My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires
My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

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My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires novel is a popular light novel covering Harem, Romance, and Action genres. Written by the Author Victor_Weismann. 1042 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


Victor was a normal 21-year-old man, he grew up in a loving family that helped him take care of himself knowing that he had a practically incurable disease, the RH null blood, he was the owner of a rare blood type…

But what Victor didn’t know, is that this blood type was a delicacy in the supernatural world, creatures that fed on blood loved his blood type…

And that blood he hated would be the factor that would make Victor the greatest vampire of all time.

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  • Dripdrop69 3

    Idk how many months it's been since I read this I still cannot go over the father part

  • Btwsnake 1

    I just hope that this boring arc will end soon. I want action bro

  • a0i_ 2

    Finally, after the long wait the author graced us with his work..Wonder what will come next.?

  • Tresehijos 1

    Is there sm*t in this novel?

  • novel_reader94 1

    WOW it went from 1022 to 1043 massive chapter dump love it

  • I_read_books 16


  • TacticalSpaghetti 1

    Man this comment section is f*ck*ng funny... Never seen such a high concentration of single brain cells before. Especially to certain people here who have been writing five essays a day for over a week, stop complaining and leave already, also get a f*ck*ng life bruh

  • Neon004 2

    @peoplesupport i understand your point of view. You cannot expect a surnatural being/ monster to have humain's values but like I already said, you readers are human and grew up with human's values. So is extremely normal that people are bothered and uncomfortable with what they're reading. You cannot shame them for that! If you like the current look of the novel, good for you. You have to accept that they're some people for example me who don't like the current look of the novel. And we're not leaving just for that. This one is 1 of 100 reasons we have to leave. And we have to admit, even if Victor don't have humans morals, you can write better the story than it is actually, seriously 😒. If you want to write Harem and inc*st that much, you don't have to butcher the whole novel like this. You criticise us to shame people who like the current novel when you do the exact same with people who don't like it. I think you can construct your argument better yk?😑

    Edited: 6d
    • Amakeitrain 8

      Apparently I left at the right time. I stayed around 950, and I could see what would be *nc*st coming... Not only that, obviously. But *nc*st was for me the moral limit that I would not see crossed. Because if Víctor crossed that. He would cease to be victor. Although it has changed too much before. I guess it was me clinging to a novel in decay 😢 It was a good story to a certain extent. As I said before. I only hope that the author will create such a story again. But without scr*w*ng it up

  • zeraxen 9

    hahahaha get f*ck*d mtwabv glazers it fell off f*ck*ng deserved sh*t *ss novel

  • Neon004 2

    I saw recent comments and I have to say one thing or two. We, elders readers, Didn't leave because of the harem or in*est ( for me in*est is a no but for other is not). If I left because of the harem, then more than half of my library would be gone lol. I will not trash talk again about the harem bad quality, the in*est and the ped*ph*lic insinuations. Me and others did that enough. What I will talk about is something that was really sad to miss it and it's the friendship here. For example Victor and Anderson (son of the ex werewolf's king ) dynamic. That's a friendship that would have been so dope in the story if well developed. And that's not the only ones here. So many dope friendships stories missed!!! Just because the author wanted Victor to be THE man and ONLY, he wasted so much high potentials males characters like that. I was so excited in beginning because his childhood's friends and Anderson had a huge potential to grow and become stronger with him.True bros yk? WASTED!!😫

    Edited: 7d
    • Shogun_Dark 1

      You got anyn recommendations not necessarily like this but similar ones you enjoyed adn are in your library