Perfect World

Perfect World

Chapter 1431:

- Immortal Source

“How did you guys get this rock?” The elder asked, his eyes narrowed.

Originally, the Five Spirits War Chariot’s owner Qi Hong already put it away, but just now, he purposely brought it out again to let this elder take look at it, see if he knew about its origins.

“It came from the foreign side!” Qi Hong didn’t hide anything, directly stating.

“I knew that it came from that side! They dug it up a long time ago, only revealing it now.” The elder nodded, and then he said to himself, “This is one of the reasons why their young supreme beings could grow up so quickly.”

“What is this?” Someone asked, urgently wishing to know.

“It was originally innate essence, but after being dyed with long life matter, it immediately became extraordinary!” The elder said.

Everyone shivered inwardly, feeling deeply shocked. Whenever there was a set amount of long life matter, then it would be enough to be called a divine medicinal good!

“Innate essence, you all should know what this is, right?” The elder asked.

No one expected him to not act reserved, instead smiling, joyfully discussing with them.

Innate essence, this was the essence of this world, able to form essence walls and other things. If one refined it for cultivation, there would be beneficial effects.

At the same time, some people knew that those at the very peak could refine this type of wondrous rock, return it to its original form, turning it into a liquid, using it to seal objects.

Only, the effects weren’t that great.

At the very least, for true experts, the effects weren’t all that significant.

Unless a supreme being took action to refine the divine liquid, adding all types of divine substance, only then can experts at the Self Release Realm or lower be sealed. However, it was useless against other supreme beings themselves.

Meanwhile, this thing before them, was actually related to innate essence?

However, why did it have long life substance, how did it get contaminated?

At the same time, everyone developed other suspicions. Could it be that the other side could unearth large amounts of this type of stone, all of it containing long life substance?

This thing before them was completely different from innate essence. After being soaked in long life matter, its composition became completely different, as if it underwent a change.

“This thing is extremely rare even in the other side. Don’t forget, in this world, only immortal medicines still have a large amount of long life matter condensed!” The elder said.

According to what he said, due to unknown reasons, these stones condensed quite a bit of long life matter, their value shockingly great.

If one could gather enough of it, and then refine it, who knows, perhaps the amount of long life substance extracted might even be equivalent to that of a stalk of long life medicine.

“If the divine liquid gathered by supreme beings is turned into a Divine Spring, then this thing would become an Immortal Spring!” The elder said.

Everyone became stupefied. This thing was completely different from what supreme beings refined, but the meaning was similar, both of them condensed liquid that contained astonishing substance.

However, the difference was as great as heaven and earth!

“This type of thing can seal a supreme being for eternity. As long as he doesn’t appear in the world, then he can continue living.” The elder said.

The Divine Spring didn’t have these effects, it couldn’t accomplish this, unable to seal the true few supreme beings of this world, only effective against Self Release Realm cultivators.

Meanwhile, this type of thing that contained immortal dao substance could do it!

“Can this thing seal immortals? Can it suppress undying beings?” Someone asked.

It was because they suddenly discovered that even though this elder was a servant, he knew too much, his understanding of the other side extremely deep!

Everyone had a suspicion that maybe he even went to the other side before, to the extent where he might have came from that side, in the end taking up residence in the Nine Heavens’ restricted region.

“It can, if it is liquid it can seal immortals, and it can preserve undying beings throughout eternity. This thing’s value is too astonishing! However, it is too rare.” The elder nodded, eyes releasing light.

At this moment, everyone was greatly moved.

Suddenly, someone raised a question.

“If it is named Immortal Spring, wouldn’t this mean that immortal dao experts can produce this type of thing” The one who asked this was one of Wei Family’s Four Phoenixes.

“No, this thing isn’t something a True Immortal can produce, undying existences similarly unable to do so. It is rumored that not even an Immortal King can do it. Just like how a Divine Spring can only be refined by supreme beings, this type of thing is likely something only immortal dao supreme beings can create, which is to say that only existences of that cultivation realm which doesn’t exist can produce it.” The elder said seriously.

The cultivation realm that didn’t exist he was talking about made everyone tremble, because everyone immediately guessed that this was the undying emperor Anlan, Shutuo, and the others were searching for.

“Shutuo and the other foreign undying kings aren’t enough?” Tuogu Yulong asked, wishing to verify this.

“They cannot. Just like how the Divine Spring can only be produced by the peak existence of human dao, Immortal Spring can only be made by undying emperors.” The elder said with a sigh.

However, according to what he said, this world didn’t have creatures of this level at all!

That was why this thing was naturally produced, not artificially made, thus extremely rare, not much of it in existence.

As a result, if one wished to find it in a liquid state, that would be even more difficult!

“Undying level existence can refine a Divine Spring, about the same as the supreme beings. If they insist on increasing the effects, they have to add some long life immortal medicine and other goods inside, but that is too extravagant, the gains not making up for the losses, too wasteful.” The elder said with a sigh.

Pertaining to the refinement of matter in the human dao realm, everyone knew a bit.

They never expected for the Immortal Spring to really exist. The stone Qi Hong brought was precisely something of this sort.

“This is even a bit more precious than the Life Stone from Origin Ancient Mine.” The elder said with a sigh.

He then explained a step further, saying, “Of course, the most precious Life Stone is still much more valuable than the Immortal Spring, but now, that type of Life Stone source has long dried up, impossible to find. Even normal Life Stones, or even scraps of Life Stones, would be treated in this later era as amazing treasures. Good things are becoming fewer by the day…”

“Senior, if I may ask, what is there in Origin Ancient Mine?” Shi Hao asked with a look of confusion, his expression simple and honest, as if he was asking absent-mindedly.

“Don’t try to feign naivety, stop trying to fish for information from me! There are some things that shouldn’t be said, can’t be said, randomly discussing others isn’t a good thing.” The elder said.


This made everyone tremble. Could it be that Origin Ancient Mine had living creatures, also becoming a world of its own, and that was why he was talking like this?

“Senior, this isn’t that much, please help me dispel my doubts.” Shi Hao caressed the Lightning Pool with his fingers, speaking to him like this.

The elder gave the Lightning Pool a look, his eyes swirling with light. In the end, he didn’t hide anything, and then after swallowing a mouthful of saliva, he said, “As for Origin Ancient Mine, what I can tell you all is that it is best if you don’t go to that place. There was previously a restricted region, all of its creatures buried there. Apart from that, the so-called protectors with the surname Dugu, quite a few of them died as well.”

When they heard these things, everyone felt a headache. It was just too shocking, these secrets were too astonishing!

The protectors’ descendant Dugu Yun also came, his expression blank, but his pupils were contracting. He stood there, not moving at all.

“Even the people inside a restricted region will die?” Many people didn’t dare believe this. This was all of the creatures in a restricted region! They all died in Origin Ancient Mine?

This was just too shocking! Many people couldn’t believe it.

“Indeed, after provoking something they shouldn’t have, of course they have to die as well. That is why you young ones have to remember, don’t seek luck to avoid disaster, don’t try to get out of a predicament recklessly.” The elder sighed.

Was this fella really a servant? He knew too much! Everyone really wanted to hold him down and force out all the secrets he knew.

However, they could only sigh, because they knew that this wasn’t realistic. It wouldn’t be enough even if they invited over an unmatched being from Imperial Pass, because if they ended up angering the restricted region’s lord, things would definitely become extremely bad.

“Senior, just tell us a bit more…” That young lady implored.

“Actually, I don’t know that much about that place either. I only heard a bit when master chatted with others.” The elder shook his head, unclear if he was refusing or if he really didn’t know.

“When the other side comes, they will definitely head there. This has already been set a long time in advance.” The elder spoke one more line.

He thought for a bit, and then unexpectedly revealed a bit more. “Back then, in the last great era, it was unknown just how many matchless creatures died. Supreme Hall even lost an important figure there. Apart from this, there was a rumor that that place has a portion of the mysterious ancient burial region.”

The information of the latter half was extremely astonishing. It was because according to what everyone understood, the ancient burial regions were all outside Desolate Border.

Of course, the ancient burial regions that were talked about here were the ones Anlan, Shutuo, and others previously excavated. They were extremely ancient and mysterious!

“Apart from this, that place might be linked to a different place, seemingly a passage.” The elder actually spoke this much, but after that, he no longer said anything. He shook his head, releasing a sigh.

“I went inside before, even though I didn’t go in too deeply, I came out alive. I also saw a stalk of long life medicine!” Shi Hao said, wishing to provoke the elder.

“You brat, you really are a freak!” The elder stared at him, evaluating him like this. From past until now, those who could go in and come out alive really were few.

“There is a piece of ancient burial region there, so for it to be accompanied by a stalk of long life immortal medicine is naturally not without reason. I also knew this, but unfortunately, that stalk of medicine has developed intelligence, cannot be caught.” The elder sighed with regret.
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