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44 users have written reviews for the Nano Machine (Web Novel KR) novel and rated it with an average score of 4,4 out of 5. Our novel is ranked 17th among all the novels in the Light Novel World platform.

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very very impressive. mc has no useless thoughts that only make reading more interesting. mc got a really great way to think that make him one of the my favorites. the story is also good enouhg. it's easy to understand all the reasons and relationships between people in story. so i think it's 5


This novel has really good story telling, stable pacing and an MC that doesn't give logical & rational readers a headache. It deserves 4. 5 star rating for that. However, the grammar is painful. The lack of definitive articles especially, the most basic thing in the English language: the use of "The" before a noun. I let it slide because of the great story but sheesh, 3 stars.


I’m still not quite sure if this is a Chinese novel or a Korean one.
Regardless, it’s well written, has a sound plot, and has compelling characters. I might have given this novel 4 stars for the lack of ending and somewhat fantastical Deus Ex Machina moments, but for there is a sequel novel currently ongoing which is the continuation of this story with the same main character— providing a whole new dimension to why things happened the way they happened. I love stories like this because they require a lot of forethought and love from the writer. Even though the MC is consistently blood thirsty and cold, I live for his small moments of redemption and OP-MCness. Highly recommended to anyone who can appreciate cultivation worlds or complex interwoven storylines. We’ll see more as the sequel progresses.


Trilling, vicious, impressive display of power fantasy, futuristic sci-fi in a chinese cultivation world. Filled with heart fulfilling moments, it's one of the best-written and most frantic read I've done since The Leg. Mech. and Solo Leveling. It's not tough to understand, I just finished my read and I'm going to do it again right after reading the sequel.


Well it's a great novel. With an OP MC and if you haven't read Reverend Insanity then you'll find the MC cold blooded. If you have read it MC is a merciful cutie.🥴


Not my cup of tea since I don't like a specific aspect in the story. But if you want to read a cold blooded MC with over powered system, you can try this.


Good storyline, nice MC development, I hope the next chapter as good as this. The downside is thr chapter too short. Unfortunately there is pack of other characters background story. I love this WN.


Really amazing story with an ice cold mc. The character development of all the characters is so fucking good especially ho bong.

Looking forward to reading the sequel

P.S.- Can someone recommend me a similar type of novel ?


A must read,cold and brutal OP MC with little romance and comedy.

P.S.- For the people who don't know this has a sequel named Descent of the Demon God.


I honestly believe that the novel was elegantly written, especially the school ark, like others have said. Yet, it just seemed like every other overpowered protagonist novel that we have read. Nobody is really his competition, and at every little encounter he walks away with new abilities and objects and people. Spoiler AlertPlus the weird hentai scene was just too much. And the ending was rushed