My House of Horrors

My House of Horrors

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My House of Horrors novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, and Drama genres. Written by the Author I Fix Air-Conditioner. 1158 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


The hearse with the weird odor slowed to a stop before the entrance. The sound of pebbles could be heard bouncing on the ceiling. There were footsteps coming from the corridor, and there seemed to be someone sawing next door. The door knob to the room rattled slightly, and the faucet in the bathroom kept dripping even though it had been screwed shut. There was a rubber ball that rolled on its own underneath the bed. Wet footsteps started to surface one after another on the floor.
At 3 am, Chen Ge held a cleaver in his hand as he hid beside the room heater. The call he was trying to make was finally answered. “Landlord, is this what you meant by ‘the house can be a little crowded at night’‽”

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I just finished the novel (the novel is still ongoing, not completed), it was so amazing, i can 100% guarantee that this is a good if not the best novel! I definitely recommend this to people who like horror and mystery, the protagonist, Chen ge is filled with mysteries and deep down he has a psycho side, he likes to bring justice to those who passed away but he does it in a way that makes you think that hes a murderer, hes really smart and thinks of the perspective of the murderer, theres so much suspense and i love showing quotes from the novel to my friend so i can spook her haha, read it at night if you wanna have nightmares lolol

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The Novel is really amazing and feels different from others. The character development is really good. At start scary and later on you will get used to it. This novel has game elements like daily missions and rewards and most of all gacha. I read until 682 chapters and I never got bored or felt like stopping anywhere. Overall the novel brings its own uniqueness and a must read novel.

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This is probably the best horror book I know. The stories give me goosebumps and I love how the author gives good explanations and details which is really refreshing and helps with your immersion to the story. Wouldn't recommend to read it at night but I do recommend for you to read the book

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One of the best novels I've ever read. The beginning can be a little stopped, but throughout the story several characters are inserted, all with a unique story. The novel has many horror stories, and all of them will give you a little fear, especially if you read at night. I recommend it to everyone who likes a fun and at the same time scary story.

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