Paragon of Sin
Chapter 880: Worldly Forces,TheLast Avatar


An Omega Saber Soul!

King's evolution had grasped the intrinsic qualities of Divine, Imperial, and Annihilation, somehow leading to the development into an entirely new distinction, an entirely new state of existence! While Wei Wuyin was unsure if this designation for Spirits of Cultivation, an Omega Soul, was unique or not to places with deep history and legacies such as the Azure-Prime Galactic Zone or the creators of the Battlefield, he felt that it was still an unprecedented development for mere Astral Soul.

"That's so cool! Very cool! Omega COOL!" Ori was the most supportive, instantly externalizing to arrive beside Element, releasing rays of Soul Light in its emotionally-charged excitement. It was clear that King's decision to not abandon the 'Divine' aspect of his soul greatly impacted Ori. Their connection was still incredibly strong, still the closest of siblings amongst the squad.

Even King couldn't help but be affected, eliciting a short, uncharacteristic, and exceptionally rare stint of laughter with Ori. While brief, it showed a lighter side to his usually succinct and prideful disposition.

Wei Wuyin watched as the two intermingled, Ori entering Element to hug King with their Astral Cores. Wei Wuyin's felt all sort feelings at this moment. There was a wisp of pride, joy, and relief, including the warming of his heart at the sight of their relationship.

If King had failed, chances were…he could've outright destroyed his soul. It was a well-known fact amongst cultivators that changing the soul's intrinsic attribute, outside of Alchemic, had extremely volatile results. Only the Alchemic Path was easier to do, mostly due to its seven aspects, and one of which governed transformation and change.

The Four Extreme Continent deployed this method fully to generate Alchemic Proxies, cultivators that, post-Astral Core Realm, would undergo a procedure to change their Astral Core's intrinsic nature. It was described as a hellishly torturous process, and it outright limited one's cultivation base in the future…forever.

But seeing the stable King's Astral Core and Astral Soul, he knew that there was no massive underlying change that would negatively impact his cultivation. Perhaps the act of Externalizing, preventing the physical body and cultivator from withstanding the process, greatly increased the chances of success and eliminated any potential issues.

At least, that was his current working theory. The Externalize Heart Qi Method had thus far been the most impactful creation in his entire career as a cultivator, and while its name was a little too lacking, its contributions to his success was unquestionable.

"What's next?" Wei Wuyin asked. The bits of worldly light continued to spiral him like a twister of radiance. The four Worldly Avatars were powerful. Not only had his spine been crushed by Kratos' Worldly Avatar, but Eden's Worldly Avatar had penetrated his mental defenses and drawn him into an illusionscape, while King's Worldly Avatar had siphoned the energy from the entire planet, sending it slicing towards him with unparalleled lethality.

They were terrifying, to say the least. However, his cultivation efforts of maximizing his foundation was not for show. The world could muster up a fighting power with mimics, but he possessed the genuine article backed by their united power.

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When he exerted his strength, they could only unravel at the seams. The Worldly Avatar of Kratos couldn't hide from his Celestial Eyes nor become intangible against him, leading to it being ripped to shreds. The Worldly Avatar of Eden foolishly tried to conquer his mind, yet the Eye of Illusion was too great, and Eden was the sovereign of his Sea of Consciousness. After being pulled in, it was comparing an infant fighting a mountain.

There was no question about the victor.

Even the Worldly Avatar of Ori had some challenges, but overwhelming strength infused with similar elemental powers crushed it without any resistance. This wasn't indicative that it was weak, as it was the only Worldly Avatar where Wei Wuyin had to combine two sources of strength, Kratos and Ori, to deal with it.

King's Worldly Avatar was profoundly lethal. It was definitely the most dangerous out of the four, strictly due to its insane offensive power. While Kratos's Worldly Avatar had tremendous strength, capable of severing his refined spine with a single blow, dragging him across tens of thousands of miles, it couldn't measure up to the converted world energies into saber light.

A large-sized planet refined by Earthly Saints, Origin, had been split into two!

If Wei Wuyin were to say that he wasn't a little nervous about the next challenge, he would be lying. However, he was ready to face anything that came. His Heart of Cultivation was unyielding; this was merely a small danger in comparison to the Calamities of Hell.

"Ready?" Eden solemnly asked, not Wei Wuyin, but the other three Astral Souls. At that time, Ori and King had quieted down instantly. Without any indication, they returned to Wei Wuyin's dantian in a blink of an eye. Wei Wuyin caught a glimpse at the Omega Saber Astral Core, awed by the darkly-colored vortex with rays of saber light swirling within the Astral Core.

It was entirely different than before. It reminded him of how the saber blade of King was embedded into a vortex before with only the hilt shown.

The four Astral Souls were acting in concerted effort, releasing soft vibrations. Wei Wuyin clenched the hilt of Element tighter, not knowing what to expect. The worldly light began to tremble as well. With narrowed eyes, Wei Wuyin observed the activity of the light intently.

Suddenly, the worldly light of the Worldly Avatars began to soar in the sky, painting the sky in their brilliance. They seemed to be dancing in a majestic, awe-inspiring show. It was beautiful. The mixture of the seven colors of alchemy, white, silver, and grey formed a unique aurora borealis effect.

Despite the lack of an atmosphere, the light formed and shimmered about. They intermixed until they condensed into a single egg-like shape. The egg wasn't larger than thirteen meters. There were no imperfections on this egg's surface, and it seemed to have been born from the world itself.

The egg slowly started to condense another round, turning into a human-shaped being. An amalgamation of all four Worldly Avatars. This human-shape was extremely familiar to Wei Wuyin, from the contours of its defined muscles, to the bulge of its groin, and its facial features.

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It had two eyes, two ears, a nose, and a mouth. When he saw it, despite the different scale, he instantly recognized it!

It was none other than himself!

"Why is this happening?" Wei Wuyin couldn't help but ask. What were his Astral Souls planning? Was they trying to form some unique Worldly Avatar?

Its eyes were closed, almost as if it was sleeping and forming into a great entity. With the looks like that, the aura of the entire world, Wei Wuyin felt as if he was facing a legitimate god depicted in legends.


A gushing wave of Worldly Pressure descended. Wei Wuyin felt his breath halted, his blood froze, and his eyes contracted to a needlepoint. A sensation of unfathomable crisis, of hopelessness, of his certain death, it all flashed through his mind with unimaginable ferocity!

"KILL IT BEFORE IT WAKES!" Eden screeched loudly. Completely uncharacteristic of its typical calm and collected demeanor, Eden urgently shouted with such intensity that Wei Wuyin's entire Sea of Consciousness shook as if it was experiencing a world-ending earthquake.

"TCH!" King exploded too. There was a wisp of aggression within its tone, and within that aggression was the slightest trace of fear.

"KILL! KILL! KILL! HURRY!!!" Ori screamed just as loudly. The panic within its voice wasn't hidden by any reservations. It was downright clear from its lack of jokes—Ori was terrified.

Kratos released not a sound nor a growl, but its silence was extremely telling.

"What the hell is that thing?" Wei Wuyin's heart pounded incessantly with thunderous booms, but he didn't dare delay or be careless. He didn't hold back as he drew upon the power of his four Astral Souls, channeling his might into Element. Invoking his Elemental Heart Intent, directly infused his will into the remaining earthen energies still embedded within the planet.

With a thought, it converted thousands of miles into wind energies. Wei Wuyin lifted Element, invoking his Saber Heart Intent! The wind energies that had nestled in the deepest parts of the planet Origin were directly converted into saber energies, surrounding him with endless saber light. With a heavy breath, Wei Wuyin stomped his feet and like a sonic projectile, he explosively shot toward the thirteen-meter-sized version of himself.

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The naturally exuding Worldly Pressure was titantically heavy, giving him incredible resistance as the saber light was infused with his Saber Heart Intent to descend, sunken to the ground and unable to follow along.

Wei Wuyin's eyes constricted further. If it wasn't for his refined body and Draconic Transformation, the sheer gravitational force of this Worldly Pressure would've restricted him from moving! And it didn't seem to be controlled!

What was this thing?!

Wei Wuyin was alone with a saber at hand. Every inch of travel required tremendous strength. When he saw the eyelids of his mimic shiver, he felt a great sensation of deadly crisis, equal to the Wall of Heaven!


Wei Wuyin didn't, no, couldn't hesitate. He decided to trust in his saber, drawing upon King's new Omega Saber Force. All four Astral Souls were deeply connected, capable of sharing energies and astral force. With this ability, Wei Wuyin drove all his available power into Omega Saber Force, funneling it into the edge of Element. If he placed it directly into it, Element would surely explode.

The eyelids of the Worldly Avatar that resembled himself, giving off the air of an Immortal of the World, slowly lifted to reveal a wisp of ungodly Worldly Power.

King, Ori, Eden, Kratos, and Wei Wuyin all shouted simultaneously:



A ray of omega saber light shot forth.

From beyond Origin, the observers saw a sharp, annihilating light slice into the Dark Void, traveling hundreds of thousands of miles out. It was…

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Paragon of Sin Chapter 880: Worldly Forces,TheLast Avatar
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