My Death Flags Show No Sign of Ending

My Death Flags Show No Sign of Ending

Death Flags

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My Death Flags Show No Sign of Ending novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, and Drama genres. Written by the Author Izumi. 117 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


When he came to his senses, Hirasawa Kazuki, a normal university student, found himself in possession of the body of a game’s character.

Moreover, it was Harold Stokes, the story’s most hated character who was even given the title 『King of trash』by the players. Myriads of landmines are just waiting for him to step on them, like death flags!

Will Harold be able to clear the survival route while avoiding the countless death flags in his way?!

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  • lightnovelking Dec 20, 2020

    Honestly the people who compare this to the trash count light novel need to be shot. The author is pure trash and very annoying. He makes a character who is so frustrating and stupid. The MC is like I need to stick to the plot of the story...i need to stick to the plot... all the while he changes so many things. In addition instead of actively trying to make a change he decides "i cannot trust anyone as that would deviate and ruin the plot". He keeps over and over proving that he is incapable of adapting to change. His advantage is he knows the future but he is portrayed as someone who is stupid because he wants to stick to the plot. He wants to stick to plot because if things change he doesnt know at that point what would happen. Basically you are admitting that you aren't smart enough to handle change. I get that everything he says comes out rudely but it just is very annoying seeing him treat everyone like trash. Even though we know the reasoning it feels torturous. He keeps saying I will let the protagonist take care of it... its their job...even though he sees he is way stronger. He could solve problems but takes a back burner that he wants to avoid death and stick to the scenario. He acts as if he is the only one who can solve everything but he comes short....He doesn't take a good approach to solve so many things because he's too stupid and doesn't want to rely on others. Honestly it's very painful to read the story which is like watching someone destroy their life and be hated by everyone as they are actually helping...... He basically mentally hurts his fiance who is just a kid and the way he goes about so many things is painful..... In addition apparently last 2-3 years I believe author has only come up with like 5-10 chapters for ln which is even more annoying.  Author is trash

    • soukka Jan 31, 2021

      I suggest you to make a novel and let's see how many views you get, alright? The author is not making an ideal protagonist/novel solely for you, so if you want a protagonist that fits your conditions then just make one instead of talking what you hate, kiddo.

    • Thanhcoi2013 Jan 26, 2021

      Không thể nói ở đây là ánh sáng tốt hơn ý nghĩa nhưng tôi không mệt mỏi và mệt mỏi khi liên tục bị tấn công tinh thần qua bộ ánh sáng này. Lần đầu tiên được trải nghiệm một nhân vật mới theo cách thức khó tin và nổi giận. Có thể nói tác giả đã thành công khi xây dựng định dạng Harol Stokes là một nhân vật tệ toàn diện theo đúng nghĩa và cuối cùng trở lại cho một chàng trai bình thường diễn thay anh ta. Thực hiện mà nói lướt qua thì Harol hay đúng hơn là Kazuki là một kẻ ngốc dù đã biết trước tương lai nhưng lại cố gắng đi theo kết nối các món trong cốt truyện để tránh cờ chết của mình. Nhưng khi đọc đến đây (chương 117), tôi nhận ra một điều tôi đặt mình vào anh nếu tôi cũng sẽ làm như vậy bởi vì: Anh ta đang cố gắng làm mọi thứ để không thay đổi cốt truyện, nói một cách đúng đắn hơn khi kết thúc, nhóm Liner sẽ đánh bại Justus và anh ta sợ hãi nếu mọi thứ không diễn ra trong cốt truyện thì rất có thể sẽ có nhiều yếu tố phát sinh khác và điều đó làm anh ta sợ hãi trước một thế giới thân thể sẽ chết mà anh ta ta không biết gì về nó. Mặc dù anh ta là kẻ ngốc nói về tình cảm nhưng "có lẽ" điều đó là sai bởi vì anh ta định hướng được việc Erica Chán ghét mình thông qua cốt truyện cũng như việc anh ta mờ nhạt thậm chí không biết gì cả về việc Erica đã biết hầu hết các công việc mà anh ta làm với người hầu của mình. Là một người có ý thức về chính nghĩa cao và công việc Kazuki đã biết hết tính cách của Erica thông qua cốt truyện cũng không có gì lạ khi anh ta nghĩ cô ấy ghét anh ta. Nhưng tình yêu thực sự khi đọc ánh sáng này, tôi cảm thấy như mình đang bị tấn công tinh thần và phải nghĩ về cuộc đời của thân bản.

    • lnwUser26762 Jan 10, 2021

      I agree with this😭The characters always stick to the plot when the plot is already out of control like wtf Can't they even make their own decision and live their life they want to be? So frustrating

  • NZMDre Sep 27, 2020

    Haishh what is this, tch this protagonist become quite annoying, its good but this really bad. My point is the protagonist make this novel become really bad and not attractive for me to read more.

Latest Release: Chapter 114.2: (part 2)

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“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You’re on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU are the one who’ll decide where to go…

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Me gusta esta novela. Me encanta la historia. Espero que el autor siga escribiendo su historia y que no se desanime. No es ecchi y al menos yo pienso que no es harem. Es un buen isekai.

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It's a brilliant story, nothing against it. But the speech of the protagonist and him not being able to control it is really irritating. It would hv become like or even better than trash count if it were not for that.

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it is a very well written novel. a satisfying story line, amazing characters, engaging scenes. certainly this novel is one of the best i have read in a long time.

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An interesting take on a reincarnated 'villian' main character which makes for funny interactions, but does get repetitive with the same characters repeating themselves.

Not a fan of the POV switching or the romance that the author seems keen to display.

However worth the read if you enjoy this genre, and the behaviour of the MC is a refreshing change.

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I recommend reading this novel. At first, I think the novel will be like other novel in which the MC is OP because of knowing all the events in the game. He is indeed still stronger than most of other characters, though, he is still struggling a lot just to avoid death flag due to not able to say what he wants to say. And that makes the story interesting

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