Painting of the Nine Immortals

Chapter 838: Gone like Smoke

Peering at Ming Sha Sheng, who’s head was lowered, Ling Xian shook his head and didn’t say anything.

He could clearly sense this person’s hatred. However, he did not care.

He has changed since the olden days. The him today has grown so powerful that even the 10 Dynasties and 9 Houses do not dare to act irrationally before him. Why would a mere completion leveled cultivator bother him?

Plus, with his mentality, he wouldn’t even dwell on those petty things from the past.

Therefore, Ling Xian waved around his hand, signaling that all this was done with.

This made the leader of Xiu Luo sigh in relief. The reason why he slapped Ming Sha Sheng without any second thoughts was that he was afraid Ling Xian would be angered. Since Ling Xian didn’t seem to mind, naturally he was relieved.

“Learn from Ling Xian. You remember such little things from years before, you embarrass me.”

Xiu Luo Leader hissed and pointed his finger at Ming Sha Sheng, “When we return, you are to sit in the Fountain of Blood for a decade to think over your actions.”

When the words “Fountain of Blood” entered everyone’s ears, their expressions changed. They didn’t think the Xiu Luo Leader was this cruel and was willing to make Ming Shan Sheng suffer in such a place.

To know that that place was not a good place by any means. It was a cruel place where even the mentioning of it makes people’s expression change. In some way, the Blood of Fountain was the cruelest punishment to be had in the Xiu Luo House. In the entire Yunzhou, it was considered to be one of the worst punishments.

Therefore, why wouldn’t everyone’s expression change?

Ming Sha Sheng, in particular, revealed a look of terror and his body quivered. At once, he was filled with regret – regret that he ever revealed killer’s intent towards Ling Xian.

“Xiu Luo Headmaster, that punishment is an overkill.”

Ling Xian softly grinned. “We merely had some friction. The way I see it, you should just let it go.”

Hearing this, everyone’s eyes flashed with strangeness. They didn’t think Ling Xian’s heart was this broad.

Ming Sha Sheng, in particular, was looking more startled than ever. Then, he burst into laughter and he understood something completely.

Ling Xian simply didn’t think anything of him.

“I don’t even… have the right to be your enemy… is that right…”

Ming Sha Sheng was very bitter. Perhaps, if Ling Xian taught him a lesson with violence, he wouldn’t be so bitter. At most, he would be a little embarrassed.

Yet Ling Xian did not teach him any lesson. Instead, he was asking for forgiveness on his behalf, what did this mean?

Other than Ling Xian having a broad heart, it meant Ling Xian did not at all care. He had utterly ignored Ming Sha Sheng!

Now, Ming Sha Sheng had finally realized this. He had realized how stupid he had been and how laughable he had been.

“Since Master Ling has spoken, naturally I will comply.”

The Xiu Luo Leader revealed a soft smile. His excited expression contrasted brightly against Ming Sha Sheng. This made Ming Sha Sheng even more bitter.

Then, he shot Ming Sha Sheng a look and coldly hissed, “Quickly, thank Master Ling for letting go of the past.”

“Yes, Supreme Headmaster.”

Ming Sha Sheng acted as if he had lost his soul. There was no more hatred nor was there humiliation. All there was was bitterness. He paid his respect to Ling Xian, “Thank you for asking for forgiveness on my behalf.”

“The whole thing from years ago disappeared like the smoke from years ago. I hope you can let it go too.”

Looking at the zombie-like Ming Sha Sheng, Ling Xian softly smiled. “Of course, if you cannot let it go, then I welcome you in causing me trouble.”

Causing you trouble?

Ming Sha Sheng chuckled painfully. He has now fully understood that it is likely that he will never be able to catch up to Ling Xian and he definitely cannot defeat him.

“Master Ling, you are joking. If he still dares to hate you, I will kill him first.” Xiu Luo Leader’s expression was cold. It wasn’t for certain if he was just saying that or if he was really going to do that.

No matter what, the respect he had towards Ling Xian was clear.

“Alright, then this is the end of it. I hope I didn’t ruin anyone’s mood.” Ling Xian brandished his hand. From beginning to end, he never thought much of this whole thing.

To him, this was merely a small interlude.

Then, he suddenly remembered the Nirvana Fountain of Real Phoenixes and he brightly laughed, “Right, there is a little something I wanted to ask you Supreme Headmasters.”

“Master Ling, please do speak of whatever it is that you want.”

“That’s right. As long as it is something within our realm of capabilities, we will not say no.”

“Master Ling, please so speak. I will do whatever you say.”

Various Supreme Headmasters spoke out. Nobody dared to ignore his request.

Hearing this, Ling Xian softly smiled, “It’s really not a big deal. I simply want to read ancient records regarding your respective forces.”

Then, he added, ” of course, I am talking about the ancient records that are written with facts. I would never ask to read your secret techniques.”

Hearing this, everyone sighed in relief.

If Ling Xian wanted to learn all their secret techniques, then that would be impossible. After all, those are things each force relies on to survive in this world. Why would they ever reveal them to an outsider?

However, if he merely wants to read about records of facts for information, then there would be no problem. There are really no secrets written inside and they would merely be doing him a small favor.

Therefore, all the different forces agreed to it. They indicated that whenever Ling Xian has the time, he can come and read anytime.

“Then, I thank all of you in advance.” Ling Xian softly grinned, satisfied with everyone’s attitude.

The reason why he wanted to read over the books was because he wanted to see if he can find any information regarding the Nirvana Fountain of Real Phoenixes.

Though his current battling abilities were powerful, without Qi, it was inconvenient and he will definitely have regrets in the future.

Therefore, of course he wanted to find the Nirvana Fountain of Real Phoenixes. It would allow him to transform and grow even stronger!
“The Xia Dynasty’s door will always be open for you. We welcome you any time.”

The Xia Emperor paid his respect to Ling Xian and smiled. “It’s getting late. It’s time for me to leave. Farewell.”

Then, he leaped into the air like a dragon and disappeared.

At this, all the leaders of the different forces paid their respect and left.

At once, the originally clamorous meeting area turned silent. Only Sun Ze Hao and Mo Qing Fu remained where they stood.

“Haha, it is time for me to leave as well.”

Sun Ze Hao brightly laughed. “If you ever get the chance, come to the Tai Xu House, I will treat you well.”

Then, he flapped around his sleeve, carried his two apprentices, and left.

Mo Qing Fu made a fist with one hand and cupped it with the other. “If there is ever a chance, we shall see each other inside the Hao Ran House.”

Then, a gold-colored book materialized and carried him away.

“Everyone left.”

Ling Xian exclaimed. He straightened his body to leave before staring at the setting Sun. His eyes flashed with high hopes and high expectations.

“I hope I can find some sort of hint in those ancient records. To live without Qi isn’t a long-term solution.”

Mumbling, Ling Xian tore the space before him and turned around to leave.

A celebratory meeting that happened for him had ended. But what the meeting signified was far from over. This was something all the different leaders could tell from his attitude.

The Ling Xian today had turned into an important person in Yunzhou. Even the most powerful forces in Yunzhou do not dare to act rashly towards him.

This meant, he was now similar to an eternal Sun – glorious, limitless, and brightens up the entire Yunzhou.

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