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Chapter 2278: Nine Thunder Immortal Array

Shortly afterwards, the Sky-fighting Immortal General led Qingfeng and the others, and they reached a massive green palace.


This palace had the same architectural surface area as the Immortal Sword Palace, of hundred or so thousand square meters big, but it was made of green immortal stone.


Three big words, “Immortal Array Palace’ read before this big green palace. The words were full of force, and were sculpted with special thunder seal script, as it released hints of thunder force.


The force of thunder exploded the entire void, which made those who even took one look tremble.


Hints of shock appeared in Qingfeng’s eyes, because he clearly felt a massive array inside the Immortal Array Palace before him.


The array activated on its own, and it released five-coloured thunder nonstop. More than half of the five-coloured thunder inside the Thunder Immortal Palace was produced here.


The Sky-fighting Immortal General said, “Little guy, the Nine Thunder Immortal Array is behind this gate. If you want to acquire the Thunder Immortal Chant, you must crack this Nine Thunder Immortal Array. Everything depends on you. I’ve guard for you outside the gate, and block other sect masters and elders from reaching here to disturb you.”


Qingfeng thanked the Sky-fighting Immortal General, and then activated his internal immortal energy, as he forcefully pushed onto the green gate before him, and directly pushed open the gate, and he stepped in.


Just as Qingfeng entered the gate, a sea of thunder appeared before his eyes.


There were red, blue, black, green, and purple inside the thunder sea. The five colours intertwined with the thunder, as it spun around nonstop, and loud ‘splatter’ sounds were heard, as it charged towards Qingfeng.


Qingfeng’s right hand forcefully grabbed forward, as it immediately held those five-coloured thunder within his hands, and then he activated his internal thunder chant to absorb all of the five-coloured thunder.


Ever since Qingfeng has acquired the third Thunder Immortal Sword technique, he understood the thunder dao more intimately. He could clearly distinguish the force of these thunders, and so he could easily absorb all of it into his body.


However, just as Qingfeng wanted to continue forward, his body was bounced back, and the way was blocked off.


It was because there was a massive array inside this palace. These formations were alive and were Nine Thunder Immortal Array.


This Nine Thunder Immortal Array’s arrangement was especially special, as there were nine immortal stones inside. These nine immortal stones were placed in nine different positions and had one more position than the Eight Diagrams positions. It was alive and intertwined all around.


Qingfeng activated his right Penetration Eye to see through the void, and everything else, as he closely inspected the flaws of the Nine Thunder Immortal Array.


However, Qingfeng couldn’t find any flaws after he inspected for quite a while.


Qingfeng knew that this Nine Thunder Immortal Array was a real immortal grade array. Qingfeng couldn’t find out about its deeper mysteries with his current clairvoyance ability’s capability.


Qingfeng had to seek help from Dark Night Monarch, as he said, “Dark Night Monarch senior, could you appear to take a look at this immortal grade array for me?”


Dark Night Monarch’s soul flew out of Qingfeng’s body, and with his eyes he closely inspected the Nine Thunder Immortal Array before him.


After the Emperor inspected it for a while, he also shook his head, and said, “Little guy, I could naturally deal with this, if it is a half-immortal formation, but this Nine Thunder Immortal Array was arranged by the Thunder Immortal, I can’t see through it either.”


Qingfeng sighed deep down when he after the Dark Night Monarch.


Dark Night Monarch was always Qingfeng’s strongest power and strategy, because Emperor knew of many things. Not only training-wise, but he was also very knowledgeable with arrays, dharma treasures, weapons, and other skills.


Now, not even the Emperor could see through the flaws of this Nine Thunder Immortal Array, and Qingfeng knew that everything depended on himself.


Qingfeng decided to use his physic and energy to investigate the flaws and points of this array.


Qingfeng’s right foot stepped out towards the Nine Thunder Immortal Array before him. Just as his right foot stepped out, nine rays of thunder were released from the Nine Thunder Immortal Array before him.


These nine rays of thunder had nine colours, and had three more rays of thunder than Qingfeng’s six rays of thunder from before.


The three extra rays of thunder colours were gray, yellow, and orange.


These three types of thunder contained invincible power that suddenly struck onto Qingfeng’s body, and made Qingfeng’s body fly out. He heavily fell onto the wall, was bounced back, and then he spat out blood.


Hints of shock appeared in Qingfeng’s eyes, as he said, “No wonder it’s the Nine Thunder Immortal Array, and this nine-coloured thunder was truly too powerful. It’s more powerful than the five-coloured and six-coloured thunder I’ve encountered before.”


Qingfeng knew that this was where the Thunder Immortal has placed the Thunder Immortal Chant, and he could train the nine-coloured thunder here. It was the strongest thunder in the heaven and ground, he had to have it, even if he was heavily wounded. Qingfeng would never give up.


Qingfeng endured the pain in his body, as he activated his internal Thunder Chant. HE wanted to absorb this nine-coloured thunder.


However in the next moment, Qingfeng noticed that he could train six of those thunder colours. He could absorb red, black, blue, green, and grass green.


But the other three thunder, grey, yellow and orange each were very powerful, and had more special powers than the previous six colours. Not even Qingfeng’s Thunder Chant could deal with it under a short amount of time.


Suddenly, Qingfeng’s eyes rolled around, and he thought of a good solution. Since not even his body or the Thunder Chant could absorb these thunders, why couldn’t he use the Thunder Immortal Sword in his hands?


One had to know, the Thunder Immortal Sword was an immortal grade device, and was the same as the previous Nine Thunder Array. It came from the same source, which was also from the Thunder Immortal.


At this thought, Qingfeng no longer hesitated, as he hurriedly waved his Thunder Immortal Sword. The first sword destroyed the planet, and as he forcefully waved forward, a ray of five-coloured sword light was formed.


Just as the five-coloured sword light appeared, it clashed onto the nine-coloured thunder on the other side, and rounds of loud sky-shattering sound was heard.


In the next moment, Qingfeng felt a shocking thing has happened, and the Thunder Immortal Sword was absorbing the thunder in the nine-coloured thunder.


Splatter, splatter…


With a round of loud sound, the Thunder Immortal Sword absorbed a ray of nine-coloured thunder into the top of his sword.


The Thunder Immortal Sword originally had five-coloured thunder, but now there were four more colours, and it turned into nine colours. The additional colours were grass green, gray, blue and orange.


Qingfeng saw that the Thunder Immortal Sword could absorb the Nine-coloured Thunder, and his eyes filled with excitement.


Qingfeng didn’t hesitate at all, as he continued to wave his Thunder Immortal Sword. Every wave he made with the sword launched different sword techniques. Shortly afterwards, he used the first sword to destroy the planet, and then the second sword to destroy the heaven and ground.

Once Qingfeng has used the two of these sword techniques, it could easily capture the nine-coloured thunder inside. Then he absorbed these nine-coloured thunders onto the top of the sword.

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