Outside Of Time
Chapter 845: Time Stands Still (4)

Because of the special environment on the Heavenly Fire Sea, it was very difficult to set up array formations. This was also what troubled Xu Qing previously. However, an array formation actually existed here.

An array formation that could be set here must be extraordinarily powerful.

That array formation was also very strange. It was a huge mirror.

This mirror spanned a thousand feet and floated in the sky. The surrounding Mirror Image Race cultivators were all channeling their energy into it.

As for the giant mirror facing the magma, it illuminated the sea of fire and trapped a person.

The one trapped was none other than that human old man.

At this moment, his entire body was covered in a dark green-black hue, with many areas in a state of decay, revealing bones underneath. His body was trembling as it endured the suppression from the array formation mirror.

The concealment around his body had also been erased. Although he was still an old man, he wasn't skinny. Instead, his body was burly and his expression was dignified as he stared at the mirror above.

The mirror reflected the sea of fire and his figure. Other than that, the mirror protruded, forming a face that was coldly looking at him.

"Duanmu Zang!"

"Normally, you come and go without a trace, assassinating the heaven's chosen of our race. But now, how did you end up in such a sorry state?"

"Now, if you kneel and choose to submit, I can offer you a chance to become a part of our Mirror Clan, freeing you from your humble human lineage, and aiding you in rising to the Spirit Repository once again."

"Although the path of all living beings is fraught with death, at least while you're alive, you'll live more freely, without having to hide and flee like this."

"Think about it carefully. If you're still stubborn when my main body arrives, you won't have the qualifications to choose."

An ancient voice echoed in all directions, but the human old man laughed sinisterly.


"My human bloodline is incomparably noble. How can you mixed races compare to us?!"

"How long is the history of the Mirror Image Race? Our human history dates back to the start of Wanggu. Not to mention the distant past, even in the recent Ancient Sovereign Mystic Nether's era, when the ancient sovereign unified Wanggu, your Mirror Image Race was nothing, not even born yet!"

"Stubborn!" A cold snort rang out from the giant mirror in the sky.

The surrounding Mirror Image Race cultivators understood and spread out their cultivation base with all their might, channeling it into the giant mirror, causing the suppression of the array formation to suddenly increase. The old man's entire body rumbled but he still struggled to hold on.

Actually, he had long fallen into despair. The source of all this was the poison in his body.

At the start, he had underestimated the terror of this poison. However, it was too late when he truly discovered how terrifying it was.

His body, soul, and everything else were seriously corroded. This also caused his concealment technique to dissipate and he was tracked down by the Mirror Image Race.

He was trapped here.

"That human kid is a good-for-nothing!"

Duanmu Zang cursed in his heart. He indeed didn't have any good intentions at the start. However, after sensing that Xu Qing was a human, he changed his mind. He only wanted to mark him and find an opportunity to rob him. He didn't plan to kill.

However, he didn't expect to be poisoned by such a difficult and terrifying poison.

"The antidote is also fake!"

While Duanmu Zang smiled bitterly in his heart, Xu Qing hid under the magma in the distance and watched everything. Most of those Mirror Image Race cultivators were augmenting the array formation, increasing the power of the trap and didn't notice what was happening under the magma.

After all, to them, no race in this area dared to provoke them, especially since the state preceptor's array treasure was displaying its might. When others saw it, they would naturally avoid it.

Xu Qing weighed the pros and cons and made a decision when he thought of the help that the box had provided him during this period of time.

"Save him once!"

The instant this thought appeared, the Poison Restriction Pill in Xu Qing's body suddenly spread out, rising along the magma and permeating the surroundings.

As he lifted his right hand, he took out the fish bone. The shadow also spread in all directions, ready to strike.

At the next instant, a cold glint flashed in Xu Qing's eyes as he rushed out from under the magma.

The 13 nascent souls erupted in unison and an earth-shattering force surged in Xu Qing's body.

The gnomons on the three Sundials in his body were also trembling. They could be pulled out at any time to form the power of Time Stasis.


Chapter 845: Time Stands Still (4)
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