Nano Machine (Web Novel KR)
Nano Machine (Web Novel KR)

Nano Machine (Web Novel KR)

Nano Demon God

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Nano Machine (Web Novel KR) novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Fantasy, and Martial Arts genres. Written by the Author Midsummer Night. 483 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


Until he became the lowest-ranked master, his lonely and luckless life never changed.

Suddenly one day, a descendant injected him with a nanomachine, and the machine started ‘speaking’ to him.

[I am the seventh generation Nanomachine manufactured by Sky Cooperation, and I am operating as a central nerve connected to your brain.]

“What? What are you talking about?”

This was beyond the boy’s knowledge, he turned pale.

The Nanomachine linked to his cerebrum realized the User was not understanding a single word it said.

“Who are you, and why are you doing this to me?”

[“I am the seventh generation Nanomachine.]

“Nano Mashin?”

[Yes, Nanomachine.]

The boy’s face hardened.

Mashin was the deity the Mashin Religion worshipped, along with the Sacred Fire.

The religions’ Master communicated with Mashin.

“Um, are you really Mashin?”

The boy knelt down and asked with a trembling voice. At this, the Nanomachine attached to his cerebrum realized it had been misunderstood.

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  • Oharu 1

    Finally done reading the novel and my verdict is that, it's pretty good. I'm really excited to read the continuation. For those who came from manhwa after reading chapter 142 which is the season 1 end, you should at start at chapters 266–267 to continue where the manhwa left off. And for those who have finished this as well and thinks that the ending is incomplete, that is because there's a completed sequel of this novel called "Descent of the Demon God" which is available on this site as well so go read that after this. Now that I'm done with the heads up, I will go ahead and read the sequel as well. Peace.

  • Resistance 13

    Nanomachines, son (I just had to do it)

  • tommaso 1

    Can you recommend light novels like this one where mc has loyal allies mc doesn't follow several romantic relationships.- plsssssss

  • Miclase_Mc 5

    Can someone tell me where chapter 142 of manhwa is in the novel

  • Watchman 2

    I liked first half a lot but after that i almost dropped it multiple of times. I would say 3.75-4 is max this one should have

  • redzrzii -1

    sadly the mc rape someone hmm

    • mikocon 3

      yeah right, u say like MC didn't kill, t*rt*r* or didn't commit any other crimes. But it seems you take that cliche situation (save this person by having s*x with her) as a crime that need to be highlighted i pity ur necessity to express this sh*tty opinion, if ur going to be annoying go all the way and say every bad crime this fiction has not the only one that triggered you're sh*tty social justice warrior side.

  • SelviSoundarya 6

    I loved this novel soo much... One of my top fav murim novel..Don't care abt the comments...Just go for it if u like OP mc with some plots to unfold... And there is a sequel called "Descent of Demon God" in which most of the questions are answered and it is set in future where the mc travels to and there he deals with gates and demons and unfolds all the truth... So go for it...It's such great one😍😍

  • Nycterelis 4

    This is some of the worst translating I've seen. Sky Demon? You mean Heavenly Demon? Throughout the whole thing, there's small examples like this. You could say it's nitpicking, but to be honest, the "translations" don't really make sense unless you are nitpicking. The title Cheonma, or Heavenly Demon, doesn't mean a demon of the heavens or the sky. It means pinnacle. As in the one that stands at the pinnacle of the demonic cult's power, which is given further evidence by Cheon ma being separate from "Lord". Also, the phonetics of names and places have zero consistency. It's like they took Chinese phonetics in some places and Korean phonetics in others. Case in point, Moon Ku. Just... no. Its Moon Gyu. Or "Chun Yeowun". In this name alone the "u" is pronounced differently: short u in Chun, long u in wun. If its romanized correctly, it should be either Chun Yuwoon or Cheon Yeowoon. Either is fine, but the translator's choices make it difficult to directly pronounce names.

    • mikocon 3

      nah this translation is definitely trash it looks like a bad edited MTL

    • Stunhammer 2

      It's a Korean novel set in china, LOL. bros bring non fiction facts in a fiction story.

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  • wincent009 1

    does anyone know where chapter 106 (manhwa) is in the novel?

  • manhwaobsessed 1

    does anyone know where chapter 131 (manhwa) is in the novel?

      • manhwaobsessed 1

        i think it ends off with the lord's backstory and how his mom was adoptive to the blade clan and how he loved mc but he lost his memories after fighitng the dude w the beard, mc and lord r also fighting rn

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