Mr. Rong’s Lovelorn Diary

Chapter 66: Rong Yi, I want you.

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Chapter 66: Rong Yi, I want you. Translator: DragonRider

Chen Keyao told Rong Yi that it was because he didn’t dare to have inordinate thoughts about him during that period of unrequited love that his reaction was not that frequent before. However, it was different now. Now, whenever he saw Rong Yi walking past, he subconsciously wanted to get Rong Yi into his arms and kiss him.

However, the reality was that before Chen Keyao had time to put his thoughts into action, his whole person had become uncomfortable.

Though Chen Keyao actually was not in a hurry to mark Rong Yi as his at once or what, it was really distressing that he couldn’t kiss Rong Yi to his heart’s content.

When Chen Keyao said these, he was sitting in the driver’s seat, his hands holding the steering wheel and his face melancholy. Sitting in the co-driver’s seat and listening to Chen Keyao’s words quietly, Rong Yi fell into deep contemplation.

After a while, while they were waiting for the red light, Rong Yi leaned a little towards the left and said, “Then in the future, I will take the initiative to kiss you when you are not paying any attention. How about that?”

Unfortunately, Chen Keyao didn’t even turn his head.

He frowned, took a deep breath, and then said, “…I am driving. Please don’t talk.”

Then he started to recite formulas.

Rong Yi immediately understood what Chen Keyao meant when he said the word “distressing” just now.


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In fact, when Rong Yi saw his recovered boyfriend, he also wanted to hold and kiss him. If it were not because Rong Yi was worried about Chen Keyao’s body, he would unexpectedly kiss Chen Keyao eighty times a day. Generally speaking, no matter how inseparably intimate couples were when they first confirmed their relationship, they would inevitably pay much attention to their behaviors. However, it was totally different with Rong Yi and Chen Keyao. Rong Yi always felt that he and Chen Keyao had actually been in love for a long time. Having got along with each other day and night, they had seen how the other one looked like when he was untidy and miserable. Therefore, they didn’t have anything to hide and even their enthusiasm was particularly open and frank.

Most of the time, Rong Yi wasn’t conscious that he and Chen Keyao had just become lovers. Instead, he felt they had been a couple of husband and husband for long who were always in passionate love with each other. However, they still had not experienced the great harmony of life… (sex in this context)

To tell the truth, Rong Yi was somewhat depressed in his heart; but he would never let Chen Keyao know he had this kind of emotion. In his private messages, Chen Keyao said to his net friend that “The person who was right for you would be willing to tolerate your illness.” Rong Yi was especially happy when he read this, feeling himself trusted. Therefore, he wanted to live up to Chen Keyao’s expectation.

What Rong Yi was more worried about now was that Chen Keyao might not be able to tolerate his illness himself.

After they returned home, Rong Yi was busy cooking while Chen Keyao lay on the sofa in the living room, holding his notebook and typing.

Rong Yi put Chen Keyao’s favorite soup of small ribs on the gas stove and lit the fire. He then slipped out of the kitchen and looked into the living room. Seeing Chen Keyao didn’t seem to be noticing, Rong Yi returned to his room. Half an hour later, when he had just finished tidying up and was planning to go to the kitchen to take a look, his phone vibrated.

Chen Keyao, who was less than five meters away from him, sent Rong Yi an emoji of grievance.

Rong Yi was confused and shouted towards the living room. “What’s the matter with you again?”

Chen Keyao did not say anything, but Rong Yi’s mobile phone vibrated again.

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“You said you would kiss me when I wasn’t paying attention. You were lying.”

Rong Yi didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

He put down his mobile phone and began to go out. When he reached the door of his room, he coughed softly. Chen Keyao, still lying on the sofa, was staring at the monitor of his notebook, not squinting at all and seeming seriously concentrated.

Rong Yi went to the sofa, deliberately slowed down, lowered his head and focused his sight on Chen Keyao.

But after that, he walked past the sofa straight into the kitchen. After snickering in the kitchen for a while, he secretly looked out and saw that Chen Keyao had already sat up and was bending down and covering his face in pain.

It seemed that Rong Yi had overdone a bit. However, if he went out now and gave Chen Keyao a kiss, would it interrupt Chen Keyao’s struggle?

Rong Yi stood in the kitchen, frowning and hesitating. After a short while, Chen Keyao suddenly pushed the door open and walked in.

He still looked unwell, and obviously unhappy.

“You are deliberately playing with me,” Chen Keyao said.

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Rong Yi quickly smiled towards him. “No, but you were obviously paying attention to me just now. That was not the same as what we have agreed to.”

Chen Keyao ignored his chicanery.

He frowned and walked straight towards Rong Yi in an extraordinary imposing manner, causing Rong Yi who had already begun to feel guilty to step back.

When Rong Yi was forced to lean on his back against the cold tiles of the kitchen, Chen Keyao, who had already walked up to him, raised his arm and put his hand on the wall not far from Rong Yi’s face.

“…Aren’t you… uncomfortable?” Rong Yi asked cautiously.

“Well,” Chen Keyao nodded, and then leaned over to Rong Yi. “I had just overcome it. Now hurry and take the time.”

While closing his eyes, Rong Yi thought that he did like the occasionally overbearing Chen Keyao.

Originally, Rong Yi thought it would only be a light kiss, just like every one they had in these days, warm but short. However, Chen Keyao might have made up his mind to defeat his illness.

When Rong Yi felt his breathing become short and thus subconsciously wanted to dodge, his Alpha did not immediately let him go, but instead continued to chase after him.

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Before the two men’s lips overlapped again, Rong Yi tilted his head and then reached out his hand to hold Chen Keyao’s face. He got close to Chen Keyao’s cheek and whispered, “Are you alright?”

Chen Keyao shook his head slightly, and then kissed Rong Yi again.

Rong Yi felt himself also unwell at this moment.

The gentle and fascinating smell of Chen Keyao had already unknowingly permeated the entire space, while Rong Yi was like a frog in the warm water of whose body every inch of skin had become hot when he noticed it.

However, when Rong Yi was no longer to suppress his impulses and started to hanker for more, his Alpha seemed to have reached the limit of his endurance.

Chen Keyao finally let go of Rong Yi’s lips, but did not loosen his arms. He embraced Rong Yi and buried his head on Rong Yi’s shoulder, breathing heavily with unnatural tremors in between.

So Rong Yi also hugged Chen Keyao and put his hand on the back of Chen Keyao’s head as an attempt to appease him.

“Well, it will be fine soon. Before long, it will be completely cured.” Rong Yi whispered, then turned his head and kissed Chen Keyao on the cheek. “Hey, this time, you are not paying attention.”

He thought that Chen Keyao, who was shaking slightly at this moment, might be laughing.

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After they stood like this for a while, Rong Yi guessed Chen Keyao might have once again successfully overcome his desire to vomit. Therefore, he moved slightly away from Chen Keyao, then held Chen Keyao’s hand and took him back to the living room.

“Sit here for a while,” he pressed Chen Keyao down on the sofa. “I’ll fetch you a glass of water.”

After saying that, Rong Yi was about to turn around only to find that Chen Keyao was unwilling to let him go.

Rong Yi lowered his head, looked towards Chen Keyao in confusion, then was pulled forward by Chen Keyao’s suddenly increased power and fell down.

Chen Keyao did not want to let him go.

After a short panic, Rong Yi chose not to struggle.

When Chen Keyao’s pheromones poured into his lungs again, there was only the instinct to respond left in Rong Yi’s mind. He knew that he must also have unconsciously released a large amount of pheromones and now every time Chen Keyao breathed, he smelled only Rong Yi’s pheromones.

This was dangerous, but this kind of cognition also made Rong Yi incomparably satisfied.

He could clearly feel what kind of changes were happening to his own and Chen Keyao’s bodies. This made him more and more excited and then he even trembled uncontrollably when Chen Keyao once again bit his lips lightly.

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But, right at this time, Chen Keyao stopped his action very unnaturally. He held Rong Yi who was still sitting on him, slightly turned his head sideways and closed his eyes, frowning.

He must feel uncomfortable again. Rong Yi looked at Chen Keyao’s face at a very close distance, Chen Keyao’s eyes reddish because of repeated forbearance and his lips swollen because of their endless kisses.

Perhaps it was best to stop now. Otherwise, it would go out of control if they continued. Chen Keyao should not follow his own desires and fight with himself. He must be very uncomfortable now.

Rong Yi repeatedly warned himself in his heart, but in the end, he reached out his hand and took Chen Keyao’s face, regardless of his protest, and kissed him again.

Chen Keyao responded to him immediately after a brief period of rigidity.

Neither of them wanted to stop.

At present, kissing with Chen Keyao was the most comfortable and pleasant thing that Rong Yi had ever done. However, he was now becoming greedier after repeated satisfactions. He knew that with this person, there were happier things to do.

He reached out his hand in extreme excitement and flurry, groping for that thing which had been against his lower body from under Chen Keyao’s clothes since just now.

Just when Rong Yi’s fingertips touched it, his hand was held down by Chen Keyao.

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“Rong Yi,” Chen Keyao’s voice was close to his ear, a little shaking. “I may…”

Rong Yi shook his head and when he spoke, the moist water vapor brought out in his voice even shocked himself. “…But I want to have you.”

After saying that, he lowered his head. His heartbeat was so loud that his eardrums were vibrating again and again with it, even causing some pain. He felt his tone just now sounded as if he was about to cry.

Maybe, he was really about to cry.

But that had nothing to do with sadness, sorrow and all negative emotions. He clearly felt happy and even excited. Maybe he was only too eager.

Chen Keyao frowned and was stiff for some time, so long that Rong Yi almost recovered his senses.

Then, Chen Keyao’s hand that had been holding Rong Yi’s down was loosen. But Rong Yi didn’t have any opportunity to continue to do anything, because after a whirlwind of rotation, he was laid down on the sofa with Chen Keyao’s whole body pressed against him.

Then they kissed. This kind of kisses Rong Yi also experienced on the hotel sofa a few days ago.

They made Rong Yi instinctively panic and endlessly intoxicated.

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Rong Yi subconsciously raised his hands and wanted to hug Chen Keyao, but accidentally hit the tissue box on the coffee table. The box flew down onto the ground, and after it landed with a sound, the two men’s movements paused at the same time.

Just as they were looking at each other at a very close distance, smiling and about to continue, Rong Yi unconsciously glanced where the tissue box had landed, and then suddenly burst into a huge scream.

Chen Keyao, who was still enthralled and wanted to kiss Rong Yi again, was badly scared. He covered his heart, looked back, and then also shouted unnaturally.

Right near the door of the living room, there was a person.

When Rong Yi noticed him, this person was carefully and stealthily going outside.

But now, he stopped in the panicked sight of the two men.

He turned around and cleared his throat, trying to squeeze an “I-understand” smile towards the two half-dressed people on the sofa.

“That…” He said, raising his hand and covering his nose. “Is there any smell in the room?”

What other smell could there be? An Alpha in heat and his Omega sticking together; all in their brains was mating. How couldn’t the smell be thick?

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“Dad,” Chen Keyao looked as if he was going to cry. “The date I told you about is not today!”

Chen Keyao’s father frowned and his sight slowly moved towards kitchen: “I know, but…”

He hadn’t finished when a strange noise came out from the kitchen.

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