Cai Yan stood still awkwardly, flustered from Lin Ruoxi’s sudden outburst, “I… I didn’t… I didn’t mean to do it on purpose.”

“It’s alright.” Wang Ma rubbed her eyes and forced a smile before shoving the photo into her pocket. “Miss, don’t blame Miss Cai Yan. She was only looking out for me.”

Lin Ruoxi walked over and held Wang Ma’s hand. “Wang Ma, don’t be upset. You still have me with you. The past is the past and cannot be changed.”

Everyone was shocked to witness this scene.

They’d never expect Lin Ruoxi to comfort someone so warmly!

It wasn’t unexpected, however, as Wang Ma was the one who had raised Lin Ruoxi since young.

Yang Chen was confused to see Cai Yan’s face filled with guilt as Wang Ma shed tears.

What kind of past was Wang Ma hiding? What kind of past required such secrecy that they had to keep it shut from young?

Yang Chen was certain that it happened before Lin Ruoxi and Cai Yan entered middle school when he saw how confused Mo Qianni looked. That would place Wang Ma in her thirties.

Wang Ma was able to hold it in but couldn’t control it anymore when Lin Ruoxi came to console her.

“Miss… I… Please allow me to rest inside for a while. I’ll be back later.” Wang Ma wiped her tears and ran inside.

Everyone could feel the sadness emanating from her as they watched her run in.

Lin Ruoxi glanced over at Cai Yan who was playing with her fingers and sighed but decided not to say anything.

Yang Chen asked, looking puzzled, “What’s going on, who’s the person in the photo?”

“Don’t pry any further if you don’t wish to upset Wang Ma.” Lin Ruoxi warned in a cold tone.

Cai Yan continued to move the books quietly in fear and silence.

Guo Xuehua and Ma Guifang exchanged puzzled looks with each other. They’d been friends with Wang Ma for a while now but they never imagined that she had a past so secretive that one mention of it would make her cry!

Anyhow, they were forced to move on from this incident because of Lin Ruoxi.

After a tireless afternoon, they had finally shifted all their belongings into their new villa.

Cai Yan had to return to the police station for work but it was clear to Yang Chen that she had left in order to avoid seeing Wang Ma.

Yang Chen moved all the stuff into the house with the workers after the official documents were signed.

The new house was located on the north side near the mountains and because of the heightened grounds, there were only a few villas nearby. It was surrounded by lots of trees, fountains, and also a bronze statue.

The interior of the villa was a combination of classic and trendy designs. The well-integrated design of colors and furniture made it truly feel like a home.

The underground garage was similar to the one in Dragon Garden. It was wide enough to store over twenty cars making it sufficient to house Lin Ruoxi’s car collection.

That night, they celebrated their moving in with a sumptuous dinner.

But since they did not have the time to buy ingredients, the two families decided to eat dinner together in a nearby restaurant since no one felt like going grocery shopping.

Yang Chen sat in the driver’s seat of Lin Ruoxi’s Lexus LX570 and left for Rose’s house after Lin Ruoxi, Zhenxiu, and the elderly got into the car.

Although they were considered neighbors, it still wasn’t too close due to the layout of the villas.

Yang Chen was about to pass by an intersection when a black Land Rover stopped nearby.

He and Lin Ruoxi recognized the familiar limited-edition Land Rover immediately!

At the same time, the person sitting in the Land Rover also saw both of them!

The car window lowered and a young girl looked out. She shouted excitedly at them, “Uncle! Sister Ruoxi! Why are you guys here!?”

Something struck Yang Chen’s mind when he saw Tang Tang, Tang Wan, and the Land Rover!

Shit! Didn’t I come here before to visit Tang Tang and Tang Wan?! he thought.

He became neighbors with them without even knowing!

Yang Chen didn’t know if he should laugh or cry. Lin Ruoxi would most definitely assume that he had hidden it from her!

“Eh, could it be that Uncle and Sister Ruoxi were the ones who moved in earlier? You guys are the new neighbors?” Tang Tang chided. “Seriously Uncle, you should’ve told us earlier! You did it on purpose right! You knew mom and I lived here. Were you going to surprise us?”

Yang Chen froze as he felt a cold gaze directed towards him!

Lin Ruoxi immediately assumed that Yang Chen had hidden the fact that Tang Wan and her daughter lived here too!

Yang Chen turned around with a bitter smile. “Dear, if I were to say that I really forgot that Tang Wan lives here, would you… believe me?”

“Guess?” Lin Ruoxi spoke through gritted teeth.

Yang Chen gulped, “I guess not.”

“You’ve got some balls pulling this stunt. Will I find out tomorrow that Mingyu and An Xin are our neighbors too?” Lin Ruoxi sneered in response.

Yang Chen shuddered and dared not to reply.

Guo Xuehua and Wang Ma pretended to have heard nothing. Meanwhile, Zhenxiu covered her mouth and laughed secretly.

They had to greet them since they came across each other.

Tang Wan pulled over. “Boss Lin, fate really has brought us together. I’m bringing Tang Tang out for dinner and I am assuming you guys are doing the same. Why don’t we eat together since we are now neighbors?”

Tang Wan’s face was filled with delight. She assumed that Yang Chen kept it a secret from Ruoxi in order to surprise her!

Tang Wan thought that she had won!

Lin Ruoxi knew that if she were to get angry now, she would be losing the fight. So she put on a fake smile and said, “Sounds good. We might not have another opportunity given our busy lives.”

In other words, she was letting it slide this time but there would not be another time!

Tang Wan wasn’t bothered at all as she smiled at Guo Xuehua and Wang Ma before driving behind the Lexus.

For the rest of the journey, Yang Chen was extremely on edge as Lin Ruoxi felt like a nuclear bomb ready to explode anytime. His heart was pounding hard!

Rose, Mo Qianni, and her mom were surprised to know that Tang Wan lived here too. But their reactions weren’t as big as Lin Ruoxi since they weren’t friends.

At the same time, they immediately understood why Lin Ruoxi looked extra touchy on that matter!

The two cars arrived at a high-class Italian restaurant nearby after driving on a highway. It was recommended to them by Tang Wan. They were familiar with the restaurants nearby as they had lived there for a long time.

Mo Qianni thought it was nice to bring her mom out for Western food so she was fine with it. Lin Ruoxi was the only one who was dissatisfied. She was thinking about why Tang Wan got to decide.

But when Yang Chen asked her if there were other nicer restaurants while smiling, her mind went blank. How would she know?

She had no idea regarding any restaurants in her old home, let alone some place she was not familiar with!

The building had a retro finish to its decor while certain spots seemed a little more modern.

The whole place felt extremely romantic from the combination of wine bottles by the windows and the dimly lit atmosphere.

The head waiter was a tall young man who seemed to be mixed-blood. He was very familiar with Tang Wan and her daughter as he greeted them gracefully before leading them upstairs to a huge family table.

Ma Guifang and Zhenxiu felt very awkward as it was their first time there and everything looked new to them.

Everyone chatted and laughed along after they had taken their seats. Although Lin Ruoxi never made eye contact with Tang Wan, they were both good at socializing so the atmosphere wasn’t so tense.

The wait between ordering their food and having it served felt very long, but luckily the restaurant provided Italian loaves of bread as a snack.

Yang Chen took all the remaining bread after Tang Tang took one of it and started munching on it.

“Can you restrain yourself? These aren’t just for you.” Lin Ruoxi frowned at him.

Yang Chen shook the bread and said, “You guys wouldn’t be able to finish your food after eating this. I most definitely will still be able to so it wouldn’t be a waste.”

Tang Tang pouted. “Uncle, you’re a pig. I can only eat two slices of baked sausage and cheese pizza but you can finish three whole pizzas, one steak, and two portions of spaghetti in one meal. If Sister Ruoxi wasn’t rich enough, she wouldn’t be able to support your lifestyle.”

“Shhh.” Yang Chen was displeased by her comments. “What do you even know of, Little Girl? If I don’t eat a lot, how else would I show off that my wife is rich? And also, I told you that Ruoxi and I are of the same generation! You have to call me brother! Call me as Yuan Ye does! How can you get married if you’re so insensible!?”

Tang Tang took a bite of bread and said, “That’s easy, I can just ask Brother Yuan Ye to call you uncle too. Then there wouldn’t be a problem!”

Yang Chen choked on the bread when he heard that and wanted to spit his water out.

Just when Yang Chen decided to ignore Tang Tang and continue eating bread, he frowned upon witnessing something slightly out of the ordinary.

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