My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 2332: The Forbidden Devilish Device

The devilish creature flew up and instantly got in front of Qingfeng Li. It slashed the long black blade toward Qingfeng Li’s head from above, trying to cut him in half.

Qingfeng Li was startled, sensing the threat from the black devilish blade.

He opened his mouth and breathed out a blast of Yin-Yang energy, which descended from chaotic creation. It crashed against the devilish blade with a black light and a white light, and instantly broke the blade in half.

The light also tore the devilish creature up at the same time. Its body turned into numerous light spots and then disappeared.

Qingfeng Li kept walking and searching for Ruyan Liu with his spirit energy.

More and more devilish creatures attacked Qingfeng Li along his way.


Dozens of more devilish creatures showed up. Some held black devilish blades, some held black devilish spears, and some held black devilish hammers. They all hit at Qingfeng Li heavily, trying to kill this outsider.

Qingfeng Li stayed calm and still.

He opened his mouth and breathed out the Yin-Yang energy. He shot out the Light of Yin-Yang from his eyes and activated his Dragon Blood at the same time.

Though he was only an immortal nascent soul here, he could also use these powerful techniques.

The devilish blades, spears, and hammers were all shattered by Qingfeng Li’s attacks. Those devilish creatures were also killed and turned into light spots as well.

Qingfeng Li kept moving and met more and more devilish creatures. They showed up in dozens at first, then in hundreds. Eventually, thousands of them gathered around.

It seemed there were unlimited devilish creatures here. They didn’t understand pain or death and kept rushing toward Qingfeng Li. They wanted to drain Qingfeng Li’s energy and vital essence here.

“Since you asked for death, I’ll satisfy you all, burying you in this world.” Qingfeng Li showed a cruel look, which was even more terrifying than these devilish creatures.

Qingfeng Li only wielded normal spiritual attacks before and didn’t use his most powerful techniques. His main purpose was to find Ruyan Liu, not to deal with these devilish creatures.

But they kept coming, making him unable to control his killing intent.

Qingfeng Li used his Golden Flame directly. It had the temperature of 35 thousand degrees like the sun, burning the world up once showed up.


Those devilish creatures screamed sharply. Some near ones evaporated directly, turning into black smoke with nothing left.

The Golden Flames left nothing along its way. Not only the devilish creature, but the black ground of devilish energy, the soil, the mountains, and the creatures in the sky also disappeared, leaving a giant empty hole there.

The sharp screams came over, showing the fear of these devilish creatures.

Flames were the archenemy of devilish creatures. They couldn’t put out the fire no matter how powerful they were.

Thousands of devilish creatures vanished in the Golden Flames instantly. The rest turned around and escaped, screaming along the way, as if seeing the most horrible thing.

Qingfeng Li paid no more attention to those devilish creatures and didn’t hunt them down. He stepped forward, for he had sensed the aura of Ruyan Liu not far away.

He got in front of a tall mountain at the next moment. It was made of black devilish rocks, of a million meters high, penetrating through the sky without the end.

Qingfeng Li’s nascent soul instantly reached the top of the mountain. Though it was the Devil Realm here, he still got his incredible power.

Qingfeng Li was delighted when he reached the top, for he found Ruyan Liu’s spiritual body was sitting cross-legged there.

It was where her soul truly stayed, though the black devilish energy from her had covered the sky in the range of a few million kilometers.

She had a few Devil Lines on her forehead, which were suppressing her body.

Qingfeng Li suddenly narrowed his eyes, for he found four Devil Bosses were standing by Ruyan Liu’s side, and they were chanting spells to her.

These four Devil Bosses posed weird and profound devilish mudra, which were so complicated that even Qingfeng Li didn’t understand it in a while.

The mudra shaped some special black symbols, which were attracting Ruyan Liu’s spirit energy to the Devilish Dao.

Qingfeng Li showed a cold look and said, “You four damn Devil Bosses. How dare you to corrupt my woman to the Devilish Dao? I’ll destroy your souls today.”

Qingfeng Li said no more. He directly used Golden Flame, the most powerful attacking method, and hit those four Devil Bosses.

Noticing the terrifying power of the Golden Flames, the four Devil Bosses were a bit startled. Then each of them hurriedly took out one treasure and threw it in the air, combining into a devilish tower.

This devilish tower had four layers, each of which was controlled by one of the Devil Bosses.

The devilish tower released rolling devilish energy and shaped a giant black hole, which devoured the Golden Flame inside instantly.

Qingfeng Li was completely shocked by this scene.

None could fight against him after he comprehended Golden Flame. He could burn any powerful enemy into nonentity with it. It was his most powerful card on his hand.

He never thought his Golden Flame would be devoured by the devilish tower of these Devil Bosses.

The voice of the Fire Dragon’s soul then came from his mind-space, “Kid, the devilish tower is no ordinary device. It’s a forbidden devilish device, which is even more powerful than an immortal device. You can’t defeat it unless you have the treasures at the level of an Immortal King. Otherwise, even your Thunder Immortal Sword won’t work.”

Qingfeng Li was surprised by the Fire Dragon’s words.

He finally realized what he was up against. It was the forbidden device of the Devil Realm. No wonder it was this powerful and even the Golden Flame couldn’t defeat it.

Qingfeng Li then tried other attack methods like the Light of Yin-Yang, the Eye of Yin-Yang, Golden energy, and spirit sonic wave. But they all didn’t work on the black devilish tower. It could devour all his attacks into the giant hole.

The Devil Boss in the most front was over a hundred meters tall, with four horns on its head. It was a Four-horned Devil Boss. It was much more powerful than the Two-horned Devil Boss that Qingfeng Li had met before.

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