One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love
Chapter 3186: Journey Of A Father (13)

“I do. Mommy said that she put it on me when I was one year old! But I’m easily allergic, so I don’t wear it often.”

Little Yichen was even more disappointed to hear this and lowered his head in dejection!

Mu Yazhe felt upset when he noticed this!

At once, he felt that he owed this little guy too much.

He admitted, although Mu Yichen had been given the best of everything in the Mu family ever since he was born, however, among the three children, he was the most neglected and least cared for.

He rarely took part in this child’s birthday events, nor played a part in planning and preparing for it, not to mention getting the child a longevity lock.

Most of these things were prepared by the servants at home and they would remind him beforehand. He would then send his men to buy birthday presents or whatever Yichen wanted.

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Mu Yichen was by nature a rather lively child. Hints of this could be seen from the time he was one year old!

However, at that time, Mu Yazhe had limited experience in taking care of children and was very strict with him.

Children love to play and move about. It is normal for them to accidentally fall or knock into things, or even break things.

However, at that time, Mu Yazhe did not know how to educate his children. Sometimes, he was too concerned and worried that the children would break things and hurt themselves in the process!

As a result, he would punish them by making them face the wall and reflect on their mistakes. However, the child subconsciously thought that he had caused trouble and made his father unhappy, not realizing that this was actually how his father demonstrated concern!

After all, the child was only young. In terms of understanding, it might be very difficult for him to comprehend a father’s care and concern, or the concern of the elders.

When he was older, Mu Yazhe had sent him off to special training camp and there, life was not as easy!

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Ever since he returned from the special training camp, Little Yichen seemed to have changed into a different person. From being lively and active in the past, he seemed to have turned into a little iceberg!

In reality, he was merely arming himself!

When the mother and son reunited and he returned to Yun Shishi’s side, his natural frankness and pureness gradually revealed itself!

Why else would it be said that when it comes to family, the child can not be apart from both parents!

The father is the backer, providing a sense of security!

The mother is the harbor, providing the greatest warmth!

Without either one, the home is incomplete!

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Looking at Little Yichen’s disappointed face, Mu Yazhe finally realized that he seemed to have neglected Little Yichen, and hadn’t given the boy much care!

In the past, it was because he was inexperienced as a father and did not know how to manage his relationship with his child.

When the mother and son reunited, he returned to Yun Shishi’s side to spend time with Youyou. Little Yichen acknowledged his role as an older brother, so he learned to be mature and take care of Youyou.

However, everyone seemed to have forgotten that even though Little Yichen was the older brother, he was only a few minutes older than Youyou, and he was only seven years old.

While a crying child is often given sweets to eat. The feelings of the mature one inevitably gets overlooked.

Mu Yichen did not know what his father was thinking. Noticing his father’s gaze on him, he thought that he was being willful and immediately declared, “Anyway, I’m not saying I have to have a longevity lock! I was only teasing Daddy!”

“Come over here!”

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Mu Yazhe summoned they boy, his tone instantly became tender.

Little Yichen was a little bashful. “What is it?”

He was certainly not used to being so gently treated all of a sudden!

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One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love Chapter 3186: Journey Of A Father (13)
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