The wind blew; the clouds converged. The sky was dizzying and the earth was dark. It felt like the heavens were enraged and were suppressing everyone.

Ling Xian’s entire head of black hair was crazily tussling in the wind. He slowly straightened himself off the ground, like a God who was pillaring up the sky. Above him were the nine heavens, below him was the world of the dead.

His eyes were cold, similar to a God of Death who was trying to devour everyone’s soul – absolutely terrifying.

His breathing was heavy, he has long surpassed the completion level now and his terror crumbled the area!

Everyone’s expression changed and they all shrieked in shock.

“This is the Qi of the original level! Dammit, he somehow broke through!”

“The sky dimmed… God’s Trial is about to start. This is it. He broke through to the original level!”

“This is not good. Even before he was of the original level, his capabilities were already the same as the intermediate stage of the original level. If he passes God’s Trial, then our lives would be in danger!”

The group of people discussed together as all their gazes landed on that well-built silhouette. Their eyes flickered with fear.

They knew very well how powerful Ling Xian is. Even before he was of the original level, he could already kill those of the original level. If he is now actually of the original level, just how powerful is he going to be?

This made them want to stop Ling Xian right now. But nobody dared to make a move against him right now.

Because God’s Trial was brewing. If they attack now, then they would be provoking God’s Trial and asking for the fire to creep up to themselves. Plus, God’s Trial related to breaking through to the original level was so terrifying, they didn’t dare to provoke it again after being through it once already!

Therefore, they could only pray that Ling Xian will fail the trial and die!

Lin Qing Yi and them, however, were ecstatic. Their smiles were bright and felt like their sacrifices were getting some returns.

They knew that as long as Ling Xian can make it through God’s Trial, his capabilities will leap forward greatly. When that happens, he can safely escape this place.


The dark clouds grouped together in the sky and were rumbling and emitting a destructive atmosphere.

A long lightning bolt slid across the sky. With enough energy to destroy a forest, it slammed towards Ling Xian!

However, he wasn’t at all moved by this. He merely glared at the lightning bolt and it diminished.

“I have no time to waste with you right now.”

Ling Xian raised his head and stared into the sky. His eyes were extremely cold, as if dead. He knew very well that even if he does pass the God’s Trial, he will be so weakened by the process he won’t be able to stand up after.

How will he fight Ji Qian Bai and them if he was so weakened? If that happens, he won’t even be able to protect himself, let alone saving Lin Qing Yi and them.

Therefore, he made a decision.

He was going to use the Demonic Immortal Bone in his right arm.

Just like its name implies, this bone’s ability is to let its owner turn demonic. After such a transition, the person’s cultivation will reach his or her level’s peak.

Using Ling Xian, for example, if he uses the Demonic Immortal Bone, his cultivation will increase from the beginning stage of the original level to the peak of the original level!

The price is that this immortal bone will crack into pieces and he himself, will lose his soul and completely die!

One has to admit that the Demonic Immortal Bone is extremely powerful. To be able to make a cultivator’s cultivation shoot up to its peak is heaven-defying!

But the price is also cruel. It’s basically the same as dying with the enemy.

However, Ling Xian planned on using this Immortal Bones.

Because of his hatred towards Ji Qian Bai and because of his love for Lin Qing Yi and them!

“If I go through with the God’s Trial, I will be extremely weakened and I won’t be able to escape. I might as well turn myself into a demon and start a rampage!”

Using his physical body to fend against the continuous lightning bolts, Ling Xian’s expression turned serious.

When he first found out this Immortal Bone’s capabilities, he was somewhat disappointed. He thought this bone was like a chicken’s – useless. But now, he was very thankful for the Demonic Immortal Bone.

At the very least, he can let his anger boil and he can save Lin Qing Yi and them.

“Jiu Ge.”

Being showered by the lightning bolts, Ling Xian looked like he was the God of Thunder who could easily suppress every single mortal.

“What is it, master?”

Huang Jiu Ge flew into the air and her beautiful eyes were sparkling with happiness.

“Take them away.”

Ling Xian ordered calmly, “Go as far as possible. Don’t ever come back.”

“I…” Huang Jiu Ge hesitated.

Lin Qing Yi and everyone else all frowned. They had a bad premonition.

“Don’t waste time. Leave right away,” Ling Xian said. His voice was unusually cold, dropping the temperature in this room down by a few degrees.

He had plans to use the Demonic Immortal Bones and once he transforms, he will lose his mind. When that happens, he might kill Lin Qing Yi and them.

Plus, he didn’t want these women, who were so in love with him, to watch his soul being destroyed.


Ji Qian Bai coldly snickered, “Nobody can leave now. Just because you broke through to the original level, you think there is a chance for you? Today, you and your lovers will all die here!”

“Nobody can kill the people I want to save.”

Ling Xian coldly glanced across the room, “Nobody can save the people I want to kill.”

“What a joke!”

Ji Qian Bai didn’t take him seriously. “Even if you do not weaken after God’s Trial, you are merely a cultivator at the beginning stage of the original level. I can defeat you easily!”

After those words were spoken, everyone began to laugh at Ling Xian’s overestimation of himself.

“Then why don’t you try.”

Ling Xian spoke softly. He marched forward with his head held high.


Giant lightning bolts slammed onto his body, ripping apart his flesh but it wasn’t enough to stop him from going forward. He was like the God who policed everyone else from above.

As he walked, he demanded once again, “Jiu Ge, I will ask you one more time, take them away.”

Hearing this, Huang Jiu Ge hesitated, but eventually dragged Lin Qing Yi and everyone else onto her phoenix formed body.

However, these women were unwilling to leave and all wanted to be with Ling Xian till the end.

“Leave. Just listen to me. Don’t ever come back.”

Ling Xian walked on with his head held high. His eyes were cold like frost and he looked emotionless. Deep inside, however, he missed them.

He didn’t dare to look back. Because looking at them will only make his tears fall. He didn’t dare to make a promise. Because he knew he won’t get the chance to fulfill it.

Therefore, he continued to walk forward without looking back. There was no affection on his face. However, for him to transform into a demon and slaughter everyone was enough to speak of his feelings.

Lin Qing Yi and they didn’t know about this, but they knew that if they stay, they would just be a burden.

Therefore, they all gave Ling Xian one last glance and no longer rejected Huang Jiu Ge.

“Let’s go. I believe with Master’s strength, he will be able to pave out a path and defeat them all.” Huang Jiu Ge said softly, “Let us go and get out of his hair.”

Then, her wings fluttered and she left.

“You want to leave? Did you ask for permission?” Ji Qian Bai coldly chuckled. His fists swarmed out like dragons and they aimed towards Huang Jiu Ge!

“You want to attack? Did you ask me for permission?”

Ling Xian’s stare was cold as he appeared right before the fists in a second. He slapped and stopped Ji Qian Bai’s attack right away.

Then, he activated the Demonic Immortal Bone!


Ling Xian’s hair was in a disarray and his anger was causing steam to come out of his hair. Then, along with a statement that was furious and full of killer’s intent, a demon appeared!

“The Heavens have abandoned me and I cannot continue living. If I do not let the demons take over, who can help me?”

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