Nine Yang Sword Saint

Nine Yang Sword Saint

Cửu Dương Kiếm Thánh

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The Nine Yang Sword Saint novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adult, and Ecchi genres. Written by the Author Silent Cake And Pastries. 312 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


Freshman student Yang Dingtian possesses the Nine Yang Body, found only 1 in million. His Yang Fire is incomparably vigorous and thus, he cannot be near a female’s charms for his entire life. On the night of his 19th birthday, he decided to bid farewell to his virgin life. After stealing and tasting the forbidden fruit, he spontaneously combusted as the result!

In death he crossed over to another world; a world that held respect for Martial Power. His, originally, catastrophic Nine Yang Body was the Nine Yang Body that couldn’t be seen in a millennium! He was saved by a mysterious old man when he was at his last moments and the old man received him for a disciple, then betrothed his daughter to him. Thus, in this odd way, Yang Dingtian became the successor of the largest clan under Heaven, and became the number-one-beauty-under-heaven’s fiance.

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2 months ago

This version of Nine Yang sword saint is the best translated to english that I have found. I hope that chapters will be released faster as other websites do not have good translations and use a translator machine that makes the english very broken and the story hard to understand. I hope that the translators of this series finish translating the book because the story is excellent and they are doing a fantastic job.

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