Necromancer Survival
Necromancer Survival

Necromancer Survival

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Necromancer Survival novel is a popular light novel covering Adventure, Drama, and Fantasy genres. Written by the Author Kimma. 143 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


Sometime after ‘Gates’ appeared in this world, humanity was divided into two: [User] and [ordinary human beings] Lee-kyung was able to awaken into a user and choose a [Class]…but, in momentary misjudgement, chose to be a [Necromancer], the worst of all classes.

Lee-kyung, searching for the materials to evolve his skeletal servant, ‘Lackey,’ was barely able to participate in a high-level raid for [Tower of Command] Dungeon. In an accident, he falls down alone to uncover a hidden conspiracy.

Injured and desperate to survive, Lee-kyung called out to anyone…and reached a vengeful spirit. “Please, I’ll do anything….Please form a contract with me and save me!”

–-You’ll do anything?….

[Will you accept the ‘oath’ offered by ‘Seo Dawon’?] –-You’ll do your best to help me achieve my revenge. And, I will do my best to save you wherever, whenever you are in danger. Is that acceptable? [Initiating a new contract with ‘Seo Dawon’] Junior Necromancer Choi Lee-kyung and Ranker Mage Seo Dawon’s delightful revenge play!

TW: Depictions of mental health

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  • Tunezzzzzz
    Reader KP:22

    Man this might sound homophonic but I really can’t stand yaoi

    14 hours ago Reply
    • rbprocks10
      Reader KP:98

      Its so simple, JUST READ SOMETHING ELSE. There are thousands of novel in this site. Dont waste you time typing that sh*t in a gay novel when you are straight, its 2022 ffs.

      2 hours ago Reply
    • Goshujinsama
      Reader KP:330

      If you can't stand yaoi keep it to yourself...don't go around saying this in the comment section of yaoi novels

      9 hours ago Reply
    • SilverWing12
      Reader KP:25

      I say what i want to say. I write i dont like a harem novel in a harem novel site. The same logic applies here. I dont like this gay $hit. It's annoying and i dont recommend it to anyone.

      8 hours ago Reply
    • rbprocks10
      Reader KP:98

      Brother its simple, if you are straight then dont read gay novel and if you dont like harem then read normal novels there is no deficit of such novels. You are just wasting your time at this point. And yea your comment reeks of homophobia so keep it to urself. Have a good day

      Edited: 25 Sep, 03:40
      2 hours ago Reply
    • oTonic
      Reader KP:4

      Yea! Not that I have anything against it, I even try to like it because in interesting stories, but I just can't like it

      Edited: 24 Sep, 06:26
      11 hours ago Reply
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  • Sumer
    Reader KP:2119

    Eh it's here? I've read and dropped it from the tl site hmm .. Well the pairing didn't make much sense to me but it's very popular and good novel and i heard there's character development so give it a try everyone

    yesterday Reply
  • CristianoCruz
    Reader KP:0

    Simplesmente ñ sou o público alvo..

    yesterday Reply
  • Stuff1Do
    Reader KP:1892

    gusy, it's not gay if you wear socks and say n o h o m o before reading, it's fine gusy

    yesterday Reply
  • okokokokokokokokok
    Reader KP:-6

    Too bad I saw necromancer I had thrown myself, but not that it is homophobic, but it sucks harem and classic romance and so I definitely do not read SHONEN AI sorry ...

    yesterday Reply
  • lnwUser85101
    Reader KP:16

    Poison Tester here, it's okay, it's not gonna be a masterpiece but reading it won't make you into a retard, I personally enjoyed it. PS: Yes, it's gay, don't act like it's the end of the world just because it's two men liking each other.

    2 days ago Reply
    • GenFox
      Reader KP:9

      Not gonna read this as don't look interesting imo but i just know people will just disregarded this as its BL but when its Yuri its all hands on deck.

      Edited: 23 Sep, 07:10
      yesterday Reply
    • lnwUser85101
      Reader KP:16

      Exactly, I wonder how men in this site look at the mirror naked, probably yelling due to the thing between their legs imo

      2 hours ago Reply
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  • lnwUser85101
    Reader KP:16

    I can't believe people are calling a perfectly good novel bad because it has a homosexual relationship, f*ck*ng grow up, what are you? A 12 year old who still uses gay as an insult? Go give Harem God System 5 stars you bunch of babies lmao

    2 days ago Reply
  • JINXIT6942069
    Reader KP:315

    Tested it. Not too bad, just a generic ghost teacher summon and disciple in korean dungeon tower Except its yaoi. Dropping it cuz ain't that interesting. (lol I became a poison tester myself)

    Edited: 23 Sep, 04:38
    2 days ago Reply
  • BritneyBello
    Reader KP:326

    I prefer the manhwa…but the novel is good too. Now, wtf is with this comment section?

    2 days ago Reply
  • TImeToProcrastinate
    Reader KP:43

    Would test...but I'd like to keep my conscience intact. I leave this one to the brave soldiers who will volunteer for the blood tribute. May you all R.I.P.

    2 days ago Reply