My Divine Diary
Chapter 557

What will happen when an ordinary team mixes with three big shots?

Two words, carried away!

At first, it was indeed enjoyable, so enjoyable that it felt explosive all over, but after a long time, it was found that it gradually became numb.

The tension, excitement, and passion of doing tasks had worn off, and each outing lacked anticipation.

Apart from going out for a walk and watching the big shots show off their skills, what else could they do? What is their significance within the team?

Apart from leading the way and then splitting the money, it was meaningless.

Coincidentally, today Su Hao was also there, and Ah Xing made a difficult decision—grouping!

He and Ah Wang were one group, and three little geniuses five or six years younger than them were another group.

Of course, they still belonged to the same team, but when carrying out tasks, they would stagger their actions and act separately. As Ah Xing put it, “Although it’s very safe and reliable to follow the brothers, my goal is to become a strong and reliable person. I want to go through my own experiences and step by step, reach the peak that I can reach.”

After hearing Ah Xing’s words, Yashan and Feng Cheng were both shocked.

They never expected that there would be such a foolish person in the world, who wouldn’t even be content to mix with a group of big shots and insisted on going out to work on their own.

You see, as long as you keep Boss Wei happy, maybe one day with just one needle, you’ll immediately achieve your life goals, which is much better than struggling on your own for a hundred years. The key is, even if they struggle for a hundred years, they might not be as effective as Boss Wei’s one needle!

Su Hao could understand Ah Xing’s words and agreed with Ah Xing’s proposed grouping method. He still held the same attitude as before; what each person wanted to do was their own business, as long as it didn’t affect what he wanted to do. He wouldn’t subjectively think about how others should be and use imagination to interfere with others’ choices.

Su Hao casually handed over a positioning stone and said, “If you encounter any life-threatening danger, you can input a trace of half-activated source into this stone. There is a certain probability that it will save your life.”

After Ah Xing took it, they agreed on the next gathering time and then went their separate ways.

As of today, the exploration of this world has come to an end.

The next day, at the island experimental base.

Feng Cheng, the mage of the fantasy series, demonstrated his ability “Mind’s Desire” to Su Hao.

All things within his perception range were manipulated at will under his thoughts, making various anthropomorphic gestures, bouncing or jumping, turning into powder, forming various forms, and even the surrounding seawater, under his control, rose one after another, transforming into the appearance of giant dragons and dancing wildly in the sky.

Yashan couldn’t help but envy it; this ability was too cool! In comparison, his Treasure Box Creation as a Origin Mage seemed not as impressive.

Su Hao approached Feng Cheng, closed his eyes, and carefully sensed the entire process of Feng Cheng using “Mind’s Desire” with his spiritual sense.

From the extraction of the source, through the change in nature, to the integration into his mental power, giving his mental power a certain characteristic, displaying powerful mental strength.

Even the final point of force of that trace of source was presented under Su Hao’s spiritual sense observation.

Feng Cheng deliberately slowed down, repeatedly demonstrating his “Mind’s Desire.” Before Su Hao called to stop, he wouldn’t stop. When the source energy of a source bead was used up, he would take out another one and continue demonstrating.

Feng Cheng has now broken through the realm of Deity Transformation and cultivated ‘Divine Mind.’ How his own ‘Mind’s Desire’ is transformed from source to source ability, he knows very well. However, due to his limited eloquence, he is unable to express clearly what he sees. He can only repeatedly demonstrate his ability for Su Hao to observe the entire process firsthand.

After a long time, Su Hao opened his eyes, with a smile on his face, and said, “It’s quite interesting. The fantasy series source ability is indeed related to mental power.”

The ‘source’ itself is on a critical point, just like a small ball floating in space without being affected by any force. At this time, as long as it is subjected to a tiny bit of force, this ball will change from a stationary state and move in the same direction as the force.

And mental power happens to be the ‘tiny bit of force’ that can act on the source, changing the critical state of the source, transforming it into ‘energy’ or ‘matter,’ or even the bizarre ‘fantasy series.’

Different people have mental powers with different characteristics, and different mental powers are like arrows pointing in random directions, giving the source different transformation directions, and ultimately showing different effects.

Such effects can be ‘flames,’ ‘high temperatures,’ ‘thunder and lightning,’ ‘rays,’ ‘light,’ ‘explosions,’ ‘kinetic energy,’ or various unstable states of quasi-substances, such as water, mud, stones, metals, air, and all sorts of strange little gadgets. It can also be effects that only exist in imagination, appearing extremely inconsistent with basic ‘material theory,’ such as ‘nowhere to hide,’ ‘no distinction between up and down,’ ‘infectious diseases,’ ‘perseverance,’ and so on.

Thoughts become reality!

Just like countless manga and novels seen before, only existing in imagination, but just imagination, they also exist. Mental power will carry this imagination and permanently preserve it in this infinite universe.

If the effects of mental power shared by countless people happen to be transmitted to a ‘source’ deep in the universe, perhaps, in a corner of the universe, it could evolve into a world.

Anything is possible!

Feng Cheng curiously asked, “If all fantasy series source abilities are related to mental power, then what are those strange disasters suddenly occurring in the wild?”

Su Hao laughed and said, “I also want to know about this, but there will definitely be a day when we figure it out! Perhaps all living beings have mental power! And speaking of which, what is mental power? Is it your thoughts, your will, or your desires?

We’ve been cultivating mental power for who knows how many years, and it seems that we haven’t really studied what mental power is! This is the core that makes us powerful, but it has been inexplicably ignored, and it is assumed that it should be so.

The world is full of wonders, waiting for us to uncover one by one.”

He paused and speculated, “I guess the history of this world must be very interesting. Perhaps there weren’t many strange disasters in the distant past, but they increased after humans awakened.”

Yashan and Feng Cheng quickly understood what Su Hao meant and were amazed by it. If it were true, to some extent, it could be considered that the most harmful strange disasters to humans originated from the complex mental world of humans.

All things in the world revolve, so miraculous.

“But this is just my guess. As for the specifics, I plan to study the barriers against fantasy series abilities first, and then go to major cities to see the history they have hidden and research materials related to the source. Many things will become clear at a glance.”

In the following time, Su Hao and his two companions began to research how to guard against various strange fantasy series abilities.

Feng Cheng transformed into a humanoid source and became a series of strange source artifacts for fantasy series ability attacks, to cooperate with experiments, while Su Hao and Yashan designed various defense plans and then tried them out one by one to exhaustively test all seemingly feasible solutions.

It wasn’t until three months later that they found a specific defense plan, which could be said to be successful, but not entirely.

Success means that they have been able to resist the effects of fantasy series abilities on the body and mind, but not entirely successful means that they can only resist the effects of fantasy series abilities on the body and mind.

You should know that many strange abilities do not directly affect the body and mind, such as the ‘no distinction between up and down’ that Feng Cheng encountered before, which belongs to the influence on the surrounding environment.

The ‘strange barrier’ researched by Su Hao can only isolate all strange effects outside the body.

However, it also barely achieved Su Hao’s goal. At least after putting on the ‘strange barrier,’ they could go anywhere in the world.

With this, his ‘fragile defense’ has taken another step forward and patched up the loopholes of strange series ability.

So, how to isolate strange abilities?

The effective delivery method of strange abilities is not simply relying on mental power delivery, which is beyond Su Hao’s cognitive range. After trying many defensive methods, none of them had any effect.

In the end, Su Hao came up with a non-method method—projection.

Chapter 557
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