Mr. Rong’s Lovelorn Diary

Chapter 58: Stop it! Or I’ll kiss you again!

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Chapter 58: Stop it! Or I’ll kiss you again! Translator: DragonRider

Rong Yi liked the smell of Chen Keyao.

That was a kind of gentle smell totally different from his ulterior appearance. It was a little like wheat in the sun, or a warm duvet just after drying under the sun. When you inhaled it into your lungs, you would feel your whole heart turn tender.

It would make people become unconsciously addicted to it and eager to be completely surrounded and submerged by it. Once immersed in it, you would let go of all your vigilance without worrying about any danger.

Just like Chen Keyao, he was gentle, warm and reliable.

Every time Rong Yi kissed him, he longed for it to last longer.

Unfortunately, Chen Keyao was not very good at it.

Just when Rong Yi was indulging himself in this most pleasant ambience, Chen Keyao suddenly sprang back quite a distance and jumped off the sofa to dash to the cabinet beside it. He took out a bottle of mineral water from it, unscrewed the cover, and poured down half of the bottle.

Rong Yi sat on the sofa, gaping.

It was not surprising that Chen Keyao had physical discomfort, but the water on the cabinet… It was rather expensive. He noticed it on the first day of his stay. He took a look at the price list and immediately put it back respectfully.

It was really expensive. It was worrying that they might not be able to afford kissing each other like this.

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Chen Keyao had no idea what was going through Rong Yi’s mind. After he put down the water bottle, he stood there and took a deep breath. Then he turned around again, looking quite happy.

However his face still looked unwell when he sat back beside Rong Yi.

“What’s the matter with you…” Rong Yi frowned at him.

“I…” Chen Keyao squeezed the water bottle and said, “I may indeed have this particular illness, but I really didn’t mean to toy with you. I just…”

“You can’t stand the Alpha pheromone, but you had been with Mo Yufei anyway,” Rong Yi said. “Then I suppose you can be with me too.”

Chen Keyao was surprised.

Rong Yi was also surprised at his own words.

In fact, what he wanted to do originally was first ask Chen Keyao why he would vomit at omegas, and then decide whether to confess his feelings or not.

Now, he had completely disrupted his own plan, and even he found himself incredible that he would be so abrupt and reckless.

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But he couldn’t stop.

“Do you still like me?”

Chen Keyao drank the remaining half bottle of mineral water under Rong Yi’s stare.

When the empty bottle was placed on the coffee table in front of the two, the middle part of it had been squeezed flat.

“I know it’s hard for you to accept me as I am now,” he said, frowning slightly at the strangely shaped bottle. “So it was normal that you refused me last time. But… Rong Yi, I’m serious about you. You are very good. I…..”

He lifted his head to look at Rong Yi, and immediately retreated in panic: “Wait!”

Rong Yi couldn’t remember when was last time he rejected Chen Keyao as he mentioned, but that was not important. As a matter of urgency, he just wanted to kiss him again immediately.

He threw himself so hard that Chen Keyao couldn’t react and fell on the sofa.

Rong Yi propped himself up on both sides of Chen Keyao and stared at him for three seconds. Then he still couldn’t stop himself.

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The Water here was a little expensive, but it was still affordable to kiss just once more.


As a result, Chen Keyao vomited.

After a brief response to Rong Yi’s kiss, he suddenly slapped the back of the sofa with his hand. Then, after Rong Yi frowned and raised his head, he jumped off the sofa at an incredible speed and rushed into the bathroom without stopping.

He didn’t even have the time to close the door.

Rong Yi was left alone sitting on the sofa, looking at the direction of the bathroom stupefied.

A moment later, hearing the sound of the water, Rong Yi silently pulled over a sofa cushion, held it in his arms, and buried his face in it, laughing.

It was totally different from the plan.

Before he confessed, with a menacing force he had made Chen Keyao confess instead.

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Although he still didn’t know the exact reason, he was now sure that Chen Keyao certainly didn’t vomit because he found him abnoxious. The friend he met online said that he vomited at his favourite Omega because he fancied that Omega. Maybe Chen Keyao was the same.

So, now this person in the bathroom is vomiting his guts out and sounding totally pitiful, probably also because he likes me.

Rong Yi couldn’t help rolling on the sofa and thumping the cushion in his arms.

After he had giggled like a fool for quite a while, the sound of water in the bathroom finally stopped, so he quickly tried to adjust his breathing and his facial expression and then stood up.

Then he found that Chen Keyao, still standing at the door of the bathroom with red eyes, seemed to be very frightened.

“Rong Yi, listen to me,” he went to the sofa with a serious face and carefully licked his lips. “I know my reaction was quite annoying, but there’s a reason.”

Rong Yi nodded agreeably: “Oh, what’s the reason?”

Chen Keyao hesitated for a moment. Just as he was about to open his mouth, Rong Yi sat back on the sofa again, and patted the space beside him: “Come here, what are you doing there staying so far away from me?”

Chen Keyao frowned nervously, looking at him without moving.

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“What’s wrong with you?” Rong Yi began to wonder. “Are you going to tell me you still don’t want to accept me?”

Chen Keyao carefully moved a step in his direction, picked up the cushion that Rong Yi was holding just now, and pushed it back into his arms.

“No… If you’re angry, keep beating it up,” he said. “My body is too hard. Your untrained fist would hurt more than my body would. It’s not worth it.”

“…” Rong Yi looked down at the cushion. “What?”

Then he quickly realised what was going on. As soon as Chen Keyao came out of the bathroom, he saw that he was pounding the cushion, which had led to a misunderstanding.

Rong Yi was embarrassed, but also found it funny.

He felt that in the future, even if Chen Keyao really upset him, he would not be able to resort to violence. For one reason, he wouldn’t have the heart to hurt Chen Keyao, and for the other, he was no match for him in fighting. What’s more, before this man’s illness was cured, why should he be so violent when he could solve any problem with just a kiss? He felt that he really loved kissing. If he didn’t care about the consequences, he was confident that he could kiss Chen Keyao till he was dehydrated.

Maybe it was because he was all quiet and yet his facial expression was very vivid, Chen Keyao was very concerned.

“I’m going through treatment, honestly,” Chen Keyao didn’t dare to sit next to him, so he stood there to explain, “You may not feel it, but it’s much better than before.”

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“Eh?” Rong Yi was surprised. “Have you seen a doctor already? When was that?”

It seemed that the information obtained previously from that enthusiastic friend online was of no use now.

“After you have moved in for about half a month. It’s been a while.” Seeing that Rong Yi was not upset, Chen Keyao finally walked over, sat next to him, and held his hand. “If this hadn’t happened, I would have wanted to wait for my situation to be better before pursuing you again.”

“You like me!” Rong Yi said.

Chen Keyao nodded, then suddenly laughed.

“What are you laughing about?” Rong Yi blushed.

“I don’t know,” said Chen Keyao, “I just… feel happy.”

I like you! I think you like me, too.

So I tried to run two steps forward and then found that you were also running towards me.

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So all the probing, all the frustration and all the efforts so far, all made sense.

So I feel very happy.

So Rong Yi couldn’t help laughing as well, but he then turned his head away and stopped looking at Chen Keyao: “Stop it, or I’ll kiss you again.”

Chen Keyao paused for a moment, then took his hand and kissed the back of it.

“It’s because I like you that I can’t control my reaction,” he said. “I can’t accept the fact that I would take fancy to… an Omega.”

Rong Yi was surprised.

He had seen this explanation before.

That’s the cause that the enthusiastic online friend had told him too.

Rong Yi carefully recalled the post he had read, and then asked tentatively, “because of some childhood trauma?”

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Chen Keyao nodded: “Have you guessed it already? ”

Rong Yi didn’t understand what he was talking about, but he vaguely guessed something else. Like Chen Keyao, the author of that post would react to Omegas, had fallen in love with an Omega, and also treated that Omega as an Alpha. It was too much of a coincidence. Now, they would even vomit for mysteriously similar reasons too.

At the beginning, Rong Yi didn’t think the author was necessarily Chen Keyao, simply because: 1) the gender didn’t match; and 2) there was a slight time difference.

But if Dream of Blue Mountains was indeed Chen Keyao, it was no surprise that he would choose a female name on the forum since he could pretend to be a beautiful female writer. In view of the time Chen Keyao started seeing the doctor, the timing of that post, which was a week after the two of them lived together, seemed to be well explained now.

After he started living there, Chen Keyao must have realized what his heart wanted, which had only made him feel more and more upset, so he couldn’t help but go to the forum to vent. After that, he went to see the doctor. How well everything seemed to fit.

What seemed most incongruous was the description of that guy’s sweetheart.

On this thought, Rong Yi hesitated.

He still didn’t think that description matched himself.

But with those words Mo Yufei said yesterday, he couldn’t help but speculate that maybe there were very few alphas in the world who really had different standards for ‘loveliness’ from normal human beings.

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It was useless to speculate, so Rong Yi immediately decides to ask about it.

He took Chen Keyao’s hand and said, “what’s your name on the Internet?”

Chen Keyao hesitated for a moment: “it’s… Your teacher Chen. ”

Rong Yi frowned.

“OK, OK,” sighed Chen Keyao. “Dream of Blue Mountains is my pseudonym. But I didn’t create the name. I didn’t bother to sign up for myself so I used Sister Lan’s account instead. I just wanted to write something casually, and didn’t expect it to become so hugely popular suddenly, and it was not convenient to change the name by then, so it’s been used until now.”

Although Rong Yi had long believed that Chen Keyao was Dream of Blue Mountains, it was still incredible to hear him admit it in person.

The person next to me is a great writer that I have known and even admired for a long time. It’s a totally different feeling from when you suddenly see an idol star. Rong Yi looked at Chen Keyao, who was looking a little shy, and felt that his entire visual interface had suddenly got a filter effect.

This guy, who used to be a bit of a fool, was now shining with wisdom.

But this was not what Rong Yi wanted to inquire about.

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He took a deep breath, and then continued to ask: “But you usually do not use this pseudonym on the Internet, right? Have you used any other ID besides ‘Your teacher Chen’?

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