My Senior Brother is Too Steady

My Senior Brother is Too Steady

My Senior Brother is a Bit Too Cautious

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The My Senior Brother is Too Steady novel is a popular light novel covering Adventure, Comedy, and Fantasy genres. Written by the Author Get To The Point. 287 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


After being reborn in the ancient times before the Great God-Conferment War, Li Changshou becomes a minor cultivator. He is neither destined for great things nor great woe. His only dream is to live a long life as a cultivator. In order to survive in the cruel Primordial Times, Li Changshou tries hard not to accumulate any karma—killing inevitably leads to feuds.

Thus, he always plans thoroughly before doing anything and never allows himself to walk into dangerous situations. He hides his trump cards well, trains himself in escape techniques, refines poisonous pills, and masters his mystical abilities. Before making any moves, he takes on an extremely steady demeanor. Yet, every move of his ends up earth-shattering. Once he is done, he will disappear without a trace.

Li Changshou originally plans to remain hidden and safe in the mountain. There, he is supposed to cultivate until he ascends to immortality. However, everything changed one year when his master seems to think that their lives are too peaceful… He takes in a junior sister…

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  • Stoyekz16 Nov 27, 2020

    What chapter here in LN, chapter 84 at manga? Ty

  • KhanTheConqueror Nov 24, 2020

    Please update the translation this is the old translation and has many mistakes the updated version is on webnovel and other websites

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I just start reading now, i think this is a good novel, I'll keep reading
I hope soon his senior brother will change and be like a man lol, dont just running away..