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Chapter 250: Cross Fire Coughs Blood

Chapter 250: Cross Fire Coughs Blood

“Damn, there are so many rewards for creating a territory!”

“Just these resources are worth tens of thousands of gold coins!”

“What’s this magic crystal?”

“Seeing these resources, I feel that I can already see the scene of crazily snatching resources in the future.”

“Awakening 11 guild buffs at once. Even a pig can defeat a Boss now!”

“Although it’s not that exaggerated, it can indeed increase the strength of ordinary players.”

“God Tyrant, please let me join your guild. I will definitely do my best to contribute to the guild!”

“Daddy, I’m your long lost son!!”

The player forum exploded, and countless players left comments.

However, everyone was not surprised by the matter of creating a territory, because they had already known that he had obtained the City Creation Token. What was truly shocking was the reward he had obtained.

Just the system alone took three minutes to report all these rewards. It was simply enviable.

Cross Fire was also stunned.

This Tyrant really did not know what was good for him. Why did he have to create a territory at this time when it was not good to do so? Didn’t this cover his limelight on the news?

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Damn, he had to find time to kill that scoundrel!

Otherwise, nothing would go smoothly!

Cross Fire gritted his teeth.

At that moment, a new voice sounded in his ear.


“City Announcement (Tyrant): The first player city in the world, [Cold Desolate Dragon City], is about to be completed in the ruins of the war. It will be opened to the players in two days. You are welcomed to come to the Cold Desolate Dragon City to fight monsters and level up to increase your strength. For the details, you can check the special post that I have released. There is some information about the Cold Desolate Dragon City inside.”

In the ruins of the war?

When Cross Fire saw this information, he immediately noticed something amiss.

For some reason, he had a bad feeling.

Thinking of this, Cross Fire quickly opened the forum and checked Tyrant’s post.

As soon as he opened it, he saw the coordinates of Tyrant’s territory.

It was near the Lake of Death!

This coordinate made countless players’ eyes pop out.

This was because not long ago, they had discovered that the gnome’s airship had landed in an ancient ruin near the Lake of Death, and the coordinates provided by Tyrant overlapped with the ancient city!

In other words, Tyrant’s [Cold Desolate Dragon City] was actually that incomparably huge ancient city ruins!!!

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This was crazy.

To be honest, this result was beyond all the players’ expectations.

They did not expect Tyrant to build his territory in the ruins of the war.

It had to be known that this was a cursed place. The air was filled with undead power, and the monsters were also abnormally fierce. Once the player city appeared, the surrounding monsters would definitely attack crazily. At that time, the defense of the city would become extremely difficult. If one was not careful, this territory would be destroyed under the feet of the monsters.

In addition, that city was too huge. How could Tyrant manage such a huge city alone? Wasn’t he courting death?

“Is he building a city or a grave for himself? This Tyrant is crazy!”

Cross Fire smiled disdainfully.

The Lake of Death was one of the most dangerous maps in the ruins of the war. It was located far away and the surrounding monsters were powerful. Building a city there was completely digging a hole for himself.

Not to mention how much money was needed to build a city, just the location was too remote. It was not attractive to other players. After all, the current players did not have the strength to fight monsters.

Unless one was a large guild with more than a hundred thousand guild members, there was no hope of developing this border city.

With this in mind, it was obvious that Tyrant would definitely suffer a huge loss this time. The money he had earned previously would definitely be spent on building the city and then turn into ruins under the attacks of the monsters.

Even if the monsters did not attack, after the other guilds obtained the City Creation Token, they would definitely start a territory war against this city. At that time, how could Tyrant alone defend such a huge city?

“In order to make it easier for my friends in Iron Skull City, I will build a teleportation circle between myself and Iron Skull City. It will save all the players in Iron Skull City a few days of running.”

Cross Fire continued to watch as he laughed.

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He did not know what this Tyrant was thinking. The monsters in the Lake of Death were so powerful that only a fool would teleport to that damned place.

Every player knew that the Doomsday Forest was the most important map in the past month.

That brat did not want this good place and actually ran to that remote place to build a city. He was simply foolish to the extreme.

While Cross Fire was laughing happily, the next sentence made his pupils dilate in shock.

“Here, I have a piece of good news for everyone. That is, the teleportation array in the Cold Desolate Dragon City can teleport to the wilderness and cover the location of the Doomsday Forest. The nearest area is only a short half an hour’s journey from the expeditionary army camp.”

“Therefore, I hope that everyone will not be robbed by unscrupulous merchants again. After waiting for two days, you will be able to teleport freely in Iron Skull City and the ruins of the war!”


Seeing this message, Cross Fire spat out blood.

“Impossible! This is definitely impossible! How can Tyrant have a teleportation circle that can teleport in the wilderness! That’s a special teleportation magic circle that even Iron Skull City does not have. How can a low-level player like him have such a thing!”

Cross Fire really spat out blood. This was not an outcome he could accept.

In order to plan this time, the company had specially drawn out 3 billion alliance dollars to specially compete in the market of the ruins of the war. Boss Speck decided to stake it all. He wanted to use the greatest resources in his hands to forcefully suppress all his opponents and try to control the market at once to obtain the greatest benefits.

He, Cross Fire, was the person Speck had sent to follow up on the entire project.

If he succeeded in all of this, as Speck’s lackey, he, Cross Fire, would also be valued by his boss and might even make a name for himself in the company. However, if he failed, then all the responsibility would be on him, because Speck was the young master of the corporation and could not bear any responsibility for this failure.

In other words, the success or failure of this mission concerned his future, or even his life!

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“Oh no, my life is completely over…”

Cross Fire looked at the information in dejection.

If Tyrant was telling the truth, the 1.5 million gold coins worth of potions that they had worked so hard to transport would all be left to rot in his hands.

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Online Game: I Possess a Monster Merging Simulator! Chapter 250: Cross Fire Coughs Blood
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