Peerless Battle Spirit

Chapter 1468: Yet to Arrive

Kill Qin Nan!

Every cultivator, regardless of their cultivation, clearly knew that the South-Heaven Sacred Ground was determined to kill Qin Nan.

Yet none of them thought they would set up such a terrifying trap for Qin Nan.

"It's almost impossible to overcome the trap and take part in the God Horoscope Contest."

Many ancient existences exclaimed after collecting their thoughts.

"Let's hope the Martial Serendipity Pavilion and the others can settle it."

The ancient existences who had once helped Qin Nan were extremely nervous.

"Qin Nan is done for, he's either going to die here or not have the guts to show up."

On the first dojo, Xiao Yunjue uttered a hollow laugh.

He had hated Qin Nan to the guts since their encounter in the Dao Origin Heavenly Mountain. He kept thinking of killing him every moment.

"Who can he blame? He asked for it."

Wan Fenghun, Jiang Kongzhou, Li Qimo, and the rest of genius Martial Monarchs expressed their thoughts.

Some were desperate to kill Qin Nan, yet the others did not want Qin Nan to interfere with the God Horoscope Contest.

After all, with the terrifying cultivation that Qin Nan had displayed, if he really took part in the God Horoscope Contest, it would be a terrible disaster for the other participants.

Zhuang Cidao and Su Qingning remained silent. However, their faces became dark.

Even though they had once lost to Qin Nan, after working hard for nine years, they were hoping to have a rematch with him.

"He asked for it? Once the God Horoscope Contest starts, this Princess can't wait to see what you so-called genius Martial Monarchs have up your sleeves."

Princess Miao Miao's glittering eyes became extremely cold.


Tang Qingshan and Gong Yang unleashed a great murderous intent, especially the former, whose aura caused many of the Martial Monarchs to back off subconsciously.


The faces of Xiao Yunjue and the others stiffened. They never thought the three would still stand up for Qin Nan under the circumstances.

The genius Martial Monarchs in the first dojo were not the only ones expressing their thoughts.

The ancient existences, the Martial Gods of various factions, and the rogue cultivators were all discussing Qin Nan.

However, little did everyone know...

On an ancient vessel, inside a magnificent palace, several figures walked out from the ancient formations that were activated.

"Junior Sheng Tianjing welcomes fellow seniors."

Sheng Tianjing walked forward and brought his fists together. His face did not show any sign of pride and unwillingness.

The people in the Land of the Deceased Gods would surely be astounded if they saw it.

Sheng Tianjing was known as the top genius of the Canglan Continent prior to Qin Nan's rise. Even now, he was only second to Qin Nan.

"A mere Martial Monarch dares to stand before us? I won't kill you since you're one of Elder Lu's people, but keep in mind, you must kneel before us from today onward!"

A proud voice appeared, followed by a huge hand that reached out of the portal and pressed down on Sheng Tianjing’s shoulder.


Sheng Tianjing was startled.

Although these people were experts from the Nine Heavens, how could he, Sheng Tianjing, easily kneel before someone?

However, he was immediately suppressed by a terrifying force when he was just about to unleash his monarch force. His left knee fell to the ground uncontrollably.


Sheng Tianjing was greatly astounded.

After spending nine years cultivating in seclusion, he had achieved the eighth-layer Martial Monarch Realm and a greater cultivation level. He could even kill a peak Martial Monarch now.

It was reasonable if the person had done it with god force. However, the person was only using monarch force.

"Fellow cultivators, please forgive me for not being able to welcome you in person."

Martial God Tiandu's voice immediately sounded with respect.

"Tiandu, right? There's no need for the courtesy."

One of them looked at the Land of the Deceased Gods with glittering eyes and said disdainfully, "Going so far for just a mere Martial Monarch? I seriously don't understand what you all are up to."

"Isn't the Martial Monarch called, Qin—something—Dao? My bad, I can't even remember it."

"HAHA, Third Sister, the guy is called Qin Nan, the top genius of this continent."

"Top genius? I wonder if he can last more than ten moves against me."

The cultivators conversed without concealing their disdain.

If it weren't because the person who asked them to come had a certain status in the Lu Clan, there was no way they would come to the lower realm just to deal with a mere Martial Monarch.

The people from other clans would surely laugh at them if they knew about it.

Meanwhile, at the Land of the Deceased Gods...

More than half an hour had passed. Only a few thousand breaths were left, yet Qin Nan and the Anti-Heaven Alliance still did not show up.

"Only eight hundred breaths left!"

"Will Qin Nan show up?"

"No way, he's only going to get himself killed!"

"I agree too, I don't think he's that stupid to show himself!"

"Sigh, such a pity, if he can achieve the Martial God Realm, it would surely be shocking!"

The cultivators discussed among themselves.

Many cultivators who hoped that Qin Nan would bring another miracle felt helpless and disappointed, even though they knew it was reasonable that Qin Nan chose not to show up.

Would they even have a chance if even Qin Nan had failed?

Soon, only fifty breaths were left.

Even the ancient existences and the experts of various factions shook their heads.

As for the South-Heaven Gate, God Ranking, and Monarch Ranking, they remained collected as usual. It did not matter whether Qin Nan showed up or not. They had already finished setting up.

If he came, death would be his only way out.

If he did not come, it would make no difference either.

"Only ten breaths left!"

An ancient existence could no longer remain seated. He rose to his feet and clenched his fists.

The crowd fell silent and watched the place closely.

Even though it was impossible for Qin Nan to show up, they still wanted to watch how it all ended.

"Only two breaths left!"

The face of an ancient existence who had once helped Qin Nan turned pale.

Was everything really going to end here today?

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