Mr. Rong’s Lovelorn Diary

Chapter 78: Teacher Chen has been troubled.

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Chapter 78: Teacher Chen has been troubled. Translator: DragonRider

After school that day, several children whose parents had not yet arrived huddled together to play games on the floor in the corner of the exercise room.

Chen Keyao walked over to get a piece of the action, so the children brought a pile of folded paper sheets to him and asked him to pick one. He pretended to be choosing among the pile of paper, and finally picked up a piece of paper with a hint of colour.

He opened it and found a little flower in pink watercolour.

“Is this a little safflower for Teacher Chen?” He asked.

“No,” One child told him in his sweet baby voice, “You’re about to meet a peach flower.”

Chen Keyao almost had a spit take with amusement.

He asked: “What does it mean to meet a peach flower?”

“It means, uh……you’ll meet someone who likes you!”

Chen Keyao reached for his small head: “You are all Teacher Chen’s little peach blossoms then.”


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Half an hour later, finally all the parents took their children away. Chen Keyao had just walked down the stairs when he saw a man at the entrance to the shopping mall across the street.

The man wore a long, slim-fit trench coat, his hands in his pockets and looking forward with an expressionless face.

Chen Keyao was only glancing over in that direction accidentally, but his eyes settled on that person when he saw him. That person’s face, at a distance neither too far nor too close, was visible but not totally discernible. However, that did not affect Chen Keyao’s enjoyment of the view at that moment.

It’s not just the look. It would be a tragedy for most men to wear such an outfit. Long trench coats are a curious thing, with short legs appearing shorter and long legs becoming taller.

Chen Keyao’s stare seemed to have caught the other person’s attention.

When the man turned his head and looked to him, Chen Keyao panicked a little bit like a thief being caught. He turned around and even held up his phone to pretend to be talking to someone.

After having pretended to be talking on the phone for a while, he carefully looked over again, only to find that person had gone already.

Chen Keyao regretted it immediately.

The man was obviously an Alpha by his height and appearance. While going over there to chat him up abruptly might cause suspicion or even discomfort, it was still an opportunity, even if the success rate might be one out of ten thousand. Now he had missed this chance completely. Now there was no hope.

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Although not a superstitious person, at this moment Chen Keyao really hoped that little piece of paper he had picked would work.

Just at this moment, a noise came from the other side of the street.

Chen Keyao felt that he might have been blessed by fate.

Twenty minutes later, he found out that person’s name, and after an hour and a half, he got his WeChat ID, and after three days, he went on his first date with him, and after a week, he even had their first sweet kiss.

All these were beautiful and incredible. He was on cloud nine.

Even his guilty conscience for buying the little bunny handkerchief secretly were all evaporated.

He started setting himself an alarm clock every morning in order to get back to the first greeting message from him.

“Good morning.”

It was really simple, but he could read it over and over for 300 times.

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Rong Yi was a gentle, shy and quiet person.

He rarely spoke up on his own initiative, but whenever Chen Keyao looked towards him he would smile immediately. His appearance was a gentle form of an Alpha, and once his eyes were narrowed, the tiny arc of the corners of his eyes made him mesmerizing.

When Chen Keyao was with him, he was in a trance every minute.

How could there be such a beautiful person?

So gentle, so understanding, and with a look that would set one’s heart racing. He was perfect, and he was so cute when his eyes closed in a flurry before kissing.

Chen Keyao had never imagined that he would meet an Alpha that would fit him so well in his lifetime, and that they would even accept each other’s pheromones so well.

Happiness was so unreal that it almost felt fake.

It turned out to be fake indeed.

Chen Keyao was so angry at the unclosing door that he almost wanted to laugh.

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The confusion about gender was still forgivable, but he was obviously a big-tail wolf pretending to be a gentle lamb.

The next day, when he drove the car to repair with great grief, he was told that such apparent non-accident damage by human force would not be settled by the insurance company if he did not report it to the police.

Although it was not exactly an amicable break-up, Chen Keyao did not really want to be so ruthless just for this small amount of money.

Just when he was about to leave, the staff stopped him and said he had found an ID card in the car.

Chen Keyao stared at it for a long time, and it all felt like a different world.

Few people could make their ID photos look so good. Even now, he still felt justified in not being able to notice the tiny gender marker next to the photo.

No one would want to take their eyes off this face.

Chen Keyao sat in a taxi, sighing and hesitating until he got home. In the end, he still ordered an express delivery to send the ID card to Rong Yi’s company.

After all, he was not alone in feeling hurt when he looked back at the whole thing.

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The man who seemed particularly beautiful in that short period of time together was genuinely fond of him. It was just that something was not right and he couldn’t force himself.

After the door was repaired, Chen Keyao immediately sent the car to do a thorough cleaning.

He always had the illusion that Rong Yi’s smell from that evening was still lurking in the car. The faint sweetness scattered around in every corner of the car made him uneasy and ill.

In his heart, he prayed secretly that he would never again cross paths with this man.

Because it would be so hard for him in every way.

God didn’t hear him at all this time.

There were a lot of other ways to stop his father from coming over to nag him from time to time. Or, he could wait for a few more days, and it should be easy enough to find a tenant on his terms.

Chen Keyao did not understand why in that fleeting moment he had asked Rong Yi to stay.

It wasn’t until a long time later that he finally found out that he was actually happily surprised when he got the call from his father.

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Because that was a fair and honourable excuse to convince himself and to convince Rong Yi.

But Chen Keyao began to feel devastated in just a few days.

One night, with a gauze still on his face, he went onto a forum and wrote profusely, lamenting the huge joke that fate had played on himself. Halfway through the post, he found himself a little off the topic–there was far too much description of Rong Yi’s appearance which was a distraction from his main theme. But he didn’t have the heart to delete anything. After reading it twice, he even felt that he wasn’t writing enough, so he added a few more lines.

He lamented to his old classmate, Liu Yuan: this tenant you introduced to me, it must be his foul temper that has stopped him getting a partner. Otherwise, with his looks, he could choose anyone he likes. After all, even though he’s different from the typical Omegas, good looks are good looks, it’s a universal standard.

Liu Yuan replied: I beg you, a gay man, not to force us to allow you to represent the ordinary Alphas.

Chen Keyao thought that Liu Yuan was being really narrow-minded.

But knowing that Rong Yi had also confessed love to this guy, he began to appreciate his narrow-mindedness.

Rong Yi finally stopped carefully covering up himself before him, so Chen Keyao had the chance to see more of his other faces that were different from smiles or shyness.

He often disliked Chen Keyao. He would frown with a straight face, or simply glare at him. But he would occasionally laugh in front of him, and he was visibly smug after being praised for his cooking. After getting any help from him, he would try to please him in a cautious and nervous manner, but would instantly turn upset with a few teasing lines.

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He became so vivid.

His spare ribs dish was really delicious.

The warm and sweet fragrance from his embraces was so intoxicating.

When Chen Keyao rushed out of the elevator, puking his guts out, his mind was in a total chaos.

His stomach was twitching and his brain was buzzing. Tears were pouring out nonstop as a physiological reaction, while his hands on the railings were shaking.

Every part of his body was reminding him: you are in danger now and you have to be careful; you must stop those terrible thoughts.

That’s an Omega and Omegas will ruin your whole life.

Then suddenly a hand tapped him on his back.

“Have you had too much to drink?”Rong Yi asked him.

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His tone was still distinctly drunken, sounding different from the usual. A bit sticky, but especially adorable.

Chen Keyao turned his head to look at him.

Rong Yi’s eyes were wide open at first, but he squinted as soon as he caught his eyes.

He looked a bit confused and a bit concerned.

“Do you want me to help you?” While he was talking, he slightly tilted his head.

Chen Keyao’s chaotic brain suddenly came up with an incredibly clear and powerful idea.

He thought: this man is not dangerous at all.

If I can stay with him all the time, it’s clearly a happy thing.

It would be nice to hold him tight as well whenever he hugs me.

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The doctor said, ‘You’d better bring your partner along with you.’

Chen Keyao thought about it for a long while and said, “I’ll try.”


It had been months when he finally managed to take Rong Yi with him.

Chen Keyao had never experienced such happiness and pain. The loved one was right in front of him, and he didn’t object to any intimate contact. Any normal Alphas would never be able to stop getting ideas.

Despite of his sexual and aesthetic orientation, Chen Keyao was no different from any person next to him in this respect.

Unfortunately, the average Alpha would not just think about it. He had marked Rong Yi in his head numerous times, but every time he ended up with his stomach tumbling over before his final big success.

Until he finally ‘committed the crime’ successfully after getting drunk, even before he had time to celebrate his desensitization, horrible things happened immediately.

His stomach began to have a dull pain, and Rong Yi forced him to book a gastroscopy.

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Even though it was supposed to be painless, Chen Keyao still felt that his throat and stomach had a lingering discomfort after the actual anesthetic had gone.

The final diagnosis turned out to be superficial gastritis, as suspected.

“Honey, I feel awful.” Once back at home, Chen Keyao clung onto Rong Yi as he examined the report with a frown.

“Don’t drink cold yogurt again, OK?” Rong Yi said, “Take it out of the fridge for at least half an hour. Don’t drink it until it doesn’t feel cold any more.”

“OK,” Chen Keyao nodded and then stuck up his cheek at Rong Yi. “My throat and stomach are so sore. I won’t feel better until you give me a kiss”

Rong Yi looked at him with a frown, then gave him a half-hearted kiss and continued: “from now on, three meals a day, eat regularly. Anyway, your body clock has been adjusted, so don’t stay up until late at night.”

Chen Keyao hesitated, then nodded: “Oh.”

Rong Yi couldn’t help laughing at seeing his struggle. He put down the report and planted a big kiss on Chen Keyao’s cheek: “You promised to be good and listen to me.”


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Chen Keyao regretted that the letter, which had been squeezed into a ball and then straightened up and ironed by Rong Yi, and then finally framed and hung up on a wall when he had forgotten about it.

Rong Yi reached out and ruffled his hair up: “Good boy. I’ll make you wonton dumplings tonight.”

Rong Yi went out to buy wonton wraps, and Chen Keyao was at home pondering how to persuade his partner to at least take the frame off the wall and put it in a drawer.

It was embarrassing enough even if to read it himself. If someone else came into his room and asked what it was, how should he respond?

He was spinning around the apartment, trying to come up with a solution. In the end, he went into the kitchen, opened the fridge and took out a yogurt. He started to drink it as soon as he tore off the lid.

The alarm in his heart didn’t go off until the cold yogurt had gone into his stomach and he started to feel sick again.

Just as he was hesitating about what to do with the yogurt box in his hand, the sound of the door opening came from outside the kitchen.

The sound of footsteps was approaching, and Chen Keyao was sweating in panic.

I’m finished.

He thought. It seemed he’d be told off again today.

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