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Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint (WN)

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Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint (WN) novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, and Comedy genres. Written by the Author Sing-Shong. 552 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


Only I know the end of this world.

One day our MC finds himself stuck in the world of his favorite webnovel. What does he do to survive? It is a world struck by catastrophe and danger all around.

His edge? He knows the plot of the story to end. Because he was the sole reader that stuck with it. Read his story to see how he survives!

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  • Hiaser Jan 17, 2021

    My favorite novel. I have never cried so much reading something. The authors really know how to make you attached to each one of the characters. I can't put into words how much this story affected me. Thank you.

    • Cross Jan 17, 2021

      Bro go for it you wont regret it the plot is insane and not some half assed shit the protagonist has a real story and the side charachters arent shit compared to the mc and have real backstories as well. In conclusion read it.

  • Lucca_Rhys Dec 29, 2020

    Say... Does the Author name the novel Three Ways to Survive in Ruined World, because all these novel story and plot about how they try to end scenario around three kind of People, The Writer, The Reader (also Constellation), and The Protagonist way??? I always wondering if i miss something because i cant find these Three 'ways' to survive being told by author

    • dreameralien Dec 30, 2020

      I think they mentioned them but all scattered over the novel: I think the 1st is like YJH, being a regressor, the 2nd is being a returnee, and the third one---- I don't really know, someone please help ? Edit: forget it, I already reached that part: the 3rd way is being like Nirvana, a reincarnator (a human that isn't a human or something like that). Those are the three ways of survival :3

      • Lucca_Rhys Jan 02, 2021

        Hoooo.... Now i just realize why Author always mention the Original Novel Title when introduce Returnee, Regressor and Reincarnator, bacuse its scattered in many parts, i never think it as one of the 'ways' in Original Novel Thanks for enlighten me😆😆😆

  • Lucca_Rhys Dec 25, 2020

    I have a hunch that the ending will be like that, the author say it afterall, this is also the most related novel that i read, FFS, its hard for me to read the end, i keep delay and delay, hoping i wont reach the end and can keep read it, but still i love the end Thats just how i love this novel If only this webnovel have hardcopy or book, i will definitely buy it😂😂😂

  • may_setsu Dec 24, 2020

    Não sei bem o que escrever depois de terminar está história. São tantos sentimentos na qual me envolve e o final deste épico, sem dúvidas faz vc se sentir parte deste mundo. Me sinto como se meu ser insignificante neste vasto universo esteja sendo combustível para a existência de alguém desconhecido ou quando leio sinto que o "sonho mais antigo" continuará a existir. Só tenho a agradecer aos escritores pois me sinto lisonjeada por ler e fazer parte de Omniscient reader's viewpoint. Muito obrigada!!!!!

  • lnwUser22139 Dec 18, 2020

    Saya kadang sedih juga saat membaca novel yang sudah berakhir atau dibuang karena lambat laun ceritanya akan terlupakan dan saya sangat membencinya (bahkan saya pun saya tidak rela ketika mengetahui bahwa novel yang saya baca sudah selesai beberapa bulan saya kecewa kenapa Saya tidak menemukannya lebih awal) I am a bit confused as to where the most ancient dreams before Dokja came from and their appearance as a secret plotterPara penulis yang terhormat, saya yakin pekerjaan Anda selanjutnya . (apakah pesan saya sampai ke penulis?)

  • Redrose Dec 10, 2020

    It's just amazing, I don't feel like I have related to anyone more. Yet, for me, it's beautiful just to think that there is a non-existential man who thinks the way I do. Overall, I really felt the things he went through.

  • blurried Dec 07, 2020

    I typically don’t write reviews for every piece of literature I’ve read ever since the first time I picked up a book, chiefly because I have always had the thought that the writer or everyone who’d witness my thoughts about it would see it as a fleeting comment that is synonymous, if not completely analogous, with thousands of other utterance other beings (who knows if the only one reading those I’ve read are only humans?) had said before. I write this review earnestly because I have given up on my belief of, ‘it wouldn’t matter for anyone—these words that bubbled in my mind when I immerse myself in the story’. I have found a new meaning to write a review after 552 chapters, in which that I write this only for me—to scribble on a wall with somewhat a broken pencil, but then it’s still from me. The process of writing this matters to me, mayhaps as much as the writers who wrote this webnovel. While there are numerous things I want to write after reading the whole webnovel (in six days alongside my daily 9 hours of sleep time and final exams), I'll just explain the biggest impact of this story to me. The protagonist himself—Kim Dokja—was a man I resented. His thoughts are subconsciously arrogant, and his dependency on tls123’s novel reminded me of an unhealthy obsession. No matter how much I’ve learnt about his background story nor the reasoning behind his actions, I can’t wrap my head around it. His motives are radically naive but the litigations he commits are nonsensically logical. After years of journeying alongside with him and his unsurprisingly uncreative nebula name (metaphorically speaking since he spent, like, years, in the webnovel), I still didn’t get it and his whole personality, until the probably around 500th chapter of the story. His visionary nature, his ‘lying my way through despite me being a terrible liar’ trait, his whole being deliberately erasing himself from what he views as happiness from him. It isn’t an act of martyrdom, and I’ll cut anyone’s head who thinks that it’s admirable. It’s rather cowardly. It’s the inability to find one’s own self-worth and using it as an excuse to delete their own being inside what they think of as the most ideal scenario. It’s unbelievably selfish. It angered me to see him constantly committing indirect and unlabelled suicide for the ‘sake of everyone’. But then, I realise why I loathed him so much. Why I didn’t think that any of the words that described him and his efforts were nearby what is sane. And it’s none other than the fact that I had seen way too much of myself inside him. Now, I don’t think I would be nowhere nearby his accomplishments if I were to be in that kind of world. His planning excessively nature is alien to me, though his view of the world with the bigger picture is not strange to me. The words that went along as something like, “some people who wanted to be saved might’ve said nothing/didn’t say anything.” (forgive for the shittiest accuracy right here, my memory is not really that good) and it struck me to the bone. Him giving excuses for his actions despite the majority of them, if not everything, are nowhere nearby justified. Him doing the same thing again and again despite already understanding bits by bits that his companions only wanted to live and to die alongside with him. Him deliberately ignoring his acknowledgement about those feelings of his companions and stubbornly keeping on doing what he thinks would be ideal for them, because his happiness is within them and not with them. I might not be able to execute things like him, but I definitely would do similar things like what he did, without a second thought. I then despised him even more. I want him to find happiness. I hated him because I’ve found sympathy for him, despite suppressing to pour my empathy for him from the very beginning. The words in his story are still his story, but then I become to seep in them like how I do to literally every other character except him. I come to want to slap the back of his head and give him the worst hug that’ll crush all his bones and grind them with my mighty hands to dust. And then, well. I’m terribly awful at writing anything that’ll describe my feelings, but I think that I’d survive a day or more because of this story. It sounded terribly cliché, the first time I had this thought when I was reading the story, but I can confidently say that I will survive. My personal story isn’t really up for a discussion or publicity, but I want to express how much this obnoxiously long titled webnovel means to me. The background of the story and how well it is being built let me love it. At first, I thought, ‘well, I’m always excessively immersed in the form of literacies I’ve read’. And, well, frankly, yeah. The majority of it is because my brain is just stimulated with the fantastical imaginary world inside this webnovel. It makes me think, ‘well, might as well prepare to bring my cat in a cage tomorrow and prepare to find bugs to kill when I go outside’. And, it’s just the 15% of it—or even lower. The characters and their developments, the constellations that are all rich with personalities. Even sometimes when I find things are just borderline weird, like when Fei Hu and Ranveer Khan suddenly wanted to join Kim Dokja Company on their plan to rescue the fool. The relationships in-between the people and beings, the fact that I yearned to want an ending where they’d finally be happy despite me liking to go against the main characters on every book I’ve read so far. TLDR; I like the webnovel, I guess. It makes me take a look at myself. It makes me want to see the next chapter, again and again, doesn’t matter whether it’ll end badly or not. Oh, wait, I forgot to mention earlier that Dokja’s monologues about loving what he reads are extremely relatable. I wonder if it’ll be nice if I were to born in a new world as a constellation and just try to make the odds go against him, seeing him smile as he finds the things in front of him difficult or something. Maybe, summoning a wave of fire to his legit mother's house or something. I still like seeing him suffer despite after chapters of seeing him suffer. I don’t know how to end this review. I can’t properly say that I am in love because that’s a word too strong yet too weak to describe what I think and feel (the latter being usually very weak) about this webnovel. Thank you for writing this story, I guess. (Also, I am very aware that my comment is in English. After finishing on writing this, I realise that the comment won’t be translated in Korean or anything. Might as well let it be since I lost the value on wanting for this comment to reach out anyone, anyways. Uh... Thank you. Again. You’ve saved a life. Or another life.)

      • blurried Dec 30, 2020

        Yes. I am in the Kim Dokja Company cult. This review is meant to trap the readers to read ORV. Our God is Kim Dokja and when he’s too exhausted Yoo Joonghyuk would take the position as the surrogate. Sing Shong deserved like an Oscar nomination or early access ticket to the Pearly Gates for being able to persuade me into joining a seemingly fictional cult (it’s not fictional. What exists in this world isn’t limited to what us humans can witness). Also I think you're dandy for reading ORV. Spread the word to everyone you know. I'm not holding you on a gunpoint but I'll steal your cat if you don't

    • dreameralien Dec 15, 2020

      Just as the comment below I created an account here to talk to you, that was one hell of a review, I can see how much passion you put into it. It could be interesting if we can discuss about series and stuff in general! Haha is quite incredible how I feel somehow connected to you just by your words... Welp that's it, it would be nice to keep in touch :3 PS: you convinced me to read this novel tho I know I'm going to suffer hahaha

      • blurried Dec 30, 2020

        PLEASE you gave me too big of an ego boost but thank you... Glad that my brain juice could convince you to read the entirety of ORV. Little did you know it was all apart of my plan to make people fall into the clutches of my words and suffer in the neverending emotional roller coaster that is ORV. There is a reason why conniving and convincing are spelt similarly. Also, that's great if we can discuss stuff! Disclaimer that I don't have Facebook, but maybe there are chances we can talk on another social media platform!

      • blurried Dec 30, 2020

        NICE. Read them all. Suffer. No longer after this you'd smile and suddenly throw a mental tantrum towards Kim Dokja. Also, I'm fairly inactive in social media, but I'm frequently online at LINE!

    • Yara_r_yahya Dec 14, 2020

      You know I just absolutely love the way you describe this story and I just happened to make an account on this platform just to ask you for you Facebook because I really want to be your friend and learn from your amazing analysing and way of linking things together

      • blurried Dec 30, 2020

        Very late but WHOA I didn't expect Anyone to compliment, let alone to Read my comment considering it's very long, plus I was kinda worried that it made no sense since I didn't beta read the whole stuff. Thanks for the ego boost (praise) on my brain juice Also, I don't have Facebook............... Sorry about that. If you have another social media account, we could talk much more about this squid-like idiot and his journey!

      • blurried Dec 30, 2020

        I KNOW I wrote them in like the notes app and it was even cut in half as I replaced it with the TLDR stuff on the bottom but yea thank God I did cut em since it was like 2k words or something... You would've witness ANTS instead of a coherent review

  • castalia Dec 07, 2020

    is it just me. i've got this urge to write a fan fic to continue the ending coz i'm sooooooooo sad and i'm literally longing for kim dokja's company to hang out, live together, have fun and have normal lives. i've been imagining stuff like kim dokja, losing his memories and being a kid and whenever he grows up, like his birthday, he remembers part of his life and then he got this constant pain coz he's soul is not complete yet UGHHHHHHHH I SRSLY WANNA DO A FANFIC

    • lnwUser22139 Dec 19, 2020

      uh I'm also looking forward to it but it turns out it's not there well the writer is also busy, of course let's stop hoping (ノ ´∀ ` *)

  • castalia Dec 07, 2020


  • lnwUser21323 Dec 06, 2020

    Definitely one of the best webnovel I've ever read. Though I have read some novels before but I've never even bothered to leave a review behind. But the way the story is developed and the curiosity it left at the end really do make it one of the best novels. Definitely commended.

  • castalia Dec 02, 2020


  • kermitkuroo Dec 01, 2020

    ten outta ten girl, the volume and the plot of this story is ASTRONOMICAL, smh after binge reading this for 4 day and finished it, i had a feeling of regretting reading it cause it already ended and grateful that i read it cause DAYUMM this book is making me decompose myself for the possibility's to bring dokja back !! and its really amazing how the author decided to end it and leave it to our hands, the way they ended the plot similar to how a reader, a story and a scenario is !! man if the author releases the physical copy of it i'll buy it <333

  • NecroDoll Nov 16, 2020

    Don't know what to do with myself now that I finally finish reading this novel... I'm walking on a fog for days now thinking about how it ended...and the possibilities. Honestly I both hate and love that ending. Still can't decide which... 😅.

    • lnwUser22139 Dec 19, 2020

      my novel is sad at the end but also happy hahaha to be honest i am a bit confused where this story started but i understood a little bit when the king of Dokkaebi explained to han sooyoung and where did these characters appear in the writer's mind because this story is truly epic

  • Today finally I reached the novel's ending and there's literally no word that can describe how much I love this web novel. Everything is just perfect; the characters, characters' development, the plot (this is a freaking SSSSS-plot for me, and yes I'm biased), the theories (the readers are obviously constellations omg I love it), and how the author balance between serious, emotional, tender, chaos, and funny moments until the end. I find the ending rather heartfelt, even I know it's the last chapter, it doesn't make me feel like something is missing or any kind of emptiness. Thank you the translators for your hard work, I could enjoy this masterpiece because of y'all. P.s. please stop comparing this to Solo Leveling :( this web novel and webtoon really need the attention it deserves.

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I don't know what to say to describe the state of mind I'm in right now, just after reading the last line of the last chapter of this novel. I am speechless.
I think it is one of the best web novels I have read so far. I was carried away by the plot that I couldn't help but read all the chapters in one go! To be honest I only started reading this story because I read the first chapters of the webcomic and the story intrigued me, I thank my curiosity which pushed me to make the right choice !! !
How to say, basically I'm not the type to read that type of fantasy novels, but driven by my curiosity I discovered another world! I found everything I like there: a sharp analysis of our society, an exacerbation of human nature, giving a neutral and realistic judgment on the human's values.
At first we might be tempted to judge each of the characters as clichés, but as the story matures, their personalities are revealed to us. We can't help but get attached to them. Each of the characters, even the most minor one, is worked to an incredible level of realism. The cliché subjects that we all know are counter-squared in such a way that we can only nod (good / bad; east / west; ...)
I dived in the psychological state of mind of the characters (maybe too much) and was 1000% immersed in the plot. I cried, laughed, went angry, cursed, was overwhelmed, hoped and cried again.
I loved Kim Dokja. So much, that I'm broken hearted because the story ended : how to get pass this melancholy ??!!! I wanted at least few more chapters...

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This novel is freaking amazing!!!!!!!!!! Mc Kim dokja I love him so much!! He has All the qualities that will make an extraordinary mc also the story is just fantastic one of my favorite novel together with "the trash of count's family" .the plot is just amazing you'll get hooked up in the novel and you can just can't stop reading! I'm loving every details of the story it's so extraordinary.hope more people will support this story cause I don't want you guys to miss out on this masterpiece! 🙌 niim thank you for making this novel, I mean how did you create the ORV world, I feel like your an outer God and we readers are constellations LMAO

*constellation "vampire reader" is praising the author for this masterpiece*

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This was the best thing I have ever read. The story was so elaborate, and details were always subtle and brought about a lot of surprises. Not gonna lie I cried so many times over the course of this entire web novel, and I would not hesitate to read it again. :D The story is amazing, the character development and design were absolutely brilliant. I couldn't ask for anything more. :) HIGHLY RECCONMEND.

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Seriously. This is so freaking good!! I just read this novel for 3 days without getting any sleep. The plot is so freaking cool and exciting! I'd definitely rate this 10/10!

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Wow, honestly I am speechless, yet I can't stop thinking about this story (even though I finished it like a week ago) and I need to talk about it. So I got an account just to leave a review on this masterpiece of a novel. I heard of Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint from Webtoon, because there is a manhwa adaptation and once I heard that there was a novel, I was very interested in reading it. 551 chapters was pretty daunting at first glance, but I wasn't discouraged and I was too invested at this point. So i started reading, and read some more, and that might have been the best decision (except it affected my sleep schedule so maybe it wasn't the best decision lol). The characters are so intriguing and complex, it just leaves you wanting to read more. The story was full of twists, and reading it felt like I was actually there, watching like a Constellation. I have laughed, cried, loved and hated things, and my mind has been blown countless times from certain parts of the story. It really brought a lot of emotions out of me. It was entertaining but also very insightful, a lot of things resonated with me. I was able to relate with the characters I loved and their feelings, but also some of the characters I didn't like from their first impression have been redeemed and I now love their story and have a better understanding of them. Now, the epilogue. Reading that epilogue felt so surreal and so heartbreaking, because the story was actually ending. I imagine Dokja felt like that when Ways of Survival was ending (well before he was thrown into that very book). The epilogue was beautiful but I felt empty from reading it. Reading that last line, I wasn't heartbroken because it was a sad or horrible ending, because it's a very remarkable and fitting ending for the book. I was heartbroken because it was finally over, and I didn't know how to respond when I couldn't press "next page". It's kind of funny how I almost didn't read the book because of the amount of chapters, but when I finished said chapters, I wanted at least 50 more. I just want more of the Kim Dokja Company and I genuinely love this story. I will probably reread this in the future. Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint is one of those books that you don't forget, and it will hold a special place in my heart for a very long time. The authors really created something beautiful.

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It is an amazing novel
One of the best i have ever read
although it felt like it was dragged at the end but still amazing
at the end i felt like this was the novel written by Han Sooyoung for Kim Dokja
i know it sounds stupid but i just felt like it
BTW has anyone tried rereading the novel
feels kinda depressing thinking about 1863rd Han sooyoung writing the last sentence of the novel in the prologue.

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I absolutely loved this. There were times when I cried ( and it's usually hard to make me cry), when I laughed and ugh just felt my heart flutter. When I read the last chapter I felt emptiness, because this masterpiece ended and I would not get to read something like this ever again. My beloved characters were complicated and sometimes frustrating but I could never imagine something better than this. In conclusion, this is a must read

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Oh my god this is just so good. I like it very much. Thanks for the tranlation. Really.



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It was an amazingly complete novel.
until around Ch 500 it puts you in a haze about many issues but after that it reveals the facts in a brilliant manner.
one of the things in particular was the way the author finished the story by thoroughly taking advantage of time theories.

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It's really great! I first found it on webtoon and decided to also read the LN and let me tell you, it was totally worth it reading! Though I'm still on the 230+ chaps I'm already too hooked in it.. and I also really like that it's not too rushed but instead they lay the answers to our questions slowly. In overall it's really good, it might even be my current favorite LN xd also Joongdok for life ÒwÓ

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This is well written. Kudos to the writers. I'm pretty much satisfied with how it ended. After reading it, I've become the Most Ancient Dream

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I'm at chapter 65 and I have to say that in general it's a little hard to follow for non-Koreans, it has a great start and keeps adding interesting stuff but lots of powers are based on popular Koreans characters.
The style is pretty good, with wide vocabulary and great expressions, although the character's name are a little hard to follow and remember causing a little confusion.

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This novel is really amazing and great. You can feel all types of emotion like sadness, happiness and even feel the loneliness experience by the characters in this novel. Truly this novel is really special to me because the depiction of friendship in this story is what i want to experience in real life that's why this story si really special to me. And I think the ending sa perfect because we can utilize our imagination to make our own ending for the novel. We will become the most ancient dream that can help the kim co have a happy ending❤️❤️❤️😭😊😭

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Beautiful. The ending was not my cup of tea—honestly, cliffhanger endings strike to me as the best kind of ending—but everything else about this novel was great. I like the plot, and to top it off, the author nicely executed it. The characters are also pretty great. Even though there were 552 chapters, I didn't forget a single character's name (the constellations are a different story).

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Nooooooo,i have finished readingggg!!!oh, how i wish the author atleast add one more scene where when han soo yeung open the door ,there kim dokja was sitting on the hospital bed and you know just grin at them and smjle and laugh and all of them crying celebrating.......i really one....and yoo jonghyuk just standing there and smile or cry ,ahhhhhhhhh😫😫😫😫😫anyway loving this novel ssoooooo much,gonna go read it again🤗🤗🤗🤭 definitly recommend reading this novel😍😍😍😍🥰🥰uuuhh just hope the rangking wont fall anymore😢😢😢😢the bestttt😘😘😘hope this year there will be another webnovel as good as this💕💕😇😊

Dont hate me 4 the scene i hope.....😔😔🤞🤞

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