Mr. Rong’s Lovelorn Diary

Chapter 57: I will kiss you until you vomit again.

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Chapter 57: I will kiss you until you vomit again.
Translator: DragonRider
After that, it turned quiet for a while outside the door.

Just as Rong Yi began to feel a little unsettled, Mo Yufei spoke again. Only this time, his tone was utterly different from before.

“Brother,” he called in a particularly soft tone, sounding aggrieved. “How could you be so brutal to me alone?”

“I am not your brother,” Chen Keyao’s attitude was still not good. “Don’t pretend to be my relative. Get out.”

“…I would tell my uncle you bullied me,” Mo Yufei said again. “Yesterday, you even said you would f**k my mother.”

“You are still not finished, are you?”

“I really can’t understand,” Mo Yufei said. “It is I who have been sacrificing and conceding, why do you still think I have done you wrong?”

“If you dare to mention your false reasoning and fallacy again, I will beat you as to be reported in the headline tomorrow.”

It was again quiet outside.

However, the information in those few sentences was so rich that Rong Yi’s brain was unable to comprehend. The relationship between these two people seemed to be more complicated than he imagined. However, in all the incomprehension, the one that he most wanted to rush out and ask Chen Keyao about was why he made that lie just now.

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Probably only to make Mo Yufei thoroughly give up. However, it made Rong Yi really happy to hear it.

After a long while, Mo Yufei called again, “Brother…”

“If you have nothing else to say, then leave.” Chen Keyao said.

“I still have one last question,” Mo Yufei said. “Why did you give your partner the ticket I sent to you?”

“What did I give him?” Chen Keyao said. “I threw rubbish into the rubbish bin and was taken away by a rag picker.”

Rong Yi, the referred rag picker behind the door, frowned and wrapped his little quilt tightly.

“Fine,” Mo Yufei said. “Next time when I send you a ticket, if you don’t come, then…”

Chen Keyao interrupted him, “He said he didn’t want to see you again.”

“He didn’t?” While speaking, Mo Yufei was actually laughing. “I think he likes me very much.”

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His voice had just fallen when there came the sound of footsteps and door opening outside.

Probably Chen Keyao did not know how to retort and then simply resorted to his action to get Mo Yufei out.

Mo Yufei sighed deeply and then said, “This is for you.”

“Oh, f**k…” Chen Keyao sounded really unfriendly. “No wonder when I called him yesterday, his phone was shut all the time. What the f**k have you…”

“If you change your mind, there is my current mobile number in the call log,” Mo Yufei said. “You are always welcome to contact me.”

Just after he finished, there came the loud noise of the door being slammed.

Rong Yi was shocked, and then unconsciously retreated half a step, but was accidentally tripped by the quilt and fell to the ground.

Though it didn’t hurt, it made loud noise, immediately attracting Chen Keyao’s attention.

“Rong Yi?” He tapped the door gently. “Did I wake you up?”

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Rong Yi hurriedly pulled up the quilt, and then shouted towards the door. “Well… Could you help take me the suitcase in the living room?”


When Chen Keyao brought the suitcase in, Rong Yi had already lain back on the bed, and even covered his face.

“Are you okay?” Chen Keyao was a little worried seeing this. “Do you feel uncomfortable?”

Rong Yi shook his head in the quilt: “…I’m fine. You…you go out first.”

There was nothing wrong with his body. It was only that his face burned so badly when he remembered what happened last night. He didn’t dare to let Chen Keyao see it.

After Chen Keyao hesitated, but finally turned and walked out, Rong Yi, hearing the sound, immediately pulled down a small part of the quilt and secretly revealed two eyes.

Maybe because he hadn’t seen Chen Keyao for several days, Rong Yi felt even the view of Chen Keyao’s back now looked more handsome.

Just when Rong Yi was biting his lips and fantasizing, Chen Keyao suddenly looked back. As a result, the two men looked right into each other’s eyes.

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After they were stiff at the same time for a few seconds, Chen Keyao did not say anything, but immediately turned around and flew out.

After Rong Yi slowly found the underwear and trousers to change and then took the courage to get out of his room, he discovered that Chen Keyao again locked himself up in the bathroom.

On the coffee table in the center of the living room was placed Rong Yi’s mobile phone that was taken away by Mo Yufei’s assistant yesterday.

Rong Yi picked up the phone, hesitated for a while and then took the courage to run to the bathroom door and knocked.

The door was opened immediately. Chen Keyao’s face was all wet.

“Do you want to use the bathroom?” Chen Keyao said as he lowered his head and went out. “Well, then…”

“No.” Rong Yi’s sight was still lingering on his face.

Actually, nothing. I just miss you and want to see you right away.

I was busy kissing you yesterday, and didn’t look at you carefully.

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Remembering their kiss in the hallway yesterday, Rong Yi immediately began to feel his face burning again.

“Then, are you hungry?” Chen Keyao looked very nervous and walked to the table in the corner of the living room. “I brought you something to eat. Come and see whether you like it.”

Rong Yi stood still, looked at Chen Keyao’s back, and suddenly asked, “Brother?”

Chen Keyao instantly turned around, “What?”

“Why did your ex call you that?” asked Rong Yi.

Chen Keyao was stunned for a few seconds, and then immediately put on a helpless look. He took the lunch box, went to the sofa, and sat down.

“You have heard it?”

Chen Keyao did not deny. This was equivalent to admitting there was really something between him and Mo Yufei.

“You lied to me before, saying that there was nothing between you two.”

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Chen Keyao looked very distressed, reached out his hand and grabbed his hair. “Because I really hope that I had nothing to do with him.”

Rong Yi walked over to him and sat down, too.


“Because…” While speaking, Chen Keyao suddenly stopped halfway, and then showed a very unhappy expression. “If I told you the reason, you would be annoyed again, blaming me for abusing your idol.”

“…” Rong Yi looked at him with a funny look. “I won’t be annoyed.”

Even if Chen Keyao did not say, Rong Yi also realized that there was something peculiar with Mo Yufei. When he was led by his nose all day yesterday, he was at loss because of the long-accumulated stereotype and the bombing amount of information. Now, come to think of it, Rong Yi felt every movement of Mo Yufei was a little scary.

Judging from his assistant’s routine-like attitude when she took away his phone, this person was definitely a recidivist.

If it weren’t for Chen Keyao’s sudden appearance, God knows what would happen after that. Rong Yi felt frightened in hindsight.

“I don’t like him any more,” said Rong Yi. “You can say anything you want.”

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Chen Keyao looked at him suspiciously.

“Was it because he derailed when you were together that you couldn’t forgive him?” asked Rong Yi.

“Derail?” Chen Keyao said, “He has never been on the rail.”

Note: Derail here refers to ‘cheat on’.


It seemed not difficult to imagine.

“Maybe I was also responsible.” Chen Keyao suddenly sighed. “I couldn’t stand the pheromones of Alphas. I felt very annoyed when I smelt them and then all atmosphere was ruined. For someone like him, it was impossible to endure such a relationship.”

“You couldn’t stand Alphas’ pheromones?…” Rong Yi couldn’t help but ridicule. “You can’t stand any pheromones. You also vomit when you smell Omegas’ pheromones.”

Chen Keyao’s expression suddenly became stiff.

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“But… since you were together, he shouldn’t do anything to wrong you for whatever reason.” Rong Yi said, “So this was not your fault.”

Chen Keyao looked up at him but did not speak.

Somehow, Rong Yi suddenly panicked. In order to ease his tension, he said casually, “In fact, why don’t you seek a Beta to be your partner?”

“Ha?” Chen Keyao looked funny. “Why should I seek a Beta?”

“Because you can’t stand neither Alphas nor Omegas.”

“This is not a multiple-choice question, removing the two inappropriate options and choosing the one that is left.” Chen Keyao shook his head with a smile. “You want to find someone to live and build a family with, not just to have sex smoothly.”

Rong Yi hesitated for a moment and shook his head.

“If he were not the type you like, it would be strange to force yourself to cultivate a relationship with him just because you believe you two can have normal sex life in the future, wouldn’t it?” Chen Keyao said.

Rong Yi thought for a moment. “You can find a Beta you like who looks like Alpha.”

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“Well, I haven’t met one.” Chen Keyao said. “If you are a Beta, I am sure to…”

He smiled, stopped halfway, and fell suddenly quiet.

When Rong Yi opened his eyes big and turned to look at him, he found that Chen Keyao’s face was all stiff and his sight was shifting, looking extremely nervous.

“You are sure to do what?” Rong Yi asked.


“What?” Rong Yi leaned towards him, “What?”

Chen Keyao leaned back slightly, opened his mouth but said nothing.

So Rong Yi moved further forward again.

He was actually very nervous. But he had so much expectation as if his heart was going to explode. It was impossible to restrain himself.

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He felt his bravery and impulsiveness at the moment was inexplicable, but he also felt that maybe this was not bad.

“Do you still like me?” He asked.

This was the question that had been lingering in his mind since the kiss last night.

“If you still won’t say anything, I…” He frowned. “I will kiss you until you vomit again.”

After saying that, he himself also felt the threat awkward. Therefore, he immediately regretted and even felt a little ashamed.

However, after Chen Keyao heard it, his originally opened mouth was closed.

The two men looked at each other for quite a while, and Rong Yi felt a little anxious, “What do you mean!”

Chen Keyao hesitated for a moment and made some strange gestures to him.

Rong Yi didn’t know his meaning, thus he felt ashamed and angry.

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“Are you kidding me?” He was angry. “If you don’t like me, why didn’t you push me away yesterday? Why did you tell him just now that we are married? Why are you so good to me? Is there something wrong with you?!”

After Rong Yi finished speaking, Chen Keyao, who had been gesturing for a long time, finally put down his hand.

“No,” he looked at Rong Yi. “Didn’t you say you want to kiss me?”


“You are the one who was kidding me.” After saying that, Chen Keyao reached out his hand, hooked the back of Rong Yi’s head, and then leaned forward as he pulled Rong Yi towards himself.

The moment Rong Yi came to his sense from the astonishment, he quickly closed his eyes.

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