Overgeared (Temppal)

Chapter 1245: Chapter 1245

266.759% experience, Heart with Bunhelier’s Protection, and the possibility of a new sword dance, Dragon—this was the list of rewards Grid obtained from raiding Helena. Helena had a high level and gave Grid a great deal of experience, allowing him to reach level 411. Their contributions were quite small but Grid’s knights shared the rewards and seemed to have gained considerable experience.

However, Grid was more skeptical than excited.

‘Isn’t she the peak of her species?’

Grid had the Different Species’ King title.

[Different Species’ King]

[You have proved your king’s qualification by embracing non-human species.

★ Permanent Effects

* Different species are very favorable to you. 

* If the target is a different species, the probability of increasing affinity will double.

* However, some warlike species will want to test your abilities.

★ Limited Effects

* The ‘contract’ system is activated with the title effect.

* There are three contracts available. (1/3)

★Those You Are Currently Contracted With:

1. Hao (Player, half-draconian)

-Contract Effect-

The skill ‘Dragon Wings’ is activated.

The half-draconians’ aggressiveness will be slightly suppressed.

2. Teruchan (NPC, Twilight Orc)

-Contract Effect-

Your stamina stat coefficient is increased by 1.8 times.]

In this way, Grid had signed a contract with half-draconian Hao. Grid had expected an event to happen with the half-draconian lord yet there was no event. Helena was simply hostile to Grid.

‘Is it because I’ve already killed a lot of half-draconians?’

Was it already a hostile relationship? No, it was hard to interpret it like that. There was no love among the half-draconians and Helena didn’t reveal any personal feelings toward Grid. She just fought Grid like she had an enemy in front of her. Additionally, she might’ve given a lot of experience but the rewards list wasn’t good except for the experience.

[Heart with Bunhelier’s Protection]

[Rating: Legendary (Bound Item)

Durability: 311/311   Magic Resistance: 150

An accessory that blocks magic attacks.

Blocks up to two magic attacks.

The number of blocks is charged once every 12 hours.

Conditions of Use: None.

Weight: 13]

This was the necklace that Helena left behind. ‘Blocking magic’ was obviously a great effect but it was limited to two times. The default options were also very low, giving it limitations as a main necklace. It was only great for a spare necklace.

‘The Holy Light Armor that has a probability of ignoring or weakening magic without any limitations on the number is more effective.’

Of course, this didn’t disparage the value of Heart with Bunhelier’s Protection. It was a necklace that could block even legendary magic so it could be described as a necklace that added an extra life. Unfortunately, Grid thought it was lacking because it was the only item dropped by the peak of a species.

‘I would like to give it to Irene...’

He could feel more relieved once Irene put on this necklace. It would protect her from dangerous attacks even if he wasn’t by her side.

‘However, it is a necklace that my colleagues might want...’

It wasn’t good to be too greedy. Grid controlled his heart and opened the skills list. Under Grid’s Swordsmanship, Dragon was added to the single sword dance category.


[A sword that reproduces the spirit of a dragon.

Effect: ???

★You haven’t achieved complete enlightenment. It is in an inactive state.]


In the early days, Pagma’s Swordsmanship had a total of five types: Wave, Transcend, Link, Kill, and Restraint. Then as Grid’s level rose and his experience accumulated, the concept of fusion sword dances and new sword dances such as Flower and Drop were added.

It wasn’t a concept that Grid created. It was just unlocking the potential of Pagma’s Swordsmanship. However, the concept of Dragon was different. It was a sword dance inspired by Helena’s Dragon Blade. Unlike the other sword dances, it wasn’t derived from Pagma’s Swordsmanship and might be Grid’s original sword dance.

It was definitely a special event but Grid wasn’t satisfied. He felt it wasn’t good enough.

‘If Helena is the peak of the half-draconians...’

Why wasn’t the Dragon sword dance completed in the process of fighting her? He only gained a fragment of Dragon from Helena. Additionally, despite her death, he couldn’t say there was any special change in his relationship with the half-draconians. Looking back at Teruchan’s case, it was only normal for there to be a world message stating that the half-draconians were hostile to Grid or elected him as their lord.

‘Definitely. There must definitely be a separate half-draconian lord.’

It was natural. The number of half-draconians should be in the hundreds but there were only 31 here. Helena seemed to be the leader of this small group.

‘Nevertheless, she gave me around 267% experience...’

It was the power of the enlightenment system. The amount of experience that rose in real time during his fight with Helena gave Grid goosebumps. It also meant that the half-draconian race was this strong. Grid’s power that oppressed Helena with a combination of Storm of the Fire God, infinite sword energy, and the God Hands, was even greater.

Ah, then looking at it...’

Perhaps the birth of a new sword dance was due to the infinite sword energy. Grid’s heart pounded as he recalled the silver-colored sword energies that had been rippling throughout his fight against Helena. The anticipation of being able to learn a new sword dance every time he fought against a powerful sword wielding enemy in the future inspired him.

Just then, the 10 meritorious retainers who disappeared into hell reappeared. In this short amount of time, they had defeated all four senior warriors and many of the 10 meritorious retainers had leveled up. 

“Where is the lizard’s captain?” the excited Vantner shouted energetically while raising his shield. The others in the 10 meritorious retainers also looked around with excited expressions. Then they found Grid and his knights gathered to one side and made expressions of surprise.

“Helena? Have you already raided her?”

“Yes, solo kill.” Grid made a V with his fingers and all of the 10 meritorious retainers were stunned.


The loot dropped by the low-grade and intermediate warriors didn’t attract much attention from the 10 meritorious retainers. The claws that were classified as a weapon and the scales that were classified as armor were somewhat lacking in performance for the 10 meritorious retainers. 

However, the ‘Torn Dragon Wings’ dropped by the senior warriors had effects such as ‘low altitude flying, low-speed flight, and preventing falling’. Therefore, several people wanted them but only four people actively bid on them. The weight was so heavy that the moment they wore it, their speed was slowed down. It was also torn all over the place so the appearance wasn’t good. 

In the end, Grid and the 10 meritorious retainers agreed to sell a considerable amount of the loot they obtained and then share the profit. Finally...

“Isn’t it good to give this necklace to Irene or Lord?”

“I think so as well.”

The ownership of Heart with Bunhelier’s Protection was unanimously passed onto Grid. Grid didn’t speak first but all the 10 meritorious retainers mentioned Irene and Lord. Thanks to this, Grid’s troubles ended.

“I’ll give it to Irene.”

Lord was strong enough to defend himself while Irene was a normal person. She had only one life. 

Grid cherished the necklace and urged his colleagues, “Then let’s go to the seventh ridge if all of you are ready.”

Grid had summoned the 10 meritorious retainers and his knights for hunting, not the half-draconians. They moved straight to the final ridge and Grid’s group started to gain experience quickly as they hunted the monsters that constantly appeared. The combination of Braham and Euphemina was breathtaking. Braham’s enhanced magic and Euphemina’s Mumud-style magic combined to kill more than 500 monsters in seconds.

Chris’ face was filled with joy as he picked off the elite monsters that didn’t die easily from ranged magic. He glimpsed level 400.


The Satisfy-related communities had been buzzing for a long time. The first incident was the presence of the half-draconians in Frontier. In the videos shot by players, the half-draconians boasted a tremendous combat power. It wasn’t an exaggeration to say they were a prestigious combat race. Even a general ranker seemed to be no match for the half-draconians. Yet a young knight of the Overgeared Kingdom fought the half-draconian one-on-one and won.

Players were thrilled to witness the real-time evolution of a named NPC to a super-named NPC. There were discussions about what the great rewards a player would get if they won against a half-draconian, that the potential of the NPC called Laden had been excellent since the beginning, etc. 

That’s right. Grid’s appearance when Laden was in trouble didn’t cause much of a topic. Everyone in the world knew that Grid was strong. In the future, the world wouldn’t be surprised by Grid’s appearance unless he won against a great demon one-on-one.

-By the way, what is with the Overgeared Kingdom’s rankers all of a sudden?


-Look at the ranking window. All the rankings of the 10 meritorious retainers are skyrocketing.

-Was Lauel pushed out of the top 100?

-Lauel has blocked his path by leaving the 10 meritorious retainers. Now he is only focusing on internal affairs. 

-He is making a lot of money from the prime minister’s position ㅋㅋ

-No, stop and look at the ranking window. It is no joke. 


It was four days after Grid and the 10 meritorious retainers settled in the Chaos Mountains.

[The level of the main members of the Overgeared Guild is rising sharply.]

[It is presumed that the Overgeared members who went to subdue the half-draconians are in the Chaos Mountains.]

[(Column) The mysterious Chaos Mountains. It is an impossible area to challenge.]

All types of articles poured out. It was no wonder since the rankings of the 10 meritorious retainers surged by more than two places in just four days. There were concerns that Grid and the 10 meritorious retainers would monopolize the rankings from 1-11th. Of course, the efforts being put in by Grid and the 10 meritorious retainers were great.

“Fatigue keeps piling up.”

It was 3:45 a.m. when Shin Youngwoo logged out and confirmed the time. In the past few years, he had risen at 5 a.m. to start his day. Now this life pattern was being drastically broken.

“It is because we all have different nationalities.”

The final ridge of the Chaos Mountains was too difficult for Grid to solo. This meant he had to cooperate with all the members of the 10 meritorious retainers for hunting, resting, and group activities. The different countries had time differences and his life patterns were ruined.

‘It feels like I’m degrading my health for my level.’

Youngwoo had a poor body recently because he couldn’t exercise properly. He washed up and wanted to eat ramen. He had the idea that even if he was tired, he needed to make the right food to maintain his fitness. It happened the moment he was trying to open his refrigerator door...

Ding dong.

“...Is this real?”

3:50 a.m.—who would ring the doorbell at this time? Shin Youngwoo was nervous but he approached the intercom with no hesitation. In any case, Youngwoo’s building had a strong friend called Toon guarding it. It was impossible for just anyone to get up here and press the bell.

It was as expected. The person who appeared on the intercom screen was Yura, not a stranger.

“What’s going on?”

Yura smiled at the bewildered Grid who opened the door and offered a large food box. “I’ve made a meal. It is to restore your stamina.”


Youngwoo’s heart was filled with warmth from Yura’s constant interest and affection. He smiled and let Yura into his house.

“Come in.”


The door closed. This closed door didn’t open until morning dawned. In a serene home late in the night, a man and woman dined together. Then after sufficient rest...

Gasp gasp...

Hah, hah...

They ran on treadmills to maintain their health. The two people shared all types of hobbies and were steadily getting closer.


Satisfy had a balance.

Once the archangel led the Templar to push the Yatan Church into a defensive position, it wasn’t a sign of peace but the sign of a new crisis.

Ohh, at last...”

Amoract, the great demon of conflict and Yatan’s First Servant—after receiving the ‘Revelation’ from him, the Yatan Church managed to escape the gaze of Fire Dragon Trauka to safely enter Talima. Their purpose existed somewhere here.

It was to search for the ‘door’ that connected hell and the human world, and open it.

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