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274 users have written reviews for the Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint (Web Novel KR) novel and rated it with an average score of 4,9 out of 5. Our novel is ranked 9th among all the novels in the Light Novel World platform.

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"Read the novel" they said "You'll adore the characters" they said You know what they didn't tell me???? That I'd be crying my eyes out so much because I got attached to the characters! Like seriously this is an amazing book book! But, DEAR GOD I HAVEN'T CRIED THIS MUCH IN GOD KNOWS HOW LONG! Still love this novel too bits tho <3 Highly recommend it!


Probably one of the greatest novels I’ve read so far. The characters are lovable , but not over the top where it annoys you or is drawn away too much by the typical stereotypes. The story is magnificent, it gives you a different thought process while allowing you to love the story and ironically relate to the characters including the ones seen as the “enemies. ” I would whole-heartedly say that I would recommend this book as a first read for those looking for something thrilling and impactful even if it is as long as it is.


This is a MASTERPIECE!! and highly recommended novel!! sooo good. one of the best novel i have ever read. really. i love the characters, the actions, the feels and the ships. a roller coaster of emotions. a ride you will never forget. very good plot, twist and world building but theirs was actually destroyed. haha. but it leaves crying the hell out of me. 😭


I was moved to tears aAAaAAAAaAaaAAaaaaahHhHhhHHHhHHhhhH best novel eveRrrSpoiler Alert which part i cried at the 59% and 41% ಥ_ಥ and [this story is meant for just that one reader] (ノ≧∇≦)ノ ミ ┻━┻


this story is amazing, i cry laugh because this story. for me this story was a masterpiece, i don't know about other people opinion about this story. but this one is worth to read. 40 chapter left, i was planning to finish the book last night but i can't, my heart hurts. but i finnish it in the morning, still hurts.


Brilliant novel. The end kinda made me sad, I wish we could have seen Kim Dokja waking up, but that's the whole point. We are the reader. Not my kind of ending, but an amazing one nonetheless.


Important things must be said three times! ORV'S A MASTERPIECE! ORV'S A MASTERPIECE! ORV'S A MASTERPIECE! I've read this last year, and now, I'm rereading it. This novel is the closest story in my heart. I, too, became a companion and was part of the story itself. I just love ORV so much.


A story that has made me laugh, cry & appreciate writing more. It was my 3rd webnovel when I finished it a year back. Has one of the most beautiful endings I never imagined possible. As a reader, I salute dear author-nim.


Really nice and it's a fresh breeze in this saturated novel climate. The concept is very nice too, I didn't develop much emotional attachment but overall very much worth it.


It took me twenty days to read this and oh the laughs, smiles, tears and the wave of all emotions mixed together it gave me… If you are hesitant to read this story after reading the spoilers, don’t bother and give it a try, according to me, the ending was perfect in its own way