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huhuhu. . . simply one of the most memorable mary sue stories there are. the first time i read this novel, the first thing i can think of is the 'freshness' of this novel. rather than transmigration as antagonist and preventing conflicts from happening, it is more like a redemption story.


An amazing story where the psychological effects of trauma is addressed really well. The story has a very strong FL, ML and side characters, and includes their weaknesses/effects of their trauma to the plot. I really liked the dynamic between the FL and the ML, especially the way their relationship progressed while the story addressed the psychological challenges was wonderful. The pacing of the plot was amazing ^^


Storyline ❤❤❤
Character ❤❤❤❤❤
Power , revenge , forgiveness , ...
My favourite quote "fake it till you make it" ❤❤❤
Ps: i hope it that it have more side story, i really does.. but unfortunately it doesn't 😞


This novel is short but it show life of the MC and how she was the "villain" in the high society and fall from grace. I like this novel because it give a different point of view, like a other mix form the cliche type.


Really good story! 👏🏽👏🏽 I’m glad the side stories covered the part we were all waiting for… (can’t say what it is as I don’t want to give a spoiler!) 😏… Good job author! 💯❤️


Halfway through, i remembered I've read this novel before but it was incomplete. If you're looking for a light novel, this ain't it. This has the cliche overbearing CEO and the higher society's plot. What differentiates it from other novels would be the background (past) of the characters. Be warned that this novel contains a lot of manhandling and some r*pe elements. I have to say the story was way too long for me, i skimmed through most of the chapters cause i was full from the dog food lol. It was not bad if you're looking for a badass FL with a loyal girlfriend on her side. A lot of scheming and face-slapping. The story started from the 2nd chapter. I don't really know the purpose of the first chapter which didn't really connect to the overall story imo.


Grammar was off a bit, but I enjoyed this novel so much I read it over again. Loved every bit of it. I could do without the gaudy parts lol.


five stars, i loved this. There were no too cliche arcs that just make you wanna quit the entire story, i loved the interactions between the fl and the ml, and the other characters too. the grammar and the wording is also amazing


Five stars for a great story. 3 stars for the editing. Exude was always written as elude, and that is the most prominent example of using the wrong word in an expression that happened throughout the story. Towards the end was another glaring example of phrases being mangled when it appeared “be hard to handle” and “be a handful” was meshed into “be a handful to handle”. And if I remember correctly, this had the Prologue of inconsistency with the story? At the end, there was quite bit of confusion as well, but the author worked hard and wrote an amazing story. I notice a lot of translations/stories have the issue with name swapping and gender swapping (he is changed to she and his to her), so you get used to it.


I really enjoyed every bit of MTDW. Twas a long ride albeit very interesting. The good usage of english, grammar, construction of sentences, description and the Plot was so superb. Also loved how you included each character and told their stories so they were all connecting(ed) in some way.
Kudos to the writer!! We hope to see more of your works.
Would definitely miss Fengfeng, Lifei, Quinquin, & Elder Zhao 😍