Painting of the Nine Immortals

Chapter 862 A Small Slap In the Face

Inside the restaurant, Ling Xian was all smiles. Though his tone was gentle, they revealed strong waves of confidence.

He really wanted to try and see, just how difficult the Heavenly Palace that only three people managed to surpass is.

Seeing his confidence, the waiter was not affected. Though he didn’t straight up say it, his eyes revealed some disdain.

That was normal, the Library of Fortune had 12 entrance exams and the only rule is that those who pass the seventh level of the Heavenly Palace get accepted.

Sadly, all twelve times, none of the candidates could surpass the seventh level, let alone going all the way.

Over the tens and thousands of years, countless candidates tried to enter the Heavenly Palace but only three completed the Heaven’s Palace. The most recent one is Fairy Wu, a beautiful and famous lady.

This lady was one of the most popular Heaven’s Favorites in recent years. On the same level as Ye Xiao Yao, Yu Su Zi and so on, she was known to be able to defeat everyone from her own generation.

This was the reason why only Heaven’s Favorites her level could get all the way through the Heavenly Palace.

Her level of Heaven’s Favorites, in the entire Tianzhou, was rare and numbered. Therefore, the waiter was naturally skeptical of Ling Xian’s claims.

“Tell me the direction of the Library of Fortune.”

Ling Xian spoke softly. He wanted to head to the Heavenly Palace and find out just how dominating he has become.

“This city is part of the land the Library of Fortune owns.”

The waiter smiled, “You just have to head east for 300 miles to see a dense forest. That is the base of the Library of Fortune.”

“Great. These two spiritual stones are yours.”

Standing up, Ling Xian disappeared without a trace.

Then, he headed to the east and flew for around 300 miles. He then actually saw a vast forest.

Before him were ancient trees, and around them were mountain ranges. It was truly scenic.

Amongst the middle of the forest stood a golden palace. It had a heavy demeanor and appeared very aged.

Before the palace, groups of silhouettes were seen standing on the ground. It looked as if they were all here to try and pass through the Heavenly Palace.

“That is the Heavenly Palace? It does look grand.”

A hint of surprise flashed across Ling Xian’s eyes. He descended among the people to check it out.

But when he landed, he heard laughter from the crowd.

“Heh, here comes another one who overestimates himself.”

“The Library of Fortune is far too attractive. To become a direct descendant, who can say no to such temptation?”

“Sadly, the tests of the Heavenly Palace are far too difficult. Normal cultivators cannot even get through one level.”

Listening to these discussions made Ling Xian shake his head and chuckle. He didn’t think too much. After all, his goal wasn’t to enter the Library of Fortune, but to test his capabilities.

Just as he was chuckling, the space around the Heaven’s Favorites suddenly rumbled. Then, a silhouette flung out and a muffled bang arose.

At this, everyone exhaled deeply and had much to exclaim.

“How many was that? If I’m not wrong, that was the 42nd.”

“It’s been more than 40… this person ended up on the third level. It’s not bad.”

“I’ve met that person. He was once at the undefeatable realm of the meditational level, which gave him a strong foundation. Only so was he able to get to the third level. This Heavenly Palace is far too insane.”

Everyone exclaimed.

The cultivator who was shut out by the Heavenly’s Palace left soullessly. Discouraged.

“Interesting. It is no wonder everyone says this palace is difficult.”

Ling Xian squinted his eyes but he didn’t feel pressured. Instead, he was more intrigued. Then, he no longer worried and walked into the grandeur palace right away.

He sure wanted to see just how difficult this Heavenly Palace that made so many cultivators stumble was!

As he walked in, the crowd once again erupted into laughter.

“Another person who overestimates himself is here. How many levels do you think he’ll go?”

“I estimate around three levels. The Heavenly Palace isn’t a place anyone can just get through.”

“Haha, haven’t you noticed that he has no Qi? First level? I don’t think he can even enter its door!”

“That’s true. Though the Heavenly Palace doesn’t restrict incomers, how can someone without Qi open its door?”

“Maybe he is one who practices the Path of Physique. But, heaven and earth have changed. Very few people who walk that path are capable. I bet he is at most, at the foundational level for his physique.”

Everyone chimed in. Their tone was full of mockery and teasing.

Though they knew that there was no way Ling Xian was a mortal. But no matter how strong his physique is, it cannot be that strong.

Remember that this is the Heavenly Palace that has made many powerhouses stumble!

“Can’t even enter the door?”

Hearing all the laughter beside his ears, Ling Xian shook his head and chuckled, “Then I will show you whether or not I can break down this door.”

Then, he no longer concealed his power and with a punch, he smashed at the barrier!


His bloody energy poured out like an awakened beast, instantly smashing down the barrier. The entire Heavenly Palace shook at this.

Normally speaking, as long as one has the Qi of the meditational level, one would be able to open the door and enter the Heavenly Palace. However, because of those people’s mockery, Ling Xian didn’t try to conceal anything and straight away let his original leveled physique go!

The result was without a doubt, shocking.

After feeling that energy, everyone was stunned. Then, the space filled with people inhaling deeply.

“What the f!ck! That energy… it’s the physique from the original level!”

“Unbelievable… in today’s world where the path of physique is so rare, someone has reached the original level?”

“My god, he’s a human-shaped apex predator! This energy… truly terrifying!”

“I cannot believe this. Even in the entire Tianzhou, it’s hard to find many with the original physique. I cannot believe we encountered one here!”

Everyone chimed in, in terror. Their faces were full of disbelief.

Not even in their dreams did they think this man would possess the original leveled physique!

When they remembered how they were mocking Ling Xian, their faces puffed red and they felt embarrassed.

What a joke!

How can someone with an original leveled physique not be able to open the Heavenly Palace’s door?

Everyone was feeling embarrassed. It was as if someone had slapped them in the face. Their cheeks ached.

Seeing this, Ling Xian lightly smiled, satisfied at everyone’s attitude. He no longer hesitated as he marched over the barrier and entered the Heavenly Palace.

The palace was very empty. Other than four jade pillars that were delicately carved, there were no other decors.

“So this is the first level of the Heavenly Palace?”

Looking at the empty inside, Ling Xian frowned slightly. He had no clue what he was being tested on.

Just as he questioned, the four jade pillars began to emit faint light that slowly materialized into a small mountain. It was heavy and sturdy. At the very least, it weighed 10,000 tons.

At the same time, a statement entered his brain, informing him of the content of this test – to lift this small mountain.

Then, Ling Xian smiled. To someone as powerful as he was, lifting a mountain was easy peasy.

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