Ninth In the World

Chapter 817: May I Know Where Is This?

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“I’m sorry, Big Brother Di. I …” Lan Ru took the initiative to apologize to Di Jiu. Knowing that it was Fu Buwen who had done something to Di Jiu’s cultivation partner, how could Lan Ru not know that Zhen Man had exerted herself? Without her, Zhen Man would never have had a chance to get in touch with Fu Buwen.

Di Jiu waved his hand. “It doesn’t concern you.”

With that, Di Jiu took out a ring and handed it to that thin and weak male cultivator who had come forward to provide information. “There are some things in this ring. If there is anything else you need, you can tell Lan Ru.”

After that, Di Jiu had stepped deep into the Limitless Palace.

This thin and weak cultivator took the ring and casually scanned with his Spiritual Force. When he saw the things in the ring clearly, his hands trembled. He quickly put away the ring and bowed to Di Jiu. “Thank you, Senior.”

He had never dreamed of getting such a generous return by just providing a piece of information.

After Di Jiu left, the cultivators, who came to the Limitless Palace, were relieved. Fu Buwen had been killed by Di Jiu before their eyes. Even though everyone knew that the Limitless Palace had a huge pile of good stuff, nobody really dared to step into the place like Di Jiu.

The Limitless Palace had a profound heritage and rumor had it that there was a third-step expert. Even if Fu Buwen hadn’t been killed, who knew whether there were any other experts in the Limitless Palace?

The cultivators who came here were basically the Sect Masters of the major sects or powerful ones. It was only that since Fu Buwen had attained the Dao Integration Realm, everyone came here to give gifts. Now that he had been killed, everything that had been said before was meaningless. Many cultivators, who did not want to be meddlesome, started to leave the Limitless Palace.

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Di Jiu had now arrived at the cave abode where Fu Buwen had confined Nong Xiuqi. The cultivators guarding outside had already fled and even some cultivators in the Limitless Palace had secretly fled. Di Jiu had no mood to care about others. He was most worried that he would not be able to open Nong Xiuqi’s world like Fu Buwen.

Only when a cultivator reached the third step could he open up his own world, which Di Jiu had heard of. However, Nong Xiuqi was only in the Dao Modeling Realm. How could she have opened up a world and even entered it? Di Jiu couldn’t figure it out.

Di Jiu’s Spiritual Force had carefully examined the entire space. There were no changes in the spatial law, so he could not find a trace of peculiarity.

This made Di Jiu feel a little terrified as he was worried that he could not find the space where Nong Xiuqi was hiding.

He tried to calm himself down and then began to realize every Foundation Orders here. Even if he had already comprehended the Foundation Orders, Di Jiu still once again comprehended them.

At the same time, he constantly performed the Nomological Qi Circulation, wanting to communicate with the spatial laws that were similar to his Nomological Qi Circulation. Nong Xiuqi cultivated his Nomological Qi Circulation and his nomological cultivation technique had yet to be perfected at that time. Theoretically, there should be some traces during Nong Xiuqi’s cultivation. Di Jiu believed that as long as he was patient, he could definitely find some traces.

Ling Xiaoshuang suddenly stood up as she finally broke through to the mid-stage Dao Integration Realm.

Ever since she had entered the Sacred Yang Pearl into the Chaotic Lava, she had a feeling that her entire body was going to be burned. The Chaotic Yang Qi in the Sacred Yang Pearl and the heaven-opening aura in the Chaotic Lava made the Chaotic Essence Energy in her Spiritual Sea and meridians to accumulate and soar. This accumulation would not turn into a cultivation level or burn her in the short term.

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Fortunately, when she rushed out of the Sacred Yang Pearl, there was neither the Chaotic Lava nor the Seven-Chakra King Qian Fuyan outside. Without having a chance to look for a safe place to enter seclusion, she entered seclusion on the spot to refine and absorb the Chaotic Aura.

It wasn’t until she had reached the mid-stage Dao Integration Realm that the burning of the Chaotic Aura had dissipated.

Ling Xiaoshuang walked out of the simple place where she had entered seclusion and scanned with her Spiritual Force. To her pleasant surprise, her Spiritual Force was much stronger than when she was at the early-stage Dao Integration Realm. This was not only a result of reaching the mid-stage Dao Integration Realm, but also due to the qualitative change in her foundation, which was definitely related to the Chaotic Lava.

Very soon, Ling Xiaoshuang realized that something was wrong. This was still a place that was filled with gray zones. Compared to the Land of Seven Chakras she had entered before, there seemed to be no difference. It was just that there were fragments everywhere on the ground, just like being spread with many broken porcelain dishes.

Was this still the Land of Seven Chakras?

Then, Ling Xiaoshuang was pleasantly surprised. She knew that Di Jiu had come to her rescue before she rushed into the Chaotic Lava. In any case, she had to find Di Jiu in the Land of Seven Chakras.

Ever since she had entered the Chaotic Lava and seen that blue saber flare, she knew what she wanted. Perhaps, at that moment, she was truly mature.

The creaking sound of the fragments underneath her feet almost made Ling Xiaoshuang suspect that she had entered an abandoned kiln factory. She reminisced about her past for a moment. When she was very young, there was an abandoned kiln factory outside her house. What she liked most was walking on the abandoned kiln factory. At that time, those broken porcelain pieces that she had stepped under the feet also produced this creaking sound.

What she enjoyed the most was the sound as if stepping on snow and walking alone among the broken tiles. One day, her master saw her and took her away.

Since then, she had never walked through that kind of ground with broken tiles or had that kind of creaking sound.

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Ling Xiaoshuang was immersed in her memories. If she could find Di Jiu, slowly walk on these broken tiles with him, and slowly listen to the creaking sound, maybe that was the peace that she really needed.

A sudden figure appeared in Ling Xiaoshuang’s Spiritual Force, causing her to awaken from her immersed imaginations.

That was a tall figure. Ling Xiaoshuang was immediately sure that it was definitely not a cultivator from the Land of Seven Chakras. Even the Seven-Chakra King Qian Fuyan or Bo Youyan did not have such a solid body and Spiritual Force.

Because at the same time that she scanned that figure with her Spiritual Force, that figure also did the same to her. That Spiritual Force was almost substantive and not much weaker than hers.

Ling Xiaoshuang stopped and had clearly understood that this was not the Land of Seven Chakras where there was a chilly aura. However, the colors and terrain here looked similar, which in fact, this place was entirely different. Not only was it not chilly, but the Heaven Earth Law was also completely different.

The Heaven Earth Law in the Land of Seven Chakras was incomplete, but the Heaven Earth Law here was more complete than that of the Sacred Dao World.

The figure in her Spiritual Force also stopped and he looked at Ling Xiaoshuang before he slowly walked towards her. Ling Xiaoshuang didn’t move. She knew that if she did, the other party would probably speed up. Plus, Ling Xiaoshuang also wanted to know where this place was.

She wanted to quickly return to the Land of Seven Chakras and find Di Jiu

Given her current strength, she believed that she would not be afraid to face the Seven-Chakra King again.

Even though she didn’t leave, Ling Xiaoshuang did not deliberately move closer. She bent down to pick up a broken debris.

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A faint trace of Dao runes was caught by Ling Xiaoshuang, who felt her scalp numb. This wasn’t broken debris, but a fragment of the supreme-grade divine weapon.

Ling Xiaoshuang bent down again and grabbed a handful of debris.

In just a moment, she was certain that the debris fragments covering her feet were all the fragments of the supreme-grade divine weapons and high-grade divine weapons. Most of them were the supreme-grade divine weapon. Over time, these Dharma treasure fragments had been eroded by endless Dao runes. With just a bit of strength, they would split in half again.

Ling Xiaoshuang took a breath in and had a bad feeling. The best thing on her was the Sacred Yang Pearl that was likely to be a Connate Dharma treasure. However, apart from the Sacred Yang Pearl, she had no supreme-grade divine weapon. Under her feet were fragments of the supreme-grade divine weapon. How many supreme-grade divine weapons had shattered?

At that moment, that cultivator had already walked to Ling Xiaoshuang. He stood hundreds of feet away from Ling Xiaoshuang and looked at her without moving.

Suppressing her inner shock, Ling Xiaoshuang took the initiative to ask with cupped fists, “Daoist, may I ask where is this?”

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