Paragon Of Destruction

Paragon Of Destruction

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Paragon Of Destruction novel is a popular light novel covering Fantasy genres. Written by the Author TomVanDyke. 419 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


When Arran decides to become a mage, he quickly discovers that magic can be more dangerous than he had ever imagined. Soon, he finds himself hunted for powers he never knew he had.

Helped by a mysterious mage with secret motives, he sets off on a journey to escape his enemies. But where will he run? And can he trust his helper?

Pursued by mages and monsters alike, he knows there is only one true road to safety: to become stronger than his enemies!


Paragon of Destruction is classic fantasy with strong xianxia/xuanhuan influences, lots of action, and a variety of characters from different backgrounds.

Release schedule: 1 chapter/day.

Content advisory: strong violence, strong language, and some sexual content.

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Chapters read as of review: 419

Paragon of Destruction is without a doubt one of the most engaging and exciting webnovels I have read. It starts off slow but quickly progresses to become much more exciting. The world building is great and plot is amazing, never becoming too farfetched that you're questioning what you're reading.

There is a lot of training that goes on (mc is obsessed with getting stronger); however, the author sometimes covers months of training in a few sentences to avoid writing only training scenes.

I've never found my interest wane too much, and it also has a stream of conflict/battles for the mc to be involved in. The mc is not the strongest in the novel yet, but he reaches closer and closer to becoming the strongest.

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This one is right amount of fantasy world, magic , action and in depth system and techniques. Great read. Only problem is inconsistent release.

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I just gotta say that i love reading Paragon of Destruction. The feeling you get with the medieval times and magic. 10/10 would recommend it to anyone who likes the era + magic

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