My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

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Do I recommend it definitely, why? It has all this new elements about how vampire Powers really works, it's the first I've seen the vampire described so thoroughly. . .Spoiler Alert The story follows Victor who by "an accident" became hier to the top clan of the vampire society his character follows a nice development followed by his power ascension, the harem and romantic moments will sometimes make you choke on sugar and others will have you laughing but still worth it


I like it. Guys if ya want some Main character with crazy badass personality that will make his enemies had a bad dream when hear his name. This novel mc was that kind of character.Spoiler Alert he slaughter 50% population of supernatural in Japan, attacking the king of vampire at his own castle. Slapping goddess of beauty at face. Throwing a nuclear at demon world even cause a war.


It's an amazing novel, but I think it's taking a long time for Victor to join the ranks of people like Vlad and the gods, as it was said that a blow with all his strength just gave aphrodite a little pain, he might as well break the barrier of time with the help of Alexios or something like that, the development is good but it could be a little faster.


Spoiler Alert It's a great rrad with everything you want from epic fighting to sex and romance. The way how the world building is great with its diversity


This is a mediocre story, but I probably shouldn't have expected anything good from a harem story. 1. The harem. I like the first three, but I wish that's where it stopped. The author doesn't seem to have put any thought into the Harem members besides 'We have the original three, might as well have the MC fuck his in laws too'. Scathach is okay, I guess. Natashia is crazy and obsessed for the sake of it and has no personality besides horny. That, coupled with her status as his mother-in-law, is just weird At least Violet, who has similar traits, is bearable. Agnes is a fairly recent addition but it feels like the author just threw her in to complete unholy trinity. 2. The 'comedy' was funny at first, but im getting sick of it because its incredibly repetitive and the jokes are reused over and over. Even worse, the 'plot' and characters are sacrificed for the jokes to be included, so that they no longer make sense and have very little realism. 3. It was extremely difficult to read the story with how extremely dense the MC was at the beginning. He lacks any common sense when it comes to appropriate interactions with women other than his wives. He's extremely overpowered, nothing of negative consequence ever really happens, and everything seems to go right for him. The other characters are ok, I guess, but they dont feel real. For most, the author just takes 1 personality trait and blows it out of proportion for the 'comedy'. Pepper likes anime, Scathach is emotionally dense, June likes money, etc. . .


A great story to be told. With each chapter I finish to read I already want to read the next one. The characters are very unique in their way even during the begining of the story.


This novel is a must read, as it check all the boxes. Op mc? check He's actually not dumb? thank god check Big harem ? check Great characters with actual tangible growth? check Such great comedy I woke up my brother in another floor of the house at 11pm with my laughter? check A GOOD depiction of a yandere love? checkSpoiler AlertBig harem -> with MILFs and maids? check


Honestly amazing Novel recommend 100% mc is ruthless but he does show respect to parents and he isn't afraid of pretty much anything. ( like Gods like Zeus, Harming wives family, 1st Vampires better known as the King of Vampires. ) I recommend this to anyone who likes the op mc shows affection for wives cares about family gets really op


This is a amazing lovel for me. I don't really like slow paced naive, innocent and forgiving mc. If there is a enemy you should just remove them. Only thing it bothers me this general rape idelogy every vampire god talking about kindnapping and raping like fine. So i hope victor do something about this in future.


this is so awesome . this is the first novel ive read and i love this its so awesome even though im not that far into it. i hope it gets better but i dont know how it can