My Sassy ‘Crown Princess'

Chapter 390: Someone from Tang Family Came (2)

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

As a result, the fat-ass headmaster actually said that he had high status and was super rich, and it was contemptible of him to charge a general entrance fee, and that he should pay ten times the entrance fee before letting him in.

Tang Honglie blackened his face. That old fat man with such inferior character incredibly still occupied the position of headmaster of Tianhe! No wonder Tianhe college was declining every year.


In the headmaster’s office

“Headmaster, the other side is the elder of Tang family after all, you charging him ten times the entrance fee is not too good!” said the deputy headmaster grimly.

“Yes! It is not good. How come I onky charged him ten times the starting fee? I only accept ten times, it seems to have belittled him. I heard that the Tang elders are very rich!” The fat headmaster muttered, rubbing his chin.

Deputy headmaster, “…Headmaster, the other side is from Tang family, at least you should…”

Fat headmaster smiled coldly, “Can’t you tell he is here to make trouble? Since he’s here to make trouble, why should I give him face?”

Deputy headmaster, “…But headmaster, people all say your that your disciple Qian Ye is that Tang Qian Ye from Tang family, headmaster, is it true or false?”

Fat headmaster incalculable smiled, saying, “If Qian Ye said he is Tang Qian Ye, that is true, if Qian Ye said no, that is false. Even if it’s real, it is still false.”

Tang Honglie waited for half an hour, still did not see the shadow of Qian Ye.

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“Have you sent someone to inform Qian Ye?” Tang Honglie asked Tang Qianming impatiently.

Tang Qianming nodded and said, “Yeah. I will send someone to inform him again.”

Tang Qianming gave two attendants behind him a wink, and the two attendants immediately left, to look for Qian Ye.

After a long time, the two men came back in disgrace.

“Where is Qian Ye?” Tang Qianming frowned.

An attendant tremblingly said, “Qian Ye said that he is Chen Tianhe’s disciple, a rising star of Tianhe College who is going to become a level ten master. Countless people want to insinuate him, so he has no time to respond to anyone of them.”

Tang Honglie gnashed his teeth, his eyes full of anger.

Tang Qianming wide opened his eyes with disbelief. Tang Qian Ye had already been a coward when at home. Before, when he made trouble for him, the guy always gave in, now he incredibly……

Now Tang Qian Ye now not only had become much more powerful, but also become hot-tempered.

Tang Honglie blushed and his teeth were rattling.

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“Good! Good! His wings have hardened! I had no idea he is so conceited now.” Tang Honglie was cold.

“Look at him. Having made a little achievement, he has become so arrogant already.” Tang Qianming reproached, the heart filled with jealousy. If he could have the ability as Tang Qian Ye, the family would already value him highly.

“I’ll go look for him myself.” Said Tang Honglie through gritted teeth.

Su Rong saw the figure of Tang Honglie and Tang Qianming far away, turned and walked into the house, saying to Qian Ye, “Qian Ye, they are coming.”

Qian Ye knitted his eyebrow, saying with disdain, “What is wrong with them? I have explained myself clearly, why are they still like dogskin plaster? I can’t even shake them off. Do they even know how to spell shameless? Tang Honglie is old enough. Not ashamed at this age!”

Tang Honglie heard Qian Ye’s mumbling, immediately got steamed up.

“Qian Ye.” Tang Honglie called him coldly.

Qian Ye turned his head and looked at Tang Honglie with a smile. “Old man, what can I do for you? Are you going to set me a blind date? I am very popular recently, there are so many people who want to introduce me someone recently. Old man, who do you want to introduce to me? You leave the picture, and you can go.”

Su Rong reached out his hand, grasped Qian Ye by the ear and gave him a hard wring.

“Rongrong, Rongrong,” said Qian Ye hurriedly, “Be gentle. Even if he left the picture, I would not see it it. I have only you in my heart.”

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Tang Qianming looked at Qian Ye who was playing a fool, saying crossly, “Qian Ye, don’t play dumb.”

“Playing dumb? Who is playing dumb?” Eyes flickering, Tang Qian Ye asked questioningly.

Tang Honglie looked at Qian Ye, condescendingly saing, “Qian Ye, the family elders think your mistake attitude of admitting your mistake is good, after being exiled, you still are making such rapid progress, and the family has decided to take back your exiling decision, and agreed to let you return to the Tang family.”

Qian Ye rolled his eyes. “Old man, are you kidding? I have nothing to do with the Tang family. What should I go back?”

“Qian Ye, don’t think you can get cocky just because you’ve made a little progress. It’s your honor that the family elders have agreed to let you go back.” Said Tang Honglie coldly.

Qian Ye squinted at Tang Honglie, disdainfully saying, “Old man, are you too old? Who am I? I am disciple of the headmaster of Tianhe, and I am a genius from ancient times to the present. Just because I share the same name with your Tang Qian Ye, you insist that I am a member of the Tang family. It is too much to ask me to go back to the Tang family.”

Tang Qianming looked at the sneering Qian Ye, saying grumpily, “Qian Ye, don’t you go too far.”

Qian Ye raised his eyebrow and said, “What do you mean? I care about my face most. But you, I got some words for you. You picked up someone else’s leftover woman, you are the one with no face.”

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