My Husband is Suffering from a Terminal Illness
My Husband is Suffering from a Terminal Illness

My Husband is Suffering from a Terminal Illness


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My Husband is Suffering from a Terminal Illness novel is a popular light novel covering Comedy, Romance, and Yaoi genres. Written by the Author Can’t Play Chess. 176 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


Xie Yang has spent many years in the apocalypse and is tired and worn out. Then he transmigrated into a simple and superficial novel about the entertainment circle.

The protagonist of the novel was handsome, smart and reborn. The female protagonist of the novel was beautiful, inspirational and had a golden finger. Some male and female roles were also beautiful and had a deep background. If he casually transmigrated into one of them then he could close his eyes and enjoy himself. However, he didn’t transmigrate into any of them and instead became the hidden husband of the biggest villain in the novel, the male protagonist’s uncle.

He was called a husband but it was more similar to a babysitter. This was because the biggest villain in the novel was a terminally ill patient with a terrible personality and a sick brain (really sick). They got married for the sake of happiness.

Xie Yang: It doesn’t matter if you are the male lead, the female lead or the villain, whoever dares to stop me from living a comfortable life will die.

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  • Aiolia
    Reader KP:2

    I loved that story. From beginning to end, they both didn't break the original character. The battle of wits, the caring, understanding, love. The fact that they both support and accept each other the way they are. Sometimes the MC is weak, or strong, and so is the ML. I loved it from beginning to end.

    24 days ago Reply
  • Taerax99
    Reader KP:0

    This is one of the best novel I've ever read

    26 days ago Reply
  • coffeemachalover
    Reader KP:11

    I need a bit of spoiler for this guys... The tag says comedy but reading some comments made me think otherwise... I hope this doesn't have heavy angst or bad ending or i might flip 😭😭🤧🙏

    1 months ago Reply
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  • garmie
    Reader KP:1

    that’s your opinion. go somewhere else if u don’t like romance

    2 months ago Reply
  • yzxmsea__
    Reader KP:0

    oh my, they are so cute ! i love them 🫶🏻🫶🏻🫶🏻

    2 months ago Reply
  • Maiden_boa
    Reader KP:0

    This novel is so good. 😭❤

    2 months ago Reply
  • Jreel
    Reader KP:9

    The ending chapter was so. . . so. . . (sob) I'm speechless. It was so beautiful, it was my first time reading a novel with a perfect and astounding wedding. I sincerely wish them happiness before and after death. Goosh, I really envied and loved how much they love, cherish, and protect each other, really. Gaaah, I'm really speechless, there are so many words i wanted to type but I can't because it was overflowing. So just read this guys, it was long but very satisfying at the end. You won't regret reading this, I swear. Just saying, this novel is NOT tradegy, not in the slightest. So don't hesitate, alright?

    Edited: 27 Jun, 02:47
    3 months ago Reply
  • Jreel
    Reader KP:9

    So I'm currently at chapter 120 or so and I really want to listen to the songs that Yang Xing Co. released, like all of it. Especially the "The Ashes" and the "Golden Age" Songs because it shows the experiences and emotions of Xie yang before and after he met Qui Xing. Gaaah I want to hear it so baad~

    Edited: 26 Jun, 03:24
    3 months ago Reply
  • Friedrice1
    Reader KP:0

    I am so fucking sad I finished this omggg this was soooo good this is why I don’t usually read completed shit because I know I won’t get anymore even if it’s just a little😭😭

    3 months ago Reply
  • ulf6503
    Reader KP:3

    I’ve read this twice, as the story, plot, characters are really good. Must read.

    3 months ago Reply