still sleeping.” His voice was really pressed lower than usual. “Don’t wake him up.”

“Oh…” Mo Yufei paused. “Would you like to go to my room and talk with me?”

Rong Yi suddenly became nervous.

Fortunately, after it was quiet outside the door for a moment, Chen Keyao seemed to have made concessions.

“Then spit it out quickly.”

Judging from the sound, Chen Keyao should have let Mo Yufei in and closed the door.

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Rong Yi faintly felt uncomfortable.

“The person yesterday, was he called Rong Yi?” Mo Yufei asked. “Your boyfriend now?”


Chen Keyao denied neatly and straightly.

Although he was telling the truth, Rong Yi inevitably felt blown hard.

But then, he heard Chen Keyao continue to say, “We are married, and have already got the certificate. All needed is the wedding banquet. If my dad invites you to come and attend our wedding, I hope you don’t appear.”

Rong Yi was shocked.

Mo Yufei outside the door should be in almost the same mood as him.

“Really? He didn’t say that yesterday.”

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“Could you speak softly?” Chen Keyao said, “… Didn’t you hear him mention we are living together?”

Mo Yufei didn’t say anything, probably still immersed in surprise.

“Is there anything else?” Chen Keyao once again tried to get Mo Yufei out. “If no, then get out.”

“Wait, wait,” Mo Yufei asked. “Has your so-called quite satisfying ailment already been cured?”

“Did you not see yesterday?” Chen Keyao unexpectedly sounded quite complacent. “Do you still need to ask?”

What the hell was this “quite satisfying ailment”? If it referred to Chen Keyao’s vomiting, how was it satisfying?

Remembering his own lonely and helpless self last night when this person rushed into the toilet and vomited irrepressibly the moment they entered the room, Rong Yi, who was still wrapping himself in the quilt, felt greatly enraged.

“Then I really have no hope?”

Mo Yufei asked.

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When he said this, his tone sounded unexpectedly very sad.

“Could you stop disgusting me,” Chen Keyao said. “I don’t understand what fun you could have doing this.”

“No,” Mo Yufei said. “I like you so I want to be with you. Isn’t this a natural thing?”

Chen Keyao did not speak.

“In fact, I don’t really care whether you are married.” Mo Yufei said.

After a few seconds of silence, Chen Keyao seemed to have taken a deep breath. “You, get out now.”

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