Overlord, Love Me Tender
Chapter 1: Funny Business

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Ye Qing Luo suddenly felt an excruciating sharp pain tormenting her entire body. It seemed as if a million sharp blades were slashing at her.

Her heart felt as if it was burning and that flame threatened to burn everything.

Ye Qing Luo wanted to reach out but she found that she couldn’t move. She felt so weak that she could not even lift a finger.

She suddenly froze when she heard a faint man’s voice close by.

“Fourth Young Master, are you sure it’s really alright to do this? I mean, no matter what, this Seventh Young Miss of the Ye family is still His Royal Highness’ fiancee…if we do this, wouldn’t it be making His Royal Highness wearing a green hat..? Wouldn’t that drag us into…”

“What are you so afraid of!” Another man’s voice interrupted him and continued, “You really have no guts! How can His Royal Highness put such a good-for-nothing waste in his eyes? If not for her status as the Three Spring’s Lord’s daughter, do you think he would even bother with her?”

“Fourth Young Master, you mean…”

“She’s a present personally sent to us by the Fourth Young Miss of the Ye family. That bowl of medicine was also personally fed to her by the Fourth Young Miss…so this matter…may also have been known by His Highness.”

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Damn it, what kind of crappy drama is happening?

Ye Qing Luo scrunched her brows together, mustering all her energy to lift her heavy eyelids.

Just as she opened them, her eyes were stung by a bright light.

Suddenly, her mind reeled and it felt as if a there was an explosion in her head. Fragments of unfamiliar pictures and scenes started to flood her mind. It continued to flash in her mind non stop when she suddenly realized that these fragments were forcing themselves into her own memories as they melded and fused together.

Soon, everything was calm.

After she received these memories, Ye Qing Luo tried to pry open her eyes again.

This time, her eyes adapted quickly and focused on the candles.

It was a luxurious room, exquisitely decorated in an ancient flavour.

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Four night pearls stood on each corner of the room, illuminating the room aglow.

What seemed even more shocking was that she was now lying atop a wooden table, her voluptuous figure was now instead a slender and delicate girl’s body, with only a white robe on.

What the?! Lying on the table like this seemed to be as if she was some kind of food and waiting for someone to eat her up?

Damn it! Didn’t she jump off the plane? How did her soul end up in this little girl’s body?

And since she’s been given a new lease of life, wasn’t this start a bit too miserable?

Ye Qing Luo tried to move again, but she could not muster any strength at all.

As what the two men had said earlier, she was drugged.

And what’s more, the drug was personally administered by her very own sister and even sent her here as a present to these men to tarnish her!

She quickly searched through her memories.

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The man who was outside, was from the Yuchi clan, one of the four major family clans. He was the Fourth Young Master of the Yuchi family, a well known foppish playboy who spent his time idling about – Yuchi Ya.

Sending her to Yuchi Ya was simply putting a sheep in front of a wolf’s mouth!

Fourth Sister? And who was her so called fiance?


They better be good and wait for her to return this favour back many folds!

Ye Qing Luo’s gaze sharpened and she exerted a strong pressure, using all her effort to regain control of her limbs.

[Squeak-] The door opened and Yuchi Ya strode in.

From the sound of the footsteps, she gathered that there were at least five or more people with him.

“Little Waste, brother is here to dote on you…” He leered and slowly walked over to the table and immediately reached for her white robe.

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Ye Qing Luo’s gaze turned murderous as she spat out :”Scram!”

When Yuchi Ya heard her voice, he laughed even more lasciviously, with a hint of arrogance, “You’re awake? Very good, very good! Hahaha… This Young Master wasn’t very interested in a dead fish…but now…”

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Overlord, Love Me Tender Chapter 1: Funny Business
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