Peerless Battle Spirit

Peerless Battle Spirit

Chapter 1343: The Supreme of Canglan

"Such a close call!"

Qin Nan, Blood Rune, Qilin Flame, and the others felt extremely relieved after witnessing the sight before them.

The two attacks were absolutely terrifying. Without the Sun and Moon Sword God's safety measure which he had prepared beforehand, even if they were not killed instantly, they would have suffered severe injuries or even been crippled.

"Sun and Moon, the rumors are true after all. You're extremely cautious with everything, to even predict that this could happen! However, what difference does it make? I'll now break the defense!"

The middle-aged man in a blue robe continued to attack at lightning speed. His eyes emitted a brilliant glow as he executed a series of terrifying attacks.

"Let's leave this place!"

"Into the Dao Origin Heavenly Mountain!"

The authorities from other factions felt like a few peerless sabers had appeared from high up in the sky and were slashing at the place. They were astounded and immediately gave the order to enter the mountain through the blue copper arc entrance.

The battle was too terrifying. They would not allow themselves to be involved in it.

"Qin Nan..."

The eyes of Princess Miao Miao, Tang Qingshan, Gong Yang, Dragon Emperor, and the others widened slightly. They subconsciously tried to lend a hand, yet before they could execute their Monarch Arts, the wave of attacks landed on the mountain made of sword intent.


A series of deafening explosions took place. A powerful shockwave swept the surroundings, destroying the fiery mountains nearby, while the ground had a large crack in it.

Even though the mountain of sword intent was extremely sturdy, it began to tremble and collapse under the attacks, like a raft on an enraged ocean that would sink at any second.

Qin Nan was still alright, who simply felt his breathing and blood flow being hindered. However, the rest were having a tough time under the suppression. Their bodies shivered slightly, while the faces of some had turned extremely pale, a sign that their minds were severely impacted.

"Do you really think that you can trap me for ten breaths with merely two God Arts?"

The Sun and Moon Sword God spoke with an expressionless face. An icy sword intent which felt like it had originated from the Netherworld exploded, freezing the Ultimate Sky Wrath Stamp and the pitch-black talismans in place.

It was one of his two greatest sword intents, the Serene Lunar Sword Intent.

"Ultimate Dao, Heaven-Shaking Hammer!"

"God of the Undead!"

"South-Heaven Strike!"

The blue-robed middle-aged man, the Martial God of Martial Principle Sect, and the old black-robed woman fired their attacks from their different directions, sealing off the Sun and Moon Sword God's escape.

"Among the vastness of the Heavens and Earth, and the potential of all things, only the Sun and Moon exist eternally."

The Sun and Moon Sword God did not back off. The ancient sword in his hand slashed forward, firing streams of sword intents that were icy and fiery at the same time, filling the space around him. The two energies separated and merged together at times, shattering everything they came into contact with.

If one were to inspect it from a thousand li away with a pair of outstanding eyes, the sight of the attack would resemble a rising sun among countless stars, shining brightly despite the presence of the other three Martial Gods.


The collision of these attacks was even more terrifying than the previous one. The space within a few thousand li fell into complete chaos, with glows flickering non-stop within it. The entire place was shaking vigorously.

In addition to that, even on the normal-looking Dao Origin Heavenly Mountain, the rare herbs and plants, the rocks, and rivers began to emit an invisible glow, establishing a barrier around the mountain.

It was obvious that the tremendous battle had also caught the attention of the master of the Dao Origin Heavenly Mountain, who had no intention of being involved in it.

"The tide of the battle is shifting."

"The Sun and Moon Sword God is being suppressed."

At the foothills of the Dao Origin Heavenly Mountain, among the other factions, the aged cultivators who had all reached the peak Martial Monarch Realm were startled as they discovered something.

They did not enter the Dao Origin Heavenly Mountain, but stayed to watch the battle between the four Martial Gods to see if they could learn something from it.

"The Sun and Moon Sword God is being suppressed?"

Although Blood Rune, Qilin Flame, and Vast Skythunder had already predicted it, but their hearts could not help but sink when they heard it had happened.

"Now that the four Martial Gods after fighting, they don't have time for us. Let's leave this place."

Five peak Martial Progenitors suddenly exchanged glances with one another and clenched their teeth. They immediately executed Monarch Arts and stepped out of the vibrating sword intent and flew forward.

Once they made it to the foot of the Dao Origin Heavenly Mountain and blended into the crowd, the Martial Gods would think twice before trying to kill them. They would be safe within the vicinity of the Dao Origin Heavenly Mountain.

Blood Rune, Qilin Flame, Vast Skythunder, and the others shared the same urge too.


Only Qin Nan was startled, who immediately tried to grab the five cultivators back.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh.

However, at that instant, the crimson chains surrounding the place and the pitch-black talismans floating around without any sign of energy were suddenly activated. They flew toward the cultivators like godly sabers and shattered them into pieces within the blink of an eye.

It turned out that the Martial God of the Martial Principle Sect and the old black-robed woman had purposely left the chains and talismans there to prevent the cultivators of the Anti-Heaven Alliance from escaping.

However, when the mountain of sword intent appeared, the Martial God of the Martial Principle Sect and the old black-robed woman did not want to waste their effort, hence they had been dormant since then.

"Senior Sun and Moon Sword God already made it clear. Without his order, none of us should move from our place. If you don't want to die, just listen to his order."

Qin Nan withdrew his hand and said coldly.

Blood Rune, Qilin Flame, Vast Skythunder, and the others could feel their scalps turning numb, as a great chill went down their spines. They had completely tossed out the thought of running away as far as possible.

"Still not making a move? Are you waiting for him to run away?"

Suddenly, two thunderous roars could be heard high up in the sky, who turned out to be the Martial God of the Martial Principle Sect and the old black-robed woman.

"Sun and Moon, your cultivation is indeed impressive, still managing to hold your ground despite facing us three at the same time. However, you won't be able to escape your death this time!"

"Supreme of Canglan, South-Heaven Gate...


Another thunderous roar took place, but unlike those a second ago, the entire ground began to tremble as every other noise seemed to have gone silent all of a sudden.

"South...South-Heaven Gate?"

The authorities who had yet to enter the Dao Origin Heavenly Mountain, the genius Martial Monarchs, and the rest of the rogue cultivators felt a great clap of thunder exploding in their minds when they heard the words.
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