My Werewolf System
Chapter 914: Put Your Foot Down!

Gary looked at the message on his system screen, as he was progressing in strength and his levels he had been getting these advance notice messages quite frequently. Before the latest one, he had unlocked the requirements to have another class upgrade.

One of them being at the Queen Grade, which he currently was at, for the second, it was for him to reach a certain level. Now, having reached the Queen Grade he had received another quest on top of that.

‘As I expected there was one more grade, the King Grade, but reading the sound of the wording of the text, I’m not too sure I want to find out what it entails.’

‘Is it something I have to do, what if I decide to just never get the King rank in the first place.’ Gary thought. His mind though, went to the promise he had made. After completing the strange ritual, he had made contact with whoever it was that had created the Werewolves.

In order to not be restricted by the full moon, there were two promises. They weren’t allowed to transform into their werewolf forms during the night of the full moon, and the second was to go against the other Alpha. Regardless he was under a time restraint.

While looking at his system screen, it was then that Gary had noticed something horrid. His pupils started to narrow, the same way they would do when he transformed.

His heart was pumping even faster and louder than before, and Blackjack, who was in the car, could immediately tell something was up when he turned to look at him.

“Step on it!” Gary shouted. “We need to get there as quickly as possible.” The driver was already driving at an incredible speed on the motorway, but he was still going within his means not traveling over a 100 miles an hour.

“If I go any faster than this, then the police will stop us!” The driver shouted back.

“Are you seriously worried about going to jail?” Blackjack replied. “We just escaped from jail, there’s no need to worry about it, just go as fast as you can.” The driver did as told as he realized they made a fair point, and were now going as fast as the vehicle could take them, seeing the signs for Slough coming up they were nearly there.

“What’s wrong?” Blackjack asked. “My friends… they are in trouble.” Gary answered, he was filled with anger that it was hard for him to even contain his transformation. While checking out the system screen something had occurred. Gary could see the deaths of his fellow pack members.

The new ones that had been turned into Werewolves, and he had even seen the death of Tyler. Once dead they would no longer appear on the screen. With this, he still knew who was alive, but the fact that members of the gang were dying, it worried Gary that there might be more to come.

‘Tyler… I got you involved in all of this. You were just working at the shop, and I was the one that asked you to join… and now, because of me… crap, because of the damn Phoenix Gang.’

‘F*ck them, F*ck them, I’m going to kill them all, what the F*ck do they think they’re doing in my city!’ Too many thoughts were racing through Gary’s mind, and he had even ripped part of the cushioning on the seat he was on. It was frustrating but all he could do was wait.

Finally though, the vehicle had arrived in Slough, but something odd had occurred, at the border there was a row of cars in front of them, and several members that weren’t in the Howlers uniform.

As soon as they saw the car approaching them, they had pulled anti-altered weapons out, such as crossbows and more, and fired at the car.

As it hit the car, the whole vehicle was electrified and started to swerve out of control. Ice who was in the back stood up, and seeing the attackers he created ice spears and hurled them right at the attackers stopping them from doing any more damage. On top of that, he hurled a hammer made of ice hitting the cars out of the way, allowing the vehicle to burst right through them and continue forward.

“I’m guessing they weren’t members of your gang?” Blackjack asked. “No… but they certainly looked like gang members.” As the car drove through the city, Gary had to clench his teeth at the large scale of destruction that had occurred and there was another issue.

“Umm, I think when the guy shot that car there was a problem, it’s not stopping!” The driver shouted slamming his foot on the brake. They could see themselves approaching an apartment block right ahead, and at this speed they would all possibly die from the crash.

Seeing what was occurring though, Ice in the back started to freeze the bottom half of the vehicle, until the whole thing was frozen over and stopped just shy of the building.

“Oh… dear thank the heavens!” The driver said. He tried to open the door his whole body was shaking, and when he finally got out his legs wobbled so much he stumbled on the ground. Gary and the others quickly got out, but Gary was in no mood to hang around.

“You two, if you can follow the street signs to Burnham food street, I’m sure there are people there that will need your help.” Looking in the air, Gary could see some of the trails he needed to follow from his markings in the air.

“There’s somewhere I need to go as well, both of you, don’t die!” Gary said, rushing off, and climbing to the top of the building.

“We don’t plan on it.” Blackjack said. Once Gary had reached the top of the building, he carried on running jumping from building to building. He was continuing to follow the marking, and that’s when he could see it with his eyesight.

He could see Sin down on the ground, with no hesitation Gary didn’t even have time to evaluate the situation. He jumped down, transforming and falling from the building. Then he reached out with his hand grabbing right onto Sin’s face and slammed it onto the floor.

“Get out of my city!” Gary screamed.


Chapter 914: Put Your Foot Down!
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