Omega Summoner
Chapter 1618: A Flying Hammer

Adrian transported all of the Valkyries away in just a split second that the other prisoners of war could not process what happened. What they did process was that the vanguard suddenly lost 75% of its strength because of the disappearance of the Valkyries. The vanguard that heavily relied on the performance of the Valkyries crumbled easily.

The vanguard is either sent flying by the frost giants or turned into meat paste because of their gigantic weapons. The God Loki could not believe that the Valkyries vanished just like that and the one who did it was none other than the demon that killed his son. The God Loki almost shed his illusion as he faced the Goddess Freyja as he attempted to strangle her.

"Gullinbursti!" The God Freyr shouted as the cute golden piglet suddenly transformed into a three feet tall giant golden boar and tackled the God Loki that is disguised as the God Thor.

Gullinbursti slammed its gigantic body towards the God Loki and sent him flying. The God Loki lost consciousness for a moment and his disguise was unraveled. The other warriors of Asgard did not process the situation as they were now focused on the fight that was happening in their doorsteps.

The God Loki created two golden short swords and charged towards the Goddess Freyja as he actually intended to kill her. The God Freyr suddenly appeared in front of him while riding Gullinbursti and defended the defenseless Goddess Freyja.

"Excuse me for a moment! Sorry for the intrusion." Adrian stated as he suddenly appeared before the Goddess Freyja and disappeared with her.

The God Loki seeing what happened suddenly spiraled into rage as all his plans are down the drain. If the Goddess Freyja is not on the battlefield, then the war with the frost giants will become immensely difficult. He could see that the warriors in the settlement are frantic as they suddenly lost direction.

"I should at least kill you before I start killing the frost giants." The God Loki stated as he charged towards the God Freyr.

The two gods started fighting against each other and the command chain of the fortress in in disarray. The next in line for command was picking up the pieces of the fractured command system but his prestige was not enough to calm the hearts. The God Freyr is not even fighting at his full power as he is just buying enough time for his escort.

"Excuse me once again!" Adrian stated as he is about to take the God Freyr and Gullinbursti away.

"Equinox! Watch out!" Frey's voice shouted as she saw rainbow lights appear.

A flying hammer made of a strong metal suddenly flew towards Adrian's head. Sirius suddenly went out of Adrian's shadow and pulled his master's head away or else it would have popped like a balloon. The hammer flew at a fast pace that it continued on to the frost giants.

The frost giants that are hit by the hammer suddenly shattered into ice shards as their bodies were not sturdy enough to handle the power of the hammer. Just as the hammer was about to lose momentum, it suddenly flew back to the one who threw it. The hammer hit another series of frost giants before it returned to the God Thor.

"Warriors of Asgard! Do not falter as reinforcements have arrived!" The God Thor shouted as the morale that was low suddenly rose as the warriors shouted in response.

The storm clouds suddenly started circling the area as the God Thor has arrived. Adrian, who wanted to leave via a rift, could not create any portal easily as the whole area was flooded with mana. The area felt like there is a slight static shock as the air felt incredibly heavy.

"Equinox!" Frey shouted as she descended with Kanlaon.

Kanlaon fired off his dragon breath that created a golden beam of light, but the God Thor actually blocked it with his hammer. The weapon itself did not even have a scratch as if the durability did not even get reduced despite the powerful dragon breath. The God Thor did not expect that attack, but it does not mean that he will be unable to defend himself.

"A dragon! I have not slain one in ages!" The God Thor stated as he threw his hammer towards Frey and Kanlaon.

Kanlaon thought that the hammer did not fly in a fast pace, but it actually broke the sound barrier. The hammer suddenly hit Kanlaon's head, and he became unconscious. Frey and Kanlaon suddenly started falling headfirst towards the ground as the impact also hit the passenger.

"Frey!" Adrian exclaimed as she will definitely die if she falls but the area is unstable due to the God Thor.

"If one of me is not enough then maybe two can. Greater Summon: Dodu!" Adrian muttered as he summoned Dodu.

Dodu did not even need an explanation as it already know what to do. Dodu took a piece of hair from Adrian and suddenly transformed into his own master. Adrian was amazed but he must act quick because the life and death of Frey is on the line.

[Your soulbound Dodu has transformed into you.]

[Your soulbound Dodu is able to perfectly mimic your abilities and skills for the first ten minutes.]

"Dodu! Sync with me." Adrian stated.

"Yes, master!" Dodu stated in Adrian's voice which made it a little bit weird as if he was actually talking to himself.

Adrian created a portal that led to him and Dodu strengthened it to make sure that the spell would be able to pass through two beings. A portal appeared below Kanlaon and Frey as they passed through it successfully. The two appeared beside Adrian and he sealed Kanlaon as he was incapacitated for ten minutes due to the hit from Mjolnir.

"We need to escape. We cannot deal with Loki and Thor at the same time. They might always clash with morals but those two are the fiercest fighting duo in Asgard." The God Freyr stated as he fears that he will not be able to defend them if both Loki and Thor are against them.

"Dodu!" Adrian stated as Dodu already started the spell that Adrian was thinking of.

A magic circle appeared below them as Adrian started to synergize with the energy that Dodu is using. The God Thor saw this and started to accumulate a lot of thunder energy to shatter the magic circle but Adrian and Dodu was faster. Adrian, Dodu, Frey, and the God Freyr with Gullinbursti vanished in a few seconds.

The God Thor still continued his attack as it was too late to stop it. The ground where Adrian and the others were severely burnt and caved in as if a powerful meteor made an impact on it. The God Thor could only click his tongue as they did not expect such a thing to happen.

"Focus on the war with the frost giants! We must not let them retake this land or else our efforts in subjugating this place would be in vain." The God Thor stated.

"Should I track them brother?" The God Loki asked the God Thor.

"Do not worry about them for now, brother. I have already asked Heimdall to use his sight on them. They would never be able to escape while they are still in the nine worlds." The God Thor stated as he already devised a backup plan for the ones that escaped.

Adrian managed to carry the others to the secret base that they carved out of the mountain. Adrian did not expect that having two of him is something that he should have done earlier. The spell structure was easier to create because Dodu already done the calculations.

All Adrian had to do was to complete the spell structure and the spells would become reality as long as it is not interrupted. The spatial spells also became easier to manipulate even if the space itself was vibrating. Even in an unstable field, Adrian was able to teleport all of them safely without creating a rip in time and space.

"We have been saved!" The God Freyr stated but Adrian poured some water on that fire.

"We are not yet safe because the entire world has become unstable. The war with the frost giants has been creating a large energy pool in the atmosphere. I cannot transport us off world if this is the situation.

It would be another situation if I just activate the Bifrost but creating it from scratch is not easy if all of us will be in it. I might teleport us to a place different to our destination even with Dodu's help." Adrian stated as the fluctuations were too much to handle in the atmosphere for safe world hopping.

"By Dodu, do you mean the other you?" The God Freyr asked as he pointed towards Dodu who is currently using Adrian's form.

"Am I still hit badly that I am seeing two Equinox'?" Frey asked as he saw two Adrians before her.

Chapter 1618: A Flying Hammer
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