Mr. Rong’s Lovelorn Diary

Chapter 67: Wait, don't you want to marry me?

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Chapter 67: Wait, don’t you want to marry me?
Translator: DragonRider
After two months, what Chen Keyao had been worried about since Rong Yi moved in finally happened.

Rong Yi, who was excellent in cooking but could only act in a single-threaded mode, finally ruined the kitchen with the landlord’s cooperation.

Hearing the sound, all the three people in the room were shocked. Then, Chen Keyao suddenly took off his already untidy coat and covered Rong Yi with it.

“Dad, could you help me check the kitchen?”

As he said this, Chen Keyao actually carried Rong Yi up in his arms and then walked into his own room.

Rong Yi’s head was covered by Chen Keyao’s coat, so he couldn’t see anything clearly. During that several steps, his brain was in a total mess. It was not until he was placed on the bed that he finally came to his senses and pulled down Chen Keyao’s coat.

“Have a rest here,” Chen Keyao turned sideways, not looking at him. “I will go out and have a look.”

After he finished, he quickly walked out and closed the door after him.

Rong Yi hugged Chen Keyao’s coat, lay down on the bed in dizziness for a while, and then used the coat to cover his head.

He could probably guess why Chen Keyao did this. Alphas generally were strongly possessive. Although Chen Keyao hadn’t successfully marked Rong Yi, Rong Yi already belonged to him. He was unwilling to let others see the lustful appearance of his Omega.

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However, what Rong Yi was more concerned about at this moment was neither the embarrassment just now nor the damaged kitchen.

Chen Keyao could actually carry him in his arms!

Moreover, Chen Keyao did it with especially stable hands, carrying up and putting down Rong Yi without any wobble. How much strength he had on his hands and waist! Ever since Rong Yi differentiated, his height soared, so he never dreamed that he could be treated like this. When they were wholeheartedly making out on the sofa just now, Rong Yi finally touched Chen Keyao from his chest to waist. The muscle line was tight and tough but not exaggerated. Rong Yi only felt fond of it at that time but never thought Chen Keyao could be so strong.

Of course, it was also possible that he would love whatever he found on Chen Keyao, Chen Keyao was always his favorite.

Chen Keyao’s purpose of making Rong Yi lie here was definitely to give him some time to calm down. However, Rong Yi felt himself becoming more on fire when he just began to imagine.

Now, he was even lying on Chen Keyao’s bed and when Chen Keyao left, he left behind a coat full of his smell.

But across the wall, Chen Keyao’s father was still there. However, the sound insulation of the house was so good that Rong Yi couldn’t hear a thing, making him unable to face the fact.

Rong Yi felt his eyes become wet again.

Certain place in his body had been eagerly and arbitrarily preparing to receive his beloved Alpha since just now. On the way when Chen Keyao took him to his room, a lot of liquids slipped down out of there.

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A total mess.

Rong Yi did not dare to deal with that indelible desire here. He was afraid that Chen Keyao might suddenly come in and see him; he was also afraid that he could not control his pheromones and that he might smear Chen Keyao’s sheets.

Finally, he bit his lips, went down from the bed and staggered into the bathroom in Chen Keyao’s room.


When Chen Keyao came over and knocked on the door, Rong Yi was soaked in hot water, his mind absent.

During this half an hour, he changed from being unconscious to contemplating on philosophy.

He felt himself a bit miserable. When they hadn’t exchanged their real feelings, he could still deal with his desire himself while whimpering and thinking about Chen Keyao. Now that they were together, he was actually still whimpering and thinking about Chen Keyao while dealing with it himself.

But this time, it didn’t seem to be Chen Keyao’s fault, either.

Come to think about it, he could still deal with it himself anyway. What about Chen Keyao? As long as Chen Keyao had a desire, stress response would occur. Then he even couldn’t deal with it himself.

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This was too pitiful. No wonder his mind was full of such things in the past few days. Maybe he was really suppressed to his limit.

But as a single adult Alpha, could he really refrain from doing it?

…Then, he must be thinking about other people while doing it.

Rong Yi suddenly looked serious.

Then came Chen Keyao’s knock on the door.

“Rong Yi, are you inside?” Chen Keyao’s voice sounded stuffy across the door and heavy water mist. “Are you alright?”

“Yes!” Rong Yi swallowed. “Could you help me fetch… the pants to change?”


Chen Keyao only gave him a pair of pajama pants.

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Rong Yi was too embarrassed to give any advice, so he could only walk outside without an underwear, feeling extremely uncomfortable because certain organ was too free.

“Fortunately, the kitchen wasn’t seriously damaged.” Chen Keyao spoke with mysterious bashfulness, stood far away from Rong Yi and wouldn’t look at him. “I have cleaned it up and will ask for someone to check and repair it tomorrow. There should be no big problem.”

“…Oh.” Rong Yi nodded.

“My dad left.” Chen Keyao reached out his hand and grabbed his hair. “He asked me to apologize to you.”

“…” Rong Yi was highly embarrassed.

The air was full of the smell of the suppression spray, the same as what Rong Yi smelt when he woke up at the hotel several days ago.

Somehow, Chen Keyao suddenly laughed. “Originally, my dad was actually a bit skeptical. He didn’t believe I was really in a relationship with you and was afraid that it was something like a contract marriage. Now he should have no doubt at all.”

“… What contract?”

Chen Keyao swallowed: “…When they meet in two days, they are going to discuss this, aren’t they?”

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After Rong Yi really understood, he was shocked: “Wait a minute, isn’t it too fast?”

“After all, they thought we had already got the certificate.” Chen Keyao licked his lips and then glanced at Rong Yi quickly.

“Haven’t you explained to your dad?”

Chen Keyao smiled reluctantly at him: “…It was too complicated to explain.”


Sitting in the private room of the restaurant and listening to his parents and Chen Keyao’s father discussing which day was auspicious for holding the wedding banquet, Rong Yi was totally bemazed.

When ordinary families of both sides formally talked about their children’s marriage, they would inevitably discuss some practical problems, so it was quite easy to have contradictions. However, the three elders were really so easygoing as to make Rong Yi not know what to do.

“Good,” “Great,” “Excellent”. Therefore, they reached consensus pretty soon and announced on the spot that from now on they belonged to the same family, regarding each other in-laws in a good mood. All were happy.

“This was not right,” Rong Yi was entangled. The life plan he envisioned before Chen Keyao’s confession was not like this. Not only was it going too fast, but also Chen Keyao had not proposed to him yet!

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Although it was only a form, it was still very important to Rong Yi. In his original imagination, even the process of secretly saving money to buy a ring was detailed. This kind of imagination made Rong Yi incomparably happy. He didn’t like big diamonds, but the ring must be elegantly and uniquely designed. He would wait until the two of them went out together on a tour. Then he would take out the ring as a surprise to Chen Keyao. He even imagined at least five versions of Chen Keyao’s responses.

And now, his plan seemed to be totally interrupted. Their parents even began to discuss which hotel they should book, without asking for his opinion at all.

Wearing newly purchased clothes, with a freshly trimmed hairstyle and a Band-Aid on his face because in the end he was still too embarrassed to put on any makeup, Chen Keyao was sitting next to Rong Yi, also entangled and unable to say anything.

Fortunately, wedding banquets usually had to be booked one or half a year in advance, and the process was also complicated. So no matter how enthusiastic their parents were, thy couldn’t implement it immediately.

Moreover, there was still the most crucial issue which Rong Yi felt he must mention anyway.

When Chen Keyao’s father took the initiative to ask “What do you think, Rong?” Rong Yi finally got the courage to speak.

“…In fact, we haven’t got the certificate yet.”

After he finished, he quickly glanced at Chen Keyao who was sitting next to him.

Chen Keyao also looked at him, sipping his lips. He looked totally innocent and kicked Rong Yi under the table.

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Everyone at the table suddenly became quiet.

A moment later, his dear mother said, “Oh, then hurry and get it. Do you want to pick a good day?”


On the way home, Rong Yi sat in the passenger seat, completely muddled.

When he fell in love with Chen Keyao at first sight, he thought about getting married immediately and instantly every day. But now when it was really “immediately and instantly”, he felt it was not quite right.

This was probably a flash marriage. After all, counting the time when he and Chen Keyao were twice together, it was only half a month.

“Don’t you think it is too fast?” He asked Chen Keyao.

Chen Keyao seemed thoughtful, but did not answer.

“It is all your fault because last time you told my mother that we had been together for a long time.” Rong Yi added.

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Chen Keyao still didn’t say anything.

“Calculated carefully, it is only three months since we knew each other.” As he spoke, Rong Yi grabbed his hair. “Is it too…”

There were many disadvantages about a flash marriage: inadequate understanding between the two people, lack of time to get along, probably unable to get along at all after their enthusiasm gradually faded away. Moreover, at present, they couldn’t even have further intimate contact successfully.

Rong Yi felt himself a little anxious now, unable to sit or stand at ease.

“Don’t worry,” Chen Keyao finally spoke. “We are adults. If you really are unwilling, they won’t tie you up and take you to the Civil Affairs Bureau.”

“…” Rong Yi looked at him, frowning.

“Aren’t you overthinking?” Chen Keyao said very slowly and sounded quite leisurely. “Today, they were all highly enthusiastic and we shouldn’t discourage them. Later, we only need to talk to our own parents in private.”

“About what?”

“That you still don’t want to get married yet,” Chen Keyao said. “Today they talked so vigorously, which at least suggested that they were quite optimistic about us. It is a good thing. Don’t worry. As for when to get married, we can talk about it later. If we want to postpone, there are tons of excuses.”

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Rong Yi frowned deeper: “…What do you mean?”

“Hmmm?” Chen Keyao glimpsed back at him quickly and then continued to look at the road ahead. “Didn’t I make myself clear? I just want to tell you not to worry. In this time, marriage is after all our own business, right?”

Rong Yi looked at him: “Wait, don’t you want to marry me?”

“…Ah?” Chen Keyao looked at him again. “What did you say?”

“If you don’t want to marry me, I won’t care, either.” Rong Yi said.

Chen Keyao was extremely confused. He opened his mouth, but did not say anything.

So, Rong Yi was also silent.

He was not anxious now, but felt a little bit angry.

Who wanted to hear him say these things? It was after all he who could make the final decision. Did he need Chen Keyao to tell him such a simple thing?

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When Chen Keyao said these, didn’t it mean that he didn’t want to get the certificate at all?

Why wouldn’t Chen Keyao just tell him: “Yes. However, although it has only been a short time since we knew each other, I really want to spend the rest of my life with you. So I am eager to marry you?”

Silence fell in the car. Then Chen Keyao suddenly asked, “You are not angry, are you?”

This was undoubtedly pouring fuel on the fire.

“I am not.” Rong Yi said with a straight face.

Chen Keyao heaved a sigh of relief and smiled. “Good.”

Rong Yi really couldn’t help but whisper, “… You fool.”

“Ah?” Chen Keyao did not hear clearly. “What did you say?”

“You are very clever,” Rong Yi still put on a long face. “You helped me sort out my thoughts at once.”

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Chen Keyao smiled: “Oh, right. When do Auntie and Uncle usually wake up in the morning? Tell me so that I can pick them up on time tomorrow.”

When they were dining just now, Chen Keyao volunteered to be Rong Yi’s parents’ guide and accompany them to tour around the city in the following several days. Rong Yi knew his parents too well. Judging from their words and actions during the dinner, it was obvious that they were extremely satisfied with Chen Keyao.

Rong Yi felt a bit bitter in his heart. How could he have found such a fool to be his life partner? Moreover, he couldn’t even complain to his parents.

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