Naruto: The Wind Calamity
Chapter 543: A Scare

Fujin looked into the sky and saw a Lightning bolt falling towards him. Even though Raiga controlled the Lightning bolt with the Kiba blades, it didn't include any of his chakra. The Lightning Bolt was completely natural and hence far more feral.

However, Fujin didn't move and instead raised his left arm. A loud sound like the chirping of birds was heard as Fujin intercepted the Lightning bolt with Chidori! Raiga watched with widened eyes as he saw Fujin cutting the Lightning strike! He immediately launched the Dragon Thunder Tornado towards Fujin.

Behind his mask, a wide grin appeared on Fujin's face. He thought, 'I always wanted to try this. Hehe, the Lightning Cutter indeed. Now, what else can those swords do?'

Fujin saw the Dragon Thunder Tornado coming towards him. At the same time, his glowing eyes noticed some red dust within the tornado. Fujin's left palm clenched into a fist as he punched the ground in front of him with a lot of strength.

The chakra-enhanced punch completely wrecked the ground, creating a giant crater. At the same time, several rocks were launched out of the ground and hit the Dragon Thunder Tornado, disrupting it completely and stopping it from approaching Fujin any longer. The red dust was also sent in the opposite direction. The impact was so strong that the force of the punch caused even the ground under Raiga's feet to collapse!

He immediately flickered away while thinking, 'Who is this guy? He uses lightning-charged weapons like Kumo ninjas, can cut Lightning like the Copy Ninja and has the same monstrous strength as Konoha's Sannin. Did he come all the way here to just insult me and mess up with my plans?'

Raiga didn't get any time to think about the answers to his questions as more lightning-charged senbons were launched at him. He dodged a few and blocked the rest with his sword.

"Behind us." Raiga's eyes widened as he heard Ranmaru's voice and sensed a massive chakra. He turned around and saw a massive Lightning Wave coming towards him. Fujin had used the amplification of the Blade of the Thunder Spirit to amplify a supercharged False Darkness jutsu to a ridiculous level.

Raiga instinctively used Fang of Lightning jutsu and flickered away. A Lightning bolt fell from the clouds on Fujin. However, Fujin just sidestepped the Lightning strike and controlled the False Darkness jutsu to chase after Raiga.

Raiga continued running away while launching more Lightning Fangs on Fujin, who continued sidestepping the Lightning strikes and focused on hunting Raiga. Raiga immediately realized, 'I can't continue this. I can only dodge a few more times before being hit but he looks like he can dodge me all day. Not to mention, I'll run out of chakra very quickly at this rate.'

Raiga used the Fang of Lightning once again. This time, Fujin was surprised. Instead of being aimed at him, the Lightning was aimed at Raiga himself! Raiga raised his swords and let the Lightning strike hit himself. A fraction of a second later, the amplified False Darkness jutsu hit Raiga, creating an explosion. However, there was no joy on Fujin's face. Instead, he was confused.

Fujin could sense that neither Raiga nor Ranmaru were injured. He wondered, 'What the hell happened? Did he somehow use that Lightning strike to neutralize my attack? But how? That Lightning strike fell a few moments before my jutsu landed.'

As the dust and smoke due to the explosion cleared, Fujin's eyes widened. Fujin, who had been completely assured of his victory and quite relaxed in the fight, suddenly raised his guard to the maximum.

In a flash, one of the seals on his bracer lit up and 4 dozen kunai appeared. Each of them was launched into the surroundings and dug into the ground! While the kunai looked normal, it had one speciality that others couldn't notice. Each of the kunai had a special mark, the Flying Thunder God mark!

And the reason why Fujin resorted to it was due to what he was seeing. In front of him were Raiga and Ranmaru covered in Lightning Armor! It looked very similar to the Raikage's Lightning Chakra Mode.

Fujin cursed, 'What the fuck? Since when did Raiga learn the Lightning Chakra Mode? What the hell is he doing in this remote place if he is this strong? Shit, this fight will be a lot more difficult. I can't hold back. I might need to use everything at my disposal!'

Fujin knew fully well how ridiculously strong Raikage's Lightning Chakra Mode was. It provided the ninja with ridiculous speed and defenses along with a strong attacking power. As fast as he was, Fujin wasn't arrogant enough to think that he could keep up with that without resorting to Flying Thunder God.

He didn't think that his Lightning jutsus would be able to pierce through those defenses either. He saw no choice but to stop hiding his Wind jutsus. Fujin had only one jutsu that could guarantee a kill against the cloak of Lightning. That was the Rasenshuriken. However, his clones needed a long time to create it, which would allow Raiga to dispel his clones long before they created the jutsu. Hence, he could only hope that the Vacuum jutsus would work.

Raiga immediately noticed the change in Fujin's attitude and wondered, 'Why did he become so alert all of a sudden?'

He softly asked, "Ranmaru, can you see him now?"

Ranmaru replied, "I still can't see him. I can only sense him when he builds up a high amount of chakra. Also, I can hear his movements now. I will be able to spot him in the mist."

Raiga replied, "Good. I'll test his close combat first."

With the Kiba blades in his hand, Raiga moved towards Fujin at a rapid speed. However, confusion appeared in Fujin's eyes once again as he wondered, 'Why hasn't his speed increased? Or is he just pretending to be slow so that he can catch me off guard? Whatever the case, I need to be ready to teleport at any point.'

Fujin didn't lower his guard and waited for Raiga to attack. Raiga reached Fujin and attacked him with his swords. Knowing that the Blade of the Thunder Spirit won't be able to block the Kiba blades, Fujin retreated a few steps and launched more lightning-charged senbons at an extremely close range.

To Fujin's surprise, Raiga actually blocked the senbons with his blades instead of trusting his armor. He muttered, 'Strange… Very strange… Is this not Lightning Chakra Mode? Or is he pretending?'

Raiga continued moving towards Fujin. Fujin moved towards him as well and launched more senbons simultaneously, forcing Raiga to block again. While he blocked, Fujin landed a kick on Raiga's right side. Needless to say, Fujin had concentrated as much chakra as he could in a short time.

Raiga's Thunder Armor was hit. The force of the kick was so high that it broke through every layer of the Thunder Armor and landed on the right side of Raiga's abdomen. He and Ranmaru were launched horizontally like a cannonball and crashed into the mountain.

Fujin didn't chase after them and just analyzed, 'Weak… That was too weak! That defense probably isn't even 1% of Raikage's defense. The only good thing was that the armor absorbed the impact of my kick and spread it throughout the armor. Otherwise, that kick might have been just enough to cripple him despite having the armor.'

Fujin sighed internally, 'What a bummer. This guy scared me for no reason. I even brought out the Flying Thunder God kunais…'

What Raiga had used was just a jutsu he created with the help of the Kiba blades. The jutsu was called Lightning Release: Lightning Strike Armor. Its main use was enhanced defenses. It didn't provide any increase in speed nor did it have any offensive capabilities other than zapping anyone who touched it. So even though it looked like the Lightning Chakra Mode, it was nowhere near its level.

Of course, it wasn't completely useless. Raiga used the defense provided by the armor without compromising on speed to engage opponents in close combat. Since his armor could resist ordinary attacks, it allowed Raiga to focus completely on his offense, providing him with a huge advantage. Other than ninjas at or close to rank S power level, everyone would struggle against this combination.

Raiga coughed blood as he gathered himself. Ranmaru was hurt as well due to the crash. Fortunately, Raiga had used his own body as the shield to prevent him from getting harmed a lot, something that Fujin found very peculiar. Ranmaru endured the pain to not distract Raiga. He asked, "Raiga, are you alright?"

Riaga coughed a couple of times more and said, "Some of my ribs are damaged, but I should still be able to fight. Track and inform me about his movements."

'Hidden Mist jutsu'

Chapter 543: A Scare
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