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Nano Machine novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Fantasy, and Martial Arts genres. Written by the Author Midsummer Night. 349 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


Until he became the lowest-ranked master, his lonely and luckless life never changed.

Suddenly one day, a descendant injected him with a nanomachine, and the machine started ‘speaking’ to him.

[I am the seventh generation Nanomachine manufactured by Sky Cooperation, and I am operating as a central nerve connected to your brain.]

“What? What are you talking about?”

This was beyond the boy’s knowledge, he turned pale.

The Nanomachine linked to his cerebrum realized the User was not understanding a single word it said.

“Who are you, and why are you doing this to me?”

[“I am the seventh generation Nanomachine.]

“Nano Mashin?”

[Yes, Nanomachine.]

The boy’s face hardened.

Mashin was the deity the Mashin Religion worshipped, along with the Sacred Fire.

The religions’ Master communicated with Mashin.

“Um, are you really Mashin?”

The boy knelt down and asked with a trembling voice. At this, the Nanomachine attached to his cerebrum realized it had been misunderstood.

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  • HoneySingh Feb 11, 2021

    Just finished ch 349, so far so good. Only except the cuutting the arm of everyone who oppose mc is fine. Author has some kind of fetish. 😂

      • HoneySingh Feb 17, 2021

        I have read a few korean novels, but it is a new concept I have never in korean, japanese or chinese novel.

      • Gfcz Feb 17, 2021

        I'm currently reading Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint and the MC has the same habit of cutting people's limbs. It's more creepy than killing villains by normal MCs.

  • DiegoOrtega Feb 07, 2021

    I feel disappointed I hoped it was science fiction not fantasy. Too bad there are few true science fiction novels but this managed to fool me. Good thing that I realized in time. What a waste of time.

  • jstinn Feb 03, 2021

    like i really appreciate translator for working so we can read the novel but wtf the Korean raw novel has originally only 342 chapters (finished) and even has a sequel while the english translation is past 342 and not even reaching the main plot line. And 1 Chapter per Month wth i really hope the translator will atleast translate more frequently :/

  • preprem Jan 28, 2021

    ugh this was so good but did he really needed to be interested in yogun as well? i thought he only liked mun ku 😩 screw harems

  • hamski Jan 26, 2021

    Went to start reading this and I saw in Prologue we have the Force of Justice, the Force of Evil, and the Demonic Cult. Is the plot/world building just a generic good group vs evil group? Aka Evil Group is rising up so our protagonist joins the Justice Group to help fight back and save the world! I feel like that would be very boring, so would like some clarification before I continue reading

  • Runa Jan 16, 2021

    I had one question before I tried this one, is there any harem elements in this story? Because if it yes, I prefer to stay far away from it. I don't want it to be like the second coming of gluttony. The story was great but the harem elements ruin it.

    • jstinn Jan 17, 2021

      there aren‘t harem elements (till 349) expect one scene at 300ish but besides that, there are none as of now

  • Looney Jan 07, 2021

    Hey guys, can someone help me clear up my confusion? Did yeowun and wang yogun really have sėx? Thanks.

  • lPLANKl Jan 05, 2021

    Updates? New Chapters? I think they're trying to let the manhwa of this novel catch up with the chapters. Is this what's happening?

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very good action, martial arts novel.
Also watch the manga if u want more it's very good too, there are
some parts that are missing but still very good

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He iqmy favorite
the best for me
I dont know about others but
I love the story , the mc how dont give a sh*t about being nice
How he become.a tiger i love that waayyy too muche but the update are slow like verryy slow

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One of my favorite
One of the best for me
I dont know about others but
Its not cringey like some arrogant young master saying "Courting Death"

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The Main character is very unlikable. The nano machine explains something for him to learn yet he answers back with sarcasm. It's like telling "I want to stay dumb, pathetic and ignorant, I don't need your explanation."

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thumb_up 1 comment 0

Brilliant Novel and great plot!

Also the ''nano machine'' is a fun and refreshing element in this novel which I totally love

10/10 one of my fav novel

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thumb_up 0 comment 0

A very good story but chapter update is very slow. Near similar to cultivation novels but not completely. Plots are good too. Lacking in fun parts it's a bit serious novel. That's all

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thumb_up 1 comment 0

Very good story as well as nice character development but the translation is sometimes(more often then not) kinda bad not unreadable but not great. But if you can let that slide it’s a great read

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definitely a top tier story so far im currently on ch 250 but i binged this story for a bit then stopped but yeah its really good. just check it out and i promise you it wont disappoint.

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Brilliant Novel... Excellent plot.... Its shown that the writer has put a lot of thinking and effort into creating this masterpiece... Please keep uploading the new chapters fast and don't let this novel ever end

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What a great novel i read the mc is weak but nano helps him get stronger as the story progresses , mc character development is very good he makes allies which are loyal to him and also becomes ruthless , romance is there but the mc is not into harem (chp 346 as off)

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thumb_up 2 comment 0

Not particularly good in my opinion. I was kind of curious how the story would progress after reading the manhua adaptation but after the main character instantly learns martial arts and has his body restructured into the peak of human physicality for the 500th time it kind of loses it's appeal and seems more like the typical cultivation fare; main character instantly becomes all powerful thanks to their fortuitous encounter.

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thumb_up 2 comment 0

One of the best novel I've seen so far I need morr rrrrreeeeee you won't regret reading this novel I mean the characters are very well written no filter and storyline is super dope

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thumb_up 1 comment 2

This is lit.
10/10 would recommend. MC's growth with the nano machine and how he makes many allies is great and enjoyable. One of my favourites.

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Its one of my fav novel >_< worth it...reallyyy u're not gonna regret it!!! Its fun to read and the mc's growth from weak to strong,how he gather his loyal subordinates

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thumb_up 1 comment 1

Achei a novel muito boa espero mais capítulos. Eu na verdade estou acompanhando o mangá e os capítulos quê estão pó vi mais tava demorando muito aí achei melhor procurar e vê se tinha a novel pra mim lê

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