Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint (WN)

Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint (WN)

Omniscient Reader



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The Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint (WN) novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, and Comedy genres. Written by the Author Sing-Shong. 552 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


Only I know the end of this world.

One day our MC finds himself stuck in the world of his favorite webnovel. What does he do to survive? It is a world struck by catastrophe and danger all around.

His edge? He knows the plot of the story to end. Because he was the sole reader that stuck with it. Read his story to see how he survives!

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  • kermitkuroo Dec 01, 2020

    ten outta ten girl, the volume and the plot of this story is ASTRONOMICAL, smh after binge reading this for 4 day and finished it, i had a feeling of regretting reading it cause it already ended and grateful that i read it cause DAYUMM this book is making me decompose myself for the possibility's to bring dokja back !! and its really amazing how the author decided to end it and leave it to our hands, the way they ended the plot similar to how a reader, a story and a scenario is !! man if the author releases the physical copy of it i'll buy it <333

  • NecroDoll Nov 16, 2020

    Don't know what to do with myself now that I finally finish reading this novel... I'm walking on a fog for days now thinking about how it ended...and the possibilities. Honestly I both hate and love that ending. Still can't decide which... 😅.

  • Fofibel Nov 12, 2020

    This is my favorite novel, I love this so much ( ^ω^ )

  • Today finally I reached the novel's ending and there's literally no word that can describe how much I love this web novel. Everything is just perfect; the characters, characters' development, the plot (this is a freaking SSSSS-plot for me, and yes I'm biased), the theories (the readers are obviously constellations omg I love it), and how the author balance between serious, emotional, tender, chaos, and funny moments until the end. I find the ending rather heartfelt, even I know it's the last chapter, it doesn't make me feel like something is missing or any kind of emptiness. Thank you the translators for your hard work, I could enjoy this masterpiece because of y'all. P.s. please stop comparing this to Solo Leveling :( this web novel and webtoon really need the attention it deserves.

  • ScarletTae Oct 26, 2020

    This is beyond so glad i found this

  • lnwUser09651 Oct 10, 2020

    I’m From Russia. As translator asked, I can say that in chapter 237 It is actually not ‘влин’ but ‘блин’ which means damn! or also used as sh*t but in more tactful way

  • LongChen Oct 02, 2020

    I'm so fricking piss about the 2nd editor of this novel he just changed many terms and many character names like a flick of a finger. Just wasting the first 362 chapters brain knowledge of all terms and characters making it more complicated

    • Jkjk447 Nov 12, 2020

      I know right, even after like 20 or so chapters, I'm like who is this guy talking about? Who said what? I'm glad that someone else picked up the job, but ffs just keep things how they were! It's like watching a movie aboit superman and half way through people start calling him amazingboy. How ridiculous is that?

    • sona Oct 27, 2020

      Honestly yeah i was kinda pissed off that many of the names are changed in spelling, also other terms like fables and some of the constellation modifiers but the translation does feel more cleaner, because before the term of Great Constellation was kinda vague and when it was switched to Historical Grade Constellation it makes a little bit more sense. I think in the early translation honorifics are translated literally for a good chapter or two before reverting back to the korean writings/Romanisation, I was nitpicking on that the most when the new translator came around but it did took more time to readjust the names lmao

    • Caroleyvac Oct 20, 2020

      fr LOL, i took tooooo damn long to remember the names for him to change them. >:(

    • Can you give an example which chapter link is broken? I didn't see any problem when I checked it. Should I have overlooked?

  • simpbawe Sep 20, 2020

    why did it have to end in cliffhanger :((( huhu

    • sona Oct 27, 2020

      If I'm being honest I'm actually really satisfied with the ending. It's like the novel's way of saying, "because people are still reading this, the story isn't over yet." which is a recurring theme in the late parts of the novel. I also like to think that ORV is actually the book that Han Sooyoung wrote at the final arc. It's like hey, maybe a part of Dok-Ja is in you, so when you're reading this you're helping to conclude the end of the story, but not all of Dok-Ja is reading this yet, so it's an open ending.

  • jeonsann Aug 24, 2020

    gonna read this masterpiece in one sitting

  • Sethanatos Aug 20, 2020

    0/10. Doesn't actually have 3,149 chapters.
    lol jk came here after getting a taste from the manhwa.
    I'm hooked!

  • AddictedReader Aug 09, 2020

    Aahh...gonna read this...i can't wait for the manhwa to finish

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The story is good and the problem of MC and how he view the world before is reasonable. Contain some minor spoiler so for those who have not read and dont like spoiler you know what to do.
-The plot of him is good and kind of dramatic when he dies the first time. Im not talking about when he fight the disaster dragon and got the king of something(he got the reincarnation ability. Im talking about the when he become a demon king(not the 73th demon world). Every time they need to overcome the impossible you know kim dakja will die cause it happen not just once or twice. I like the character of the plagiarist writer, uriel incantation, uriel herself and the three kids. This is what I dont like about this like within 50 or 60% completion of the novel. The tl suddenly drop and so we have another tl(and Im thankful for that). I know im just a free reader and dont pay them but I dont know if Im the only one who does this but th way I remember the character is just by familiarizing the word( like this MC start with this letter and end with double "o" and n). I dont know why but I kind of hard to remember most the name here more than the chinese novel maybe because they dont have clan so they have same surname. Btw anyway after I perfect the character the term and the poweer level they change everything even the title. Overall Its good thank you for the one who's translating this for us. I like the MC better here than 2nd coming of gluttony.


amazing.. i found the manga then curios and continuing read the LN.. and this is master piecee... the plot twist really really good, and im SPEECHLESS about the epilogue :)


This is my most favorite novel. This is epic. Character developments everywhere, well written characters, world building, plot, meta, intense fights, different mythologies, histories...prepare yourselves. Also there are no annoying damsels in distress.


10/10 would recommend. This was the first novel i have ever read and would be one of the best for a long time to come. The Mc is one of the best and they dont make him to OP and how he calculates his every move is awesome.


This story is legendary in every sense of the word
It is a complex story that contains many interesting details
I can't remember how many tears I shed while reading it
I will go see the novel immediately after it is released😍😍😍

I myself am not a fan of stories longer than 200 chapters, but this novel was worth all the time spent. I really recommend it to you. There are a lot of interesting moments, you will not be disappointed.


I'm not gonna like but I like to work alone so I like MC from solo leveling, super gene who work alone, I dont like teamwork, and this novel there our 2 mc so I'm confused so I dont like but its pretty nice.


The amount of tears I went through. This was a beautiful read. KDJ has to be one of the only main mcs out of several novels I've read who could annoy me but still keep reading. He wasn't op like the others, far from it. But in a sense, he was also strong. Him and KJH made a powerful combo along with HSY. I love the dynamics and the family bonds that all the team created. The only regret is the end...


-She appears crying- oh for the love of Jesus, I swear that this is one of the best novels that I have read in all my life, I really love it, more than the whole epilogue man lloreeee, agh-blows the snot- because my holy life the novel is too good, it does not matter if it has many chapters that have so many details instead of looking heavy I feel as if I will also live it, it sounds stupid but it is truly a work of art thanks for translating it and thanks to the author because I sincerely love it


My favorite novel.
I mean, this is the best novel i have seen.
Lot of things happen and are explain in detail every time.

I wanna hurry up and forget it so that i can come back to read one day.


I dropped this a while ago because of this one arc and I decided to pick it up again. I literally binge-read 400+ chapters in 4 days and -- aaAAAAAAHHHHH! ! ! ! ! REALLY GOOD!!!! SUPER GOOD!!!! AMAZINGLY GOOD!!!!! What I really love about this is that nothing drags on and the plot and pacing and events and characters develop soooo smoothly, I don’t even know how this happens. I get really annoyed when I'm reading something good and then it suddenly transitions to a subplot that's not really related to the main plot at all. You can go without said subplot, but the author just puts it in there for no reason. This isn't the case with ORV, though, and that's what I really like about it.

Also the fact that he's OP, but not tooooo OP, as well as how the other characters develop.


we need an anime adaptation for this novel
this is the first light novel that i read and this is clearly makes me want to read more. I do hope there will be a spin-off series for this novel
(maybe about their children or their peaceful new life)


Perfect score, the story is intriguing you always want to read more, the battles are never boring the characters are super strong but not OP, also the other characters aren't useless they are pretty strong and super cool! (Of course they had to adapt first so it doesn't show in the first chapters, but it doesn't take too much) also, there's no harem, actually the romance is almost nonexistent, witch is pretty good since they focus a lot more on the plot


Definitely in my top 5.Spoiler.Omniscent Reader really showed a lot of unique ideas and made a lot of balls to the wall moments which you would see in amvs if they were from anime.I also really love the pure love the crew gave for our mc and that each of them had their own motivations.Not to forget that there were really cool skills and the system was really interesting.
Basically it's good.


What a rollercoster of emotion enducing story! Honestly, I though no one can top SL for me. But omni reader prove me wrong. The MC Kodja, I love the fact that he is someone that is thinker, a strategist. I don't know how many times I cried while reading this. I love Kodja. And I love the Kodja Company's commaradery with each other. How much he cares for them. I mean if it was me I wouldnt be satisfied with just 49% of him too.
So the ending. I assume that his friends plan succeeded. And they managed to bring him back. Though I had hoped that the authors would have shown him again one more time. Rather than just letting us readers use our imagination. I would love to see the friends all rushing in to hug him. And Kodja asking... " So, what was the ending of the story...?" Haha.
What a novel. I would really miss this. I honestly wouldn't mind reading 500+ more chapters of this. To me it's that good. Highly recommended!