Peerless Martial God
Peerless Martial God

Peerless Martial God

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Peerless Martial God novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Drama, and Fantasy genres. Written by the Author Jing Wu Hen. 2496 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


Do not judge others in ignorance within my presence.

Those who think to harm someone should be ready to be harmed.

Those who are open and respectful shall receive my kindness and respect.

Those who plot against me are seeking their own death.

This is true, for I am death… I am Lin Feng.


Lin Feng tried to be the diligent and hard-working good guy. He Studied hard, did his best to make his family proud and not get into trouble, but when he saw a girl being taken advantage of, he had to intervene. He had been tricked, sentenced to 10 years in jail and framed for a crime he never committed, all was lost. If his life was over he would take those who ruined his life with him…

Suddenly he opens his eyes again. He is not dead, but alive in the body of the Lin Feng of a different world. This Lin Feng had been killed as trash of cultivation. This world where the strong had no regard for human life and would kill freely if they had the strength. Called ‘trash’ and thrown away, with vengeance in his heart he will rise to new heights opposing the will of heaven and earth.

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    Reader KP:0

    Really great story

    18 days ago Reply
  • Veldorakun
    Reader KP:6

    I would recommend reading complete martial attributes . The mc is hilarious and kind of evil and quick witted

    1 months ago Reply
  • CarribeanJoker
    Reader KP:2

    The novel you are looking for is The human emperor

    4 months ago Reply
  • Marakim
    Reader KP:27

    I have something to ask.. Lin feng was from the other world.. After he transcend or go beyond the godlike power.. Did he go back to his original world? To his past life? Im quite curious about that.. M

    4 months ago Reply
  • Promo
    Reader KP:55

    Lin Feng wearing neat clothes walked out to stroll. Suddenly a random person having no reason goes in front of him and says: “Kneel”. Then Lin Feng says “Excuse me?”. The random person gets enraged, saying: “How dare you still stand in front of me, Die... ” Here comes the best part of the novel, the onlookers around them gather and whispers among them: “See... see someone picked up a fight with XoXo of YoYo clan. Yes, he is definitely going to die.” Then, Lin Feng truly pissed off by the random person, soars in strident anger: “Die... ” Areh.. re.. re.. re.. Ah.. re.. re.. re.. re. (Random person final words before he goes to see his grandma) At last, he finally died a glorious death in Lin Feng hands. Seeing his battle prowess, the crowd again gathers and says: “Wow.. He is truly strong... Imma respect him and will try to take a stroll like him from now on.” He continued his stroll, suddenly... yes suddenly... a random person walks in front of him and says: “Die... ”

    6 months ago Reply
    • AlbertHinju
      Reader KP:1

      U have explained the whole novel respect

      5 months ago Reply
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  • PhaniCh
    Reader KP:2

    Hi I read a novel long time ago but forget it and want to read it again. Clues i remembered 1 MC grandfather lives in a special building gifted by King 2 MC uncle working in Kingdom court as an official. 3 MC has a sister I thought it similar to legend of long tian I think but not exactly same novel MC is rather reincarnated or gained something not a born genius If anyone have any suggestions please tell me

    Edited: 05 May, 05:22
    6 months ago Reply
    • lnw74444
      Reader KP:660

      Are you perhaps talking about otherworldly evil monarch??

      2 months ago Reply
    • MakeMakeGinto
      Reader KP:206

      Human Emperor? I haven't read 100 chapter of it but your description is in the novel.

      6 months ago Reply
      • PhaniCh
        Reader KP:2

        Thanks for suggestions. I will check it out and I think this is the one.😀👍

        6 months ago Reply
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  • Marakim
    Reader KP:27

    Can somebody tell me what chapter does the manwha in novel right now?

    8 months ago Reply
  • Nonsense
    Reader KP:0

    Completly useless novel i guess some 5 years old kid wrote it. dialoges repeat itself again and again. it s very annoying

    Edited: 03 Mar, 07:48
    8 months ago Reply
  • abyssconstellation
    Reader KP:14

    you really should read this. dont care about what they write under there. is a really good novel lin feng is just a fucking god (in talent statement

    Edited: 05 Feb, 11:48
    9 months ago Reply
  • 10_Heaven_Supreme_Lord
    Reader KP:7

    I'm trying to read this novel without looking at the negative reviews

    1 years ago Reply