Mr. Rong’s Lovelorn Diary

Chapter 60: Rong Yi, you are an accident in my life.

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Chapter 60: Rong Yi, you are an accident in my life. Translator: DragonRider

The later development of this story was not very different from Rong Yi’s guesses.

After all, Rong Yi had had many similar experiences. Of course, he was very close to some of his Omega friends too, with a totally innocent heart, but it was inevitable that some people regarded him as an Alpha subconsciously because of his appearance, and they had different feelings other than friendship when they spent much time with each other day and night.

In contrast, Chen Keyao was more guilty than Rong Yi. After all, he was a real Alpha, and a tall and handsome alpha. Rong Yi replaced himself with the unlucky student, and felt that the poor-looking guy in front of him was really doing evil.

As Rong Yi had experienced, that younger student naturally confessed to Chen Keyao, which was turned down.

After hearing Chen’s reasons, the reluctant student said, “You haven’t tried. How do you know you really can’t be with an Omega?”

“So he wanted to show me that, unlike what I had said about myself, I would not be insensitive to Omega pheromones.”

“And then he failed?”

“No,” said Chen Keyao, “he succeeded.”


“I was really at a loss. At one time, I had thought I could get rid of this instinct even if I became an Alpha. I was wrong. My body actually reacted to Omega’s pheromones, even if I did not fancy the owner of the smell at all. I had the impulse to have sex with someone I didn’t love at all. It felt like my spirit and my body were completely torn.”

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“And then you two…”

“No,” Chen Keyao said, shaking his head. “Well nearly. I was so desperate at that time that my mind was full of what Sister Lan used to say in front of me when I was a child. Her years of resentment, pain, her ruined life, were going to happen to me. That was the path that I had made up my mind so firmly from a very young age that I must not set foot on. But that was no use. I could hardly control that impulse. I couldn’t stand myself like that. I felt sick.”

“No,” Rong Yi quickly leaned forward and put his arm around him, letting him rest his forehead on his shoulder. “You’re wrong. It was precisely because your heart is so pure that you would feel so guilty. And in the end you resisted, didn’t you?”

When he finished speaking, the head on his shoulder quivered twice, and there was an awkward laugh.

“I couldn’t stop throwing up,” Chen Keyao said in a low voice. “He was mortified.”


“In fact, he was frightened even before that, because he didn’t expect that I would overreact like that,” Chen Keyao said with a gentle sigh. “After all, we were both still so young, and he must have regretted about it shortly after that.”

“So you’d vomit whenever you smell Omegas since then?”

Chen Keyao raised his head and looked at him carefully: “Well… Please don’t be upset at what I’m going to say.”

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Rong Yi frowned: “What is it?”

“The doctor said that at that time, such a stress response was not likely to recur after leaving that context. The reason why I’m still like this now may be because I have been giving myself psychological cues.”

“What do you mean?”

“It is… This kind of stress reaction gives me a sense of security, “said Chen Keyao.” I thought I would never fancy an omega. So, my subconsciousness has been repeatedly suggesting to myself that I have a safety valve when I have to.”


“I never thought that one day this would bring me so much trouble,” Chen Keyao looked at him. “Rong Yi, you are an accident in my life.”

Rong Yi could not speak.

He wanted to kiss him again, but he was afraid that he would still feel sick.

“But it’s much better now,” Chen Keyao said, grabbing his hand. “I used to be able to turn my stomach inside out even just thinking about it. But you see, last night I was soaked in your sweet smell for so long, and I survived.”

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When he mentioned it, a lot of embarrassing memories quickly revived in Rong Yi’s brain.

“Last night… After I fell asleep… ” It’s too hard to spell out. He lost his voice halfway.

“I didn’t mean to come in,” Chen Keyao said bashfully. “But if I had left it unattended, I honestly would have died.”


“I didn’t look around…”

Rong Yi sighed.

“Then, what can I do to help you get rid of this psychological suggestion?” He asked.

He didn’t say something else on his mind: You can’t even have a peek; that’s so miserable; when can I have a chance to feel your pectoral muscles then?

Chen Keyao suddenly laughed.

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“In fact, my doctor mentioned before that it would be the best to bring the partner along when consulting.”

Rong Yi immediately nodded, “OK, when is the next time?”

Chen Keyao was still smiling, but didn’t intend to answer Rong Yi’s question at all. He just looked at him all the time.

Rong Yi was at a loss. “What’s the matter?”

“My partner,” Chen Keyao said with a smile, then pointed at Rong Yi. “You.”

Rong Yi blushed: “Why? Is it not me? Aren’t we… that. Did I get it wrong?”

“No,” Chen Keyao said, holding him in his arms. “I’m just so happy.”


“The ups and downs of life,” he said, “I almost pulled out all my hair when I couldn’t get a flight ticket the night before yesterday. After browsing for a long time, finally someone cancelled one ticket. The landing time was still after the fan meeting. I got off the plane in a hurry and found that not only you did not go back to the hotel, but also your mobile phone was turned off. I thought my life was finished.”

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Rong Yi said nothing, reaching out and rubbing the hair on the back of his head.

“Why didn’t you ask me why I had a swipe card for your room?” Chen Keyao asked suddenly.

“The room was booked by you. It was not difficult for you to do it.”

“Not upset?”

Generally speaking, this kind of behaviour did feel a little precarious, but Rong Yi only hated the fact that this person often played safe, so much so that he probably wouldn’t do anything unsuitable for the under 18s even if he took off his clothes and jumped into his bed.

Instead, Chen Keyao might vomit all the way into the hospital.

Thinking of this, Rong Yi suddenly asked, “By the way, you and your younger fellow student…”

“We didn’t get in touch much after that.” Chen Keyao answered.

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“Was it because both parents were shocked, and as a result, you two broke up whereas the parents got together, right?”


“Was it like that?”

“Damn,” said Chen Keyao. “How come I’ve got myself such a smart partner? I’m afraid I’ll be properly tamed.”

This guy was suddenly so good at sweet talking, but Rong Yi still caught his intention to change the topic.

“I’m not that stingy,” said Rong Yi. “Your half-brother has found true love and got married. It’s very good.”

“Well,” said Chen Keyao, “I think I’m going to too.”

“…” Rong Yi thought it was incredible, “How come you have become such a sweet talker?”

“Am I?” Chen Keyao said, “I also think it’s a little strange that you have become so good tempered.”

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As soon as these words came out of his mouth, they were still carrying that familiar unpleasant tone. Rong Yi was upset, but also breathed a sigh of relief in his heart.

Then, suddenly, he thought of a question that now seemed incredible.

“Since you know that Mo Yufei was that kind of person, why did you give me the ticket that he gave you?”

“… Didn’t you hear that already,” Chen Keyao said in an unkind voice, “You picked up the rags yourself.”

Rong Yi pulled himself back a little from Chen Keyao and frowned at him.

Chen Keyao silently looked away from him: “…There is no other reason, just because of stupidity.”

Rong Yi frowned, “Are you referring to me or yourself?”

After deliberating for a long while, Chen Keyao mumbled in a low voice: “After all, the fact that you liked him shows that you are not smart enough.”

This bastard, two minutes ago, said that he “found such a smart partner”.

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Chen Keyao’s attitude gradually softened under Rong Yi’s sharp stares, and he finally shrugged and said: “I was talking about myself. Am I not stupid enough to do such a stupid thing?”

“To compensate me?” Rong Yi asked.

Chen Keyao must have left the ticket there on the second day of Rong Yi’s high fever. At that time, Rong Yi was ill because he was forced to stay in Chen Keyao’s room and was then affected by his pheromones.

So, it was probably a very awkward way to apologize.

“More or less…” Chen Keyao’s expression still looked a little frustrated. “I didn’t think about it at that time. I think… It might make you happy.”


“As a result, you were happy,” Chen Keyao said. “But I almost got infuriated.”

“I was not very happy either.”

Rong Yi said.

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After all, he had been infatuated with this idol for such a long time. When his image suddenly shattered, it inevitable left a rather complicated feeling in Rong Yi’s heart.

Idols are magical beings. When you like him, of course, you can fantasize as many romantic plots between you and him as possible, but those mustn’t become true. If the other party really crosses that line, he will not be that perfect person in your heart any more.

However, Rong Yi no longer needed a person who brought him fantasy.

Now he had someone by him who could bring him reality and future.

“Damn. No one is happy now except that psychopath,” Chen Keyao said gloomily. “Nothing can describe my stupidity.”

Rong Yi couldn’t help laughing.

In fact, when he got the ticket, he was really very happy.

But not as happy as he was now. When Chen Keyao just said that he just wanted to make him happy, he really became very, very happy. Happiness is probably a kind of catalyst, which can make the simplest happiness expand infinitely and make people feel like on cloud nine.

The only flaw was that at such a time, he had to resist the desire to kiss him. From last night till now, God knows how many times Chen Keyao had vomited.
Rong Yi was afraid that his body might not be able to cope with that.

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When he was worried about Chen Keyao, Chen Keyao was also a little worried about him.

“Are you really not hungry?” he pointed to the box of snacks on the tea table. “They are getting cold.”

Rong Yi turned to look at them and suddenly an idea came to his mind.

“Do you want to eat shrimp wonton?” he shook Chen Keyao’s hand. “I’ll take you to a restaurant now!”

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