My Sassy ‘Crown Princess'

Chapter 454: The Secret Place of the Flood Dragon Race (2)

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

There were many places in the secret realm that need to use potions, so he almost used them all, but there were also a lot of star herbs in the secret realm, so Mo Fei had configured a lot. After the strength promotion, Mo Fei’s ability to configure potions had been upgraded again. Now he could even make level nine ones.

Mo Fei quickly took out a few and fed Xiao Jin. After drinking the potions, Xiao Jin tossed for a while, finally slowly quieted down.

New scales were growing out rapidly, glowing with golden light, extra beautiful.

Mo Fei noticed that the newly grown scales were of better texture and more defensive than the old ones.

Xiao Jin looked at the few remaining Dragon Transforming herbs beside the pool, both greedy and afraid.

Mo Fei hesitated for a moment and said, “I’ll put those three away for you first, and then you can eat them when you get stronger.”

Xiao Jin nodded quickly in agreement.

Lou Yu stood by the pool, his eyes shining with strange color.

Mo Fei looked at the stagnant pool of water and asked, “What’s wrong with you?”

Lou Yu looked at the pool, “The thunder star source force is very dense in this pool, so I think if I take a bath in it, my strength would greatly increase.”

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Qian Ye sighed helplessly and said, “Lou Yu, you must think clearly. Don’t take it too hard. If you do, you’ll be dead. If you fall into this pool, you’ll be dead.”

Su Rong frowned with some displeasure and said, “Qian Ye, can’t you say something nice?”

Qian Ye gave Su Rong an innocent look, “Rongrong, don’t take me wrong, I say this not because I don’t like Lou Yu, but, this pool is really dangerous!”

With a wave of his hand, Qian Ye got a gold hook and pulled out a spine as white as jade from the pool.

Su Rong froze there for a moment, “What is this?”

“These are the bones of the flood dragons.” Qian Ye said, “This is the Dragon Transforming pool. After the flood dragons enter it, they either ascend to heaven and become dragons, or got corrupted by the water and become the nutrients in the pool.”Qian Ye said coldly.

Zheng Xuan looked at the spine in the hand of Qian Ye, face looking quite solemn, “This bone should belong to a flood dragon at the peak of level nine.”

Su Rong frowned. A flood dragon’s mortal body is much stronger than ordinary people. Even a level nine flood dragon could not withstand it, let alone human beings.

Squinting, he saw the danger of the pool, so he did not make a move.

After having suffered a lot, Xiao Jin seemed to be afraid of the pool and kept a distance with it carefully.

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Su Rong thought for a while and said, “Since it’s so dangerous, is it really useless to us?” If this is true, it is a great pity. A pool that could transform a flood dragon into a real dragon. It should be very difficult.Read latest chapters at

Mo Fei thought a bit and said, “That’s not certain!”

Su Rong looked at Mo Fei and asked eagerly, “Do you have any good idea?”

Mo Fei shrugged and said, “No, I don’t. But I do have a silly idea. I wonder if we can take some water out of the pool and gradually refine our body. We don’t have to soak in.”

Qian Ye thought a bit and said, “I guess so, at least we don’t have to take so much risk.”

Lou Yu carefully used a jade bottle to get some water, poured it on the arm, and a sharp pain exploded. Even if he had been prepared for this, he still could not help screaming.

The purple water quickly seeped into the arm of Lou Yu, which started to glow faintly.

The little golden flood dragon’s eyes were beaming, like a lady-killer staring at a beautiful woman.

“So how does it feel?” Asked Mo Fei with trembling voice.

A blow came from Lou Yu, ripping a big hole on the wall.

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“It is good. My Thunder Fist’s power has been increased by 5%.” Lou Yu said satisfactorily.

Mo Fei squinted and said, “Only 5%?”

“It’s already good enough.” said Lou Yu. Lou Yu’s Thunder Fist is powerful, 5% is already a lot.

Getting used to the intensity of the pool water, Lou Yu began to pour it on his body. No matter how many times he had tried, as the water touched the body, the pain was just as unbearable.


Lou Yu’s screams can be heard without end. Mo Fei looked at him, “Lou Yu, if you can’t take it, give up.”

Lou Yu smiled at Mo Fei, calmly saying, “It’s OK, I can hold it. If you wish to be the best man, you must be prepared to suffer the bitterest of the bitter.”

Speaking of which, Lou Yu poured a basin of water on the body, the huge pain let Lou Yu fall to the ground.

Mo Fei quickly crouched down and fed a recovery potion into Lou Yu’s mouth.

Lou Yu lay on the ground for a long time before he recovered from the pain.

Xiao Jin was standing on Mo Fei’s shoulder, muttering.

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Lou Yu turned his head and looked at Mo Fei, grimacing, and said, “What does the little kid say?”

Mo Fei smiled helplessly and said, “He is praising you.”

Lou Yu asked with great interest, “Oh? What did he praise me for?”

Mo Fei reluctantly smiled, and said, “He praised that your skin is thick enough, the most suitable for being a sandbag.”

Lou Yu smiled coldly and said, “I know the little thing wouldn’t say anything good about me.”

“Lou Yu, are you all right?” Asked Mo Fei.

Lou Yu smiled and said, “I still have to protect you. How could something happen to me?”

Hearing what Lou Yu said, Mo Fei only felt his heart trembled violently.

Lou Yu’s craziness stimulated others. Zheng Xuan and others joined him, finally even Mo Fei also joined in.

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