Mr. Rong’s Lovelorn Diary

Chapter 77: Zhou Li was finally in love (74.4)

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Chapter 77: Zhou Li was finally in love (74.4)
Translator: DragonRider
But Liu Yuan, who said goodbye, didn’t hang up.

He paused for a while and then said, “In fact, you have not been with Rong Yi, have you?”

“… Why are you asking about this all of a sudden?”

“When he pretended to be your boyfriend, he surely did not harass you like I do every day.”


“If you find me annoying, just let me know,” said Liu Yuan. “I’ll restrain myself. I don’t want to be hated by you.”

Zhou Li held the phone and walked around in the room. His hands were numb with panic.

He struggled for a long time, then asked abruptly, “Liu Yuan, do you fancy me?”

Liu Yuan was obviously shocked.

After a long while, he finally whispered, “Yes.”

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Zhou Li went silent.

So Liu Yuan repeated again, “Yes, I like you.”

“I don’t want to date anyone,” Zhou Li said.

“Well, I can see it,” said Liu Yuan. “I know it.”

“Then you…”

“All right, all right,” Liu Yuan sighed with exaggeration. “I won’t disturb you in the future. Don’t delete me from your contacts and don’t block me, OK?”

“Then are we still friends?” Zhou Li asked.

“I’ll try my best,” said Liu Yuan, “But I’m afraid it’s not going to work.”


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“I’m really hanging up this time, good night.”

He didn’t realise Liu Yuan was such a direct man who didn’t drag on.

From that day on, he had never sent any more messages. Every time Zhou Li’s phone vibrated, he immediately checked it, and then he would be disappointed. Liu Yuan’s understanding of his order was very thorough. Once rejected, everything was stopped completely. He could be regarded as model.

But Zhou Li felt unhappy.

He thought Liu Yuan was too mean.

Just because he didn’t agree to go to his house for dinner in the new year, he stopped contacting him immediately. Rejecting his confession, he couldn’t even remain friends with him anymore.

After this man had totally disappeared from his world, his irritation did not diminish at all, but increased.

He was muddling along until he had completed the whole resignation process and the department held a farewell party for him. Li Xiaoran came to talk to him again at the party.

“Did you have a fight with your boyfriend?” He asked.

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Zhou Li frowned and ignored him.

“Do you think I’m pretty good now?” He asked again.

“No.” Zhou Li said.

Liu Yuan was a little bit dim-witted, compared with Li Xiaoran. He might not be as handsome as him either now that he was thin again, but Liu Yuan was cute.

He was very interesting. It was fun talking to him.

“I’m serious,” Li Xiaoran said. “If it was me, I would not make you upset.”

“You are annoying me now.” Zhou Li said.

Liu Yuan didn’t annoy him. It was he himself who was annoying him.

He missed him.

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At the party, he suddenly received a call from Rong Yi.

“What happened to you and Liu Yuan?” His tone was careful. “Did you see his latest friends circle post?”

Zhou Li searched for the post in a hurry and found that the latest one was posted two days ago. It was the usual midnight poetry, and it didn’t make much sense.

“Can you understand what he was writing?” Zhou Li asked.

“Yes, isn’t that as clear as broad daylight,” said Rong Yi. “There are eight words in all, can’t you understand them?”

Zhou Li refreshed the interface, and his heart suddenly panicked.

“What eight words?”

“Can’t you see them?” Rong Yi asked, “Just the one that was sent an hour ago, “All the best for my blind date tonight.”


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Zhou Li was dumbfounded.

“Well, I thought he posted it for you to see.” Rong Yi seemed a little embarrassed.

“… Why should he post something like this to me specifically?” Zhou Li said.

“Er…” Rong Yi did not know why he was a little bit awkward. “Isn’t this a common way of testing?”

“He is now specifically hiding it from me.”


“I’m pissed off!” Zhou Li said.

Zhou Li was desperate, holding his mobile phone to press open the dialog window with Liu Yuan countless times, and struggling whether to say anything or not.

He said he liked him a week ago. Now he was dating someone else.

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He had put him aside so quickly, then his feelings for him couldn’t have been true. This guy was a real bastard.

If he had not put him aside, and yet was going on a blind date with someone else, then that was even worse.

All in all, Liu Yuan was a bastard.

It was a pity that all his frustration did not have any justification. Even if he wanted to challenge the bastard, he didn’t have a righteous excuse.

Just at this moment, Li Xiaoran ran over to him again.

“Shall I drive you back later?” He said.

Zhou Li paused for a moment, and then agreed, much to Li Xiaoran’s surprise.

He took a deep breath after getting into the car, then took out his mobile phone and edited a message very solemnly.

“My boss is going to drive me home again. Can I call you for safety reasons?”

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After the message, he felt that he was a bit unreasonable or even brazen, so he wanted to recall the message. After he had recalled the message, his phone rang.

“Of course,” Liu Yuan said, “I can talk with you until you get off.”


He had not heard Liu Yuan’s voice for a while. Suddenly, he had an illusion that his voice sounded better than before.

“Why is your boss still clinging to you? You really have to be careful about him.” Liu Yuan continued.

“What are you doing now?” Zhou Li asked.

“Dinner,” Liu Yuan said, “But I’m OK to talk.”

“… With whom?”

“Why are you asking?”

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He evaded the question and refused to answer, which made Zhou Li even more concerned.

“Can’t you tell me?” He asked.

Liu Yuan gave a wry smile: “Head of my company has set up a date for me.”

“… Then why did you call me?” Zhou Li asked.

“Because you wanted me to call.”

“Then why haven’t you called me at all this whole time?” Zhou Li asked again.


“Is your date, nice looking?”

“Good looking, especially good-looking,” Liu Yuan said, suddenly lowering his voice and saying in a very quiet tone, “Almost half as good as you.”

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“As soon as he arrived, he told me that he already had a partner. It’s just his family doesn’t accept this relationship, and forced him to have this blind date here. After this meal, we will say good-bye to each other happily.”

Zhou Li couldn’t help laughing.

“No wonder you can still call me, because that person didn’t like you.”

“I can call no matter he likes me or not,” said Liu Yuan. “It’s not easy to have such a chance to talk to you for a little while. Isn’t it a hard life for me?”


Zhou Li didn’t respond. But all of a sudden he was very, very, very happy.

It was totally different from all the other similar courtesies in the past which only made him want to escape at the speed of light. He listened to Liu Yuan’s words and said in his heart, “He seems to like me still.” Then he couldn’t help but start to be happy.

“I’m sorry,” Liu Yuan misunderstood, “I was talking nonsense. Let’s talk about the book I read a while ago!”

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Before Zhou Li could speak, Li Xiaoran in the driver’s seat suddenly spoke up.

“How come I feel you’re using me?”

Zhou Li was surprised and then blushed.

“You, you said you wanted to thank me. Well, this is your chance to repay me!” he explained.

Li Xiaoran glanced at him and shook his head with a wry smile.

“Just pretend you’re giving me ride on your way back. I’ll give you the money!” Zhou Li said loudly.

“You are really interesting,” Li Xiaoran sighed. “Where is the person calling you now? I’ll take you there.”

“Eh?” Zhou Li was stunned.

Liu Yuan’s confused voice came through the phone, which he held to his ear: “What are you talking about?”

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“Leave him alone,” said Zhou Li. “Where are you now?”

He thought Li Xiaoran’s proposal was very good. Chatting a few lines on the phone was far from enough. When he heard the voice, he wanted to see the person even more.

He was going to see if Liu Yuan was telling the truth. Then he wanted to ask him if he still needed to take someone home with him for the new year.

The author’s note:

Additional information about heights: Chen Keyao 191, Rong Yi 188. Liu Yuan 185, Zhou Li 169. In this novel, O is a small one like this.

Zhou Li: I think I’ve been targeted. Why can’t you at least adjust it to a round number?

Zhou Li: …

Zhou Li: I honestly think I can grow another five centimetres!

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