Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint (Web Novel KR)
Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint (Web Novel KR)

Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint (Web Novel KR)

Omniscient Reader

552 Chapters 21.3M Views 28.7K Bookmarked Completed Status

Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint (Web Novel KR) novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, and Comedy genres. Written by the Author Sing-Shong. 552 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


Only I know the end of this world.

One day our MC finds himself stuck in the world of his favorite webnovel. What does he do to survive? It is a world struck by catastrophe and danger all around.

His edge? He knows the plot of the story to end. Because he was the sole reader that stuck with it. Read his story to see how he survives!

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  • BellXmart 1

    This is one of the best there is.. MC has brain and very cautious, plot is well developed and character development is great. A must read

  • DrFireFly 2

    wait, only 552 chaptes? From the manhwa i thought it gonna be 1000 chapters long

  • Raufmoha 1

    Does it have sad ending,I really hate sad endings novel 🥲

    • Frodo 1

      It isn't really a sad or a happy ending it's just bittersweet

  • Lee_On 6

    Not gonna lie . Ending was kinda emotional 😭💔 I mean both ending

    Edited: 7d
  • Kenichi 1

    what chapter continue from chapter 142 in mahwa?

    • sirorangejello 1

      ch 130 but a rereader told me to read from 121 at beginning because they missed parts in manwha

      Edited: 5d
  • Old_One 1

    I wanna know something, is the MC gay?

    • fizonel_bhukharetsu 1

      Maybe you got the wrong idea. Dokja actually idolize Yoo Jonghyuk though he neither like nor hate him.

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  • lnwUser34597 1

    These type of novels are not familiar with me, I mainly read chinese and japan, but I must say that this novel is quite unique to me, it’s like the mixture between solo leveling, author’s POV and some more streamer’s genres. In addition, the MC (kdj) is really well-written, he doesn’t rely too much on the txt file but also be able to deal with the butterfly effect. Another thing that I like from this novel is that the author know how to use his country’s history and also some other country mythologies, that means he has done researchs

  • Hakamisnice 2

    This mc is op but in a way that every time he does something it feels like we finished a hardwork instead of/ another pebble off the road welp time to continue. He isn't strong that he can casually kill armies he's smart, uses plans. I love it

  • srtjn 1

    Si quieren sentir una variedad de emociones, solo léanlo.

  • MeganeNeko 1

    This is some of korea novel that I recommend. It rarely for me to love a korea novel or mangwa. It has interesting story with god and clever main character. But it very little romance.If you want romance, go another one.