Peerless Battle Spirit

Chapter 1433 Domineering Threatening

Meanwhile, on the fourth floor of the Drought Demon Immortal Tomb...

The fourth floor was different from the first three floors. It consisted of a spacious valley with palaces of different sizes.

Each palace was covered in a godly glow, granting them a formidable aura. The surroundings were full of forbidding formations and death traps on top of thirteen guardian spirits with the strength of the fifth-layer Earth God Realm that were deeply asleep.

Apart from that, a blue-copper pillar that was around ten zhang tall was standing at the end of the valley.

The person who inserted the Drought Demon Red Jade Pendants and Drought Demon Purple-Golden Jade Pendants into the pillar would be able to venture deeper to acquire the Drought Demon Succession.

"Construct the formation, and try not to awaken the guardian spirits!"

Three old men were standing at the entrance of the valley. The one in lead with a fierce expression and purple hair transmitted his thoughts to the crowd.

They had come from the three factions, who were known as Old Man Zi Xu, old Man Hun Jian and Old Man Wu Gui. Their cultivation had reached the half-Human God Realm and mastered two of the four Extremities.

Here at the Drought Demon Battlefield, once the Drought Demon Immortal Tomb was opened, Human God Realm experts too were allowed to explore the place. However, their cultivation would be suppressed at the first-layer of Human God Realm.


Twenty-nine Human God Realm experts and over twenty geniuses including Han Mingli and the others, six Martial Gods and authorities such as Xu Dongjue and the others responded before activating the talismans in their bodies.

They were not only constructing the formation to fight the thirteen guardian spirits, but to set up an ambush for Old Man Chan Ming.

"Not sure what's going on up there..."

Many rogue cultivators in the first three floors were curious.

Most of them were aware of the incident between Qiu Hong and Old Man Chan Ming that happened not long ago.

The rogue cultivators had come not only to try their luck on finding some little fortunate encounters, they were also here to watch the battle.


Suddenly, the sky above the valley on the fourth floor exploded thunderously, as a continuous glow appeared and transformed into an ancient teleportation formation.

"It's here already?"

The Human God Realm experts, the Martial Gods, and the Martial Monarchs gathered their focus and lifted their gaze. Their faces were filled with astonishment when they took a closer look at the person who had arrived.

Why is it Qiu Hong?

Why didn't Old Man Chan Ming kill him?

And why isn't Old Man Chan Ming here?

"You three factions are pretty quick."

Qin Nan scanned the place staring at the familiar faces. He did not seem too surprised. He set his gaze looking at the valley.

He had already expected that the three factions would send their people here.

"Qiu Hong, hurry up and tell us where Old Man Chan Ming is, or I'll make you suffer!"

Old Man Zi Xu collected his thoughts and snapped with a formidable aura.

"Is that so?"

Qin Nan flickered his finger without looking at the old man. He had fired thirteen rapid monarch rays at the thirteen guardian spirits.

"How bold of you to disrupt the peace of Senior Drought Demon's tomb!"

The eyes of the thirteen guardian spirits sprang open together with brilliant god glow as they executed a series of God Arts aiming at Qin Nan and the people from the three factions.

They did not possess any intelligence, they were like puppets.

"How dare that kid!"

The faces of Old Man Zi Xu and the others turned cold. Although they were familiar wot the ways of dealing with the guardian spirits after coming to the Drought Demon Immortal Tomb for a few hundred years, it would still require some effort from them.

The fact that a mere Martial Monarch like Qiu Hong dared to disrespect them made them feel unpleasant.

"Everyone, I'll be going first."

Qin Nan wore a calm smile. He activated the Ancient Black Altar, which transformed him into a ray of black light sweeping across the sky.

The various forbidding formations around the palaces were all activated, covering the whole valley in a god glow.

However, to everyone's astonishment, these outstanding formations and death traps had no effect on Qin Nan. Even the thirteen guardian spirits were unaware of his presence. They kept on attacking the people from the three factions.

"What just happened?"

The people of the three factions were startled.

They did not know the secrets of the Ancient Black Altar.

Before they could react, Qin Nan had already reached the blue-copper pillar. His hand was holding fifteen pendants.

"The Red Jade Pendants and the Purple-Golden Pendants were all in his hand?"

The people of the three factions were completely astounded.

Since Qiu Hong was still alive, it was possible that Old Man Chan Ming had sent him here to probe the situation. However, why did he still have the fifteen pendants?

Old Man Chan Ming had been making preparations for the Drought Demon Immortal Tomb for a few hundred years. Why didn't he take the pendants away?

"Qiu Hong, hold it right there!"

Old Man Zi Xu quickly collected his thoughts and unleashed his god force. His thunderous voice echoed across the valley. Meanwhile, Qin Nan did not stop. He was preparing to insert the pendants.

"Qiu Hong, if you don't want your master and people of your faction to die, stop moving and hand over all the pendants."

Old Man Zi Xu's voice turned extremely cold.


Qin Nan frowned. He came to a stop and turned his head around.


Han Mingli, Jiang Dingshan and Yang Bailong each pushed three people forward and demanded. The nine figures fell heavily onto their knees.

Among the nine people, eight of them were Martial Progenitors, and one was an old man with thick eyebrows who was a half-Martial Monarch.

Currently, the nine figures were all covered in blood. Their faces were full of wounds. Their auras were missing, it was obvious that their cultivation was sealed away.

When the Patriarchs of the three factions gathered to discuss how they should deal with Old Man Chan Ming, they had decided to bring Qiu Hong's Patriarch and a few other elders of his faction here as a safety precaution.

If Qiu Hong was not an orphan, they would have brought his parents and family here.

"Qiu Hong..."

The dispirited eyes of the nine people slightly recovered when they saw Qin Nan.

"Master...and elders?"

Qin Nan was slightly startled when he saw the nine people. For some reason, even though he had fully refined the body, an indescribable, complicating feeling still rose in his heart.

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