Outside Of Time
Chapter 847: Why Didn't You Say That You Were So Strong Earlier! (2)

"We have to be fast. The state preceptor of the Mirror Image Race is on his way here!"

As soon as Duanmu Zang finished speaking, the gaze of the face on the giant mirror shifted. Just as it was about to look at Xu Qing, Duanmu Zang laughed loudly. He didn't care that his injuries were acting up and his cultivation erupted.

Eight nascent souls rose from his body. Each of them possessed the power of five tribulations. What was even more astonishing was that behind these eight nascent souls, the image of a secret repository vaguely appeared.

However, this secret repository had collapsed and was filled with desolation. Clearly, it was caused by the failure at the moment of breakthrough.

Even so, the strength of the old man's combat strength soared greatly with the appearance of the image of the secret repository. This caused the giant mirror face in the sky to have no choice but to retract its gaze from Xu Qing and suppress him with all its might.

Booming sounds echoed through the sky and Xu Qing attacked even faster.

There was no need for Duanmu Zang to remind him. The moment he decided to attack, Xu Qing knew that this battle had to end as soon as possible.

Hence, at that moment, the Poison Restriction erupted, the shadow wreaked havoc, and the fish bone danced amidst the enemies. Xu Qing rapidly approached another Nascent Soul cultivator of the Mirror Image Race.

However, at this moment, the other Mirror Image Race cultivators also reacted. Two two-tribulations Nascent Soul cultivators and one three-tribulations Nascent Soul cultivator sped toward him from different directions.

Seeing that they were getting close, the morning glow in Xu Qing's body suddenly shone and swept out fiercely.

The color in the surroundings was directly replaced by rainbow colors. The people who arrived stopped one after another and they retreated separately. As for Xu Qing, his body directly transformed into the bizarre nether state and directly passed through the body of the Mirror Image Race cultivator in front of him.

He grabbed the two nascent souls and crushed them.

Dozens of Heavenly Demon bodies rushed into the body of the Mirror Image Race cultivator with malevolence.

At the next moment, an extremely tragic scream echoed from the mouth of the Mirror Image Race cultivator. His body trembled and rapidly withered. Xu Qing then retreated abruptly.

Almost at the instant he retreated, a gigantic vortex was blasted out by the three-tribulations Mirror Image cultivator who rushed over.

"Lowly human, you're courting death!"

As the Mirror Image Race cultivator let out a low shout, seven nascent souls shone in his body. Among them, five had undergone three tribulations and two had passed two tribulations, erupting with terrifying combat strength close to 20 nascent souls.

Behind him, a black mirror manifested and augmented him. In the mirror was a huge bat that blasted sound waves at Xu Qing.

He held a spear that was surrounded by countless wailing resentful spirits that spread out like smoke with astonishing aura.

This wasn't the end. There were a total of two people that had undergone three tribulations here. Now, the other one was also approaching.

This person wore black armor and seven lumps of ghost fire floated above his head.

Every one of them was transformed from his nascent soul. The cloak behind his armor fluttered and countless eyes formed on it. All of them opened wide and glared at Xu Qing.

Not only that, but there were also four two-tribulations Mirror Image Race members who sped over from all directions and surrounded Xu Qing.

This scene caused Duanmu Zang's expression to turn solemn. Although it would be easy for him to kill these Mirror Image Race members after he broke free, he wasn't sure about Xu Qing's combat strength.

"This kid's nascent souls are a little bizarre!"

At that moment, poison mist filled the surroundings and the screams became increasingly mournful. The six Mirror Image Nascent Soul cultivators were already nearing Xu Qing.

Right at this moment, Xu Qing's eyes turned cold. He instantly pulled out the gnomon on a Sundial in his body and his gaze landed on the three-tribulations Mirror Image cultivator closest to him.

At that instant, time stopped on the first Sundial in Xu Qing's body.

This power of stillness followed his gaze and affected the Mirror Image cultivator in the outside world.

The three tribulations Mirror Image Race cultivator's body paused with his expression still looking malevolent. His body seemed to have been frozen, as though time that belonged to him had stopped.

Although it only took an instant for him to return to normal, to cultivators at the Nascent Soul realm, an instant was the difference between life and death.

Xu Qing's dagger slashed across this person's neck the instant he recovered. Blood spurted out and his head flew up.

Xu Qing didn't have time to absorb too much. After grabbing two nascent souls and crushing them, he had to put back the gnomon on the Sundial. The decaying of the sundial disc was also far more serious than when he tested it on Ling'er.

However, it wasn't irreversible and was currently recovering.

While the other Mirror Image Race members were in shock, he looked at the other three tribulations cultivator and pulled out the gnomon on the second Sundial.

A monstrous storm stirred in the mind of the Mirror Image Race cultivator and his eyes revealed horror and disbelief. The scene he saw earlier was that his companion had suddenly stopped for some reason.

He didn't resist or struggle at all. It was as though he had become a puppet and was directly killed by the human cultivator.

"This is…" Before he could continue thinking, Xu Qing's gaze landed.

In an instant, the three tribulations cultivator's body trembled and he lost his perception, losing everything. The instant he recovered, he saw Xu Qing's face.

His head flew up and his nascent souls withered.

Everything happened in two breaths of time.

The surrounding two-tribulations Mirror Image Race cultivators cried out involuntarily. At that moment, their scalps turned numb from fright and shock. They instantly retreated and wanted to escape.

Xu Qing didn't bother with them and headed straight for the giant mirror array formation.

"This item is the supreme treasure of the Mirror Image Race's state preceptor and is difficult to destroy. However, now that there's no one to augment it, things will be easy. Step back. I'm prepared to self-destruct a nascent soul and blast open a gap!"

Duanmu Zang suppressed the shock he felt from Xu Qing's attacks and let out a shout, wanting to self-destruct.

However, Xu Qing lifted his right hand and pointed. The red lightning transformed by the Diamond Sect's ancestor shot over from afar.

Chapter 847: Why Didn't You Say That You Were So Strong Earlier! (2)
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